I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 42, you are also your brother

After the ghost light is full of moon, his body suddenly makes a water flower, and it is rapidly integrated to the lake next to it.

Just short film time, he retreated from the lake.

No more than a few seconds before and after, the ghost lamp full moon has recovered his original appearance, and the wounds and blood on the body walked.

In addition to Chakra consumes some huge, at this moment, the full moon is completely recovered, and the secret of hydration cure is magical!

This secret is a kind of tuition similar to the replacement of the big snake. By consuming a lot of Chakra, you can directly restore all the injuries of your body.

At the last ghost light, I can't help but speak. "If your body has the top of the top of the end, maybe it will become a genius ninja against Utiliary Phase!"

This sentence is the true idea of ​​the Shang Shang.

The ghost lamp is only thirteen this year, and the hydration secrets of their ghosts and family families have been very familiar. He can use the hydration secretary to immunize physical attacks, and he can cure yourself, but also extremely good at the knife.

Moreover, every handle of the fog hidden village has a special ability to make it like an arm. On the war, the ghost light is full of the ordinary endurance.

It should be said that it is also a long son of a giant ninja?

In some ways, the ghost light is very similar to Uzhi, and they are thirteen years old. They are also a successor of a big country. In the future, the ghost light is full, the moon is the same, It is died in a serious illness.

"Wooden s sarcosis of the ?"

The ghost light is watching Shang Shangyi, and she didn't quite understand why this guy suddenly mentioned the name of Utizhi, and the strength of the wood-ranking is indeed powerful.

Since the time, Yu Zhi Pub and the Ten Tibet Subsained into the country, it is said that it is a four-generation water shadow of semi-tailed toast, causing an uproar in the village.

It is precisely because of this reason, the sauce will leave the misty village to hide the injury here, and the peach is not awkward, therefore, therefore, the thorns of the assassination of the savitation.

The fog hidden villages therefore also quietly collect his information.

The ghost light is coming up to the wanted order of the ribbon, and some rumors he heard, shake his head: "I will not kill my own and torture my younger brother!"


I was so laughing, and I won't answer too much. I think some fun. What is the ninja with your brother? Is it seriously confident?

When I arrived here, I showed a smile on my face, trying to exploit: "If you are willing to surrender, I will consider speaking for your brother."

After that, the Shangyuan Na is in the image to press the mockup in the image, and laugh and continue. "Well, let me think about it ... His name is called ghost lights, this year should be eight years old, right?"


The ghost light is full of anger on the face of the full moon!

This very moving foggy day, now pinch your fist!

The ghost light is full of moon to look at the original navigation seriously, issued his warning: "If anyone dares to mention the water, I will die!"

"It seems that I guess it!"

The smile on the face was more strong. He seems to find the way to hit the ghost light full moon. This guy is really a brother.

Such a genius ninja, does not let him join love and peace, let him stay in the hidden village, die late, die, is not a violent heaven?

Think about it, I feel interesting!

When you have a hitting base, I'm going to make younger, you can join the organization, and you will not care about your mission, protect his own security.

Now he wants to pull the three tips of the three talents in the fog hidden village, this is almost the maximum amount of completed task?

At the minimum to play?

How do they recruit people when Payne and Xiaonan re-business? It's not to fight first, intimidate, this slowly established a tolerant group.

The laughter on the original face is more strong, the provocation is full: "But even if you are desperate, I will kill you first, then kill your brother ..."

In order to increase its own persuasive, Shangyuan Nai is self-contained in the second analysis: "If the news of the four-generation water shadow is out, the fog hunger should be confusing? In this case, you want to kill you. The younger brother don't seem to be too difficult! "


The boy-in-law of the ghost light is full of ninja, but it is necessary to irritate him, but involve the ghost lights, he still showing his own anger: "Give up your unrealistic ideas! I will kill you here!"

After the ghost light is full of the moon, after the end of the moon, physicalization makes a huge aquatic person, and a punch is smashed in the position of the original Na.


Spray splash!

The aquatic fist is smashed on the original Nairi, the huge power is almost instantly let the earth collapsed, and the water flows from time to the flood to flood the ground!

"Can you do this only?"

Shangqi Nairou floated from the water, drifting in the air, looking at the huge aquatic people, slowly opened his arm: "Unfortunately, there is no sickness that can't crack in the world, each type has its own shortcomings, such as Your ghosts' hydration secrets are very afraid of thunder. "


The ghost lamp full moon is heard, the body is toned, and the huge palm has begun to cooperate with the print. The ground water waver is in the body, and it is squatted from the aquatic finger. Like a waterfall ...

The sound of the ghost light is briefly passed from the aquatic people, and the cold voice said: "You didn't release the opportunity of the buckle tolerance ... Water, big bursting!"

A group of water sprayed from the mouth of the aquatic people, hitting in the direction of the original Nair, splashing, forming a huge water polo lake, trapped Shang Shang!

Shang Nai, I looked at the wet clothes. When I was going to have a water ball, I suddenly felt that the density of the flow of water around it suddenly became small, and they were squeezed with his body!

The guy is fully integrated into the water!

In the endurance, each of the rushing of the rushing of the burst is used to change the terrain, but it is extremely consumed that Chakra's sickness is because they have a matching way.

For example, after using the large-handed water shift, he will use the wave, attack the enemy from underwater; after the mortar ghosts use the large-explosive water shift, it will enter the fusion of the muscle shape, and hit the opponent in the water.

The ghost light is full of boom, and it is also to cooperate with hydration, and each drop in the huge round water ball is part of his body!

Every drop of water will be manipulated by him!

The ghost light is able to develop the hydration secrets of his family, it is no wonder that he dares to appear here. Single is only the state of the present, and it is more than enough to defeat people.

"Unfortunately ... You find the wrong opponent."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai suddenly turned cold, raised his palms: "Let you see my thunder, · !"