I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 45, I have to surrender!

"Little ghost, your eyes are very dangerous!"

The peach is no longer seeing the eyes of the original Nair, the heart is big, and it will reach out and touch the bitterness of his waist.

Why did I go to see him with such a dangerous look at him? A pair wants to embed him into the soil!


Shangji shook his head, recovered his eyes, looked at the corpse of the ground, whispered: "I just want to kill the four generations of water shadows should be counted on the head, just just now your ideal is Kill the savist, right? "

"Are you afraid of these?"

I watched him in a light look, cold tone: "If you are worried about the chasing of hidden villages, I can tell others that I killed the sailing ..."

Just as the original Na Nae, the peach is not orally orally, I chose the obedience to Shangyuan Na, and my heart is naturally refused to take a ghost to become his new boss.

As for those who kill the four generations of water, it is not a trouble to the peach, and it is even more useful.

Because the sauce gave the misty village into blood fog, he has not been very good in the fog hidden village, many ninja fear his shadow identity and powerful strength, and the blood mist policy of him Into the bone.

In these people, the peach will never be a real hero.

Shangyuan Nairi also thought of this, smiling and looked at the peach and nodded: "This is not a pure trouble, wait until you kill the savist, there will be many Ninja in the fog hunger. Snoving you? "


The peach will not be acknowledged, and he did not expect his careful thinking to be so fast.

To be honest, he is really intended to use 'kill the savist in the future, the hero name returned to the water, maybe it can also control the power of fog hidden villages.

Shangyuan Needs to ignore this matter.

Cartry is not concerned, and there is only his and Shangyuan in the scene, and the sauna is just a conventional control.

"Shang Shang people."

The ghost light is full of the moon but frowns. Some are not pleasant to see the peach and don't, whispered: "If you don't have to carry too much, you will not affect our plan, the water is now very embarrassing. Big knife ... "

The original neighborhood asked in confusion: "What is your meaning?"

"It's better to kill the peach and no longer!"

The ghost light is full of moon, and the sharp pose is put on a fierce gesture. "Just I can use the big knife!"

"Breast, you think it can kill me!"

"No longer, this is not something difficult."


These two loose front allies have noisy.

Shangyuan doesn't know that the ghost light is full of jealousy, no longer in the boy's life, or wants his dagger knife in his hand.

But so anxious to take your own companions ... I have a little lower than the average morality of the seven people!

Only the mortal ghosts are also worth trusting.

"All right."

Cartry ghosts kicked only the cutting of the cutter, and smiled and laughed: "Don't make you no longer, go to your tutor, pick up the body of the water shadow ... Shangyuan adult, let's next stop where to?"

"Fog hidden village."

Shangyuan Nae glanced over a circle, Shen Sheng, said: "No more to declare the fog hidden village, you kill the four generations of water shadows; the ghost light is full of money to arrange your own business, tonight, I will be in the fog Waiting for you outside the city. "



The peach is no longer in the full moon, and the instant disappears in front of the original navigation. There is only some kind of mortar ghosts and stand behind him.

Cartry ghosts looked at the back of the original Needle, praise: "Today, I saw the power of the original adults seem to be stronger!"

"Is it ok?"

Shangyuan Nairu is embarrassed to admit that he is an existence of a party, and it is not an urgent existence of this honest people.

Of course, he is also hard to understand the liver emperor of the endurance.

The mortar ghost smiles, only when Shanghao is modest, then keeps the way: "The older people will become stronger, the future will be stronger, and the future may also surpass the ninja of the rain hidden village! "

"Is the mountain pepper half hide?"

Shangyuan Nai did not miss the laugh: "Hey, ghosts, take him as an example, is ironic, my strength is not strong enough!"

The martillamon ghost smiled and shook his head. He immediately said: "No, the power of adults is the powerful strength of me, I don't know what the guy named Yu Zhibo belt is thinking, actually dares and Shangyuan. Adults as enemies. "


Shangyuan Na, he heard the ghosts, whispered: "Ghost, don't look at him because of him is not true Yuxi Bao pointers! Somewhere, Yisi Bo belt the genus too much!"

"Is this?"

When the chanmon ghosts, he suddenly laughed: "I probably know how to re-achieve his trust ... But what should I explain?" What is the original adult is willing to leave my life? "


Shangyuan Nairi thought for a while, finding a reason: "When doing me is an interns who work hard to become a formal member of Xiaoyu, after all, the task I came to Water is to join you."


The chanmon godged grin.

"Let's go, let me pick up with me first."

Shangji came up with him before, waiting for the white, and now there is no need to take the peach, and naturally it will take the white.

The trip of the original water is still successful, and things that have been done have been completed, and even some excess.

The only trouble is, where is Yuxi Bo?

The guy will not have been chasing flag wood Carti?

The original Nairou guess it is right, Yuxi Bo is really chasing the flag of woodkasi and the trace of the flag wooden Carti and the wallet before.

The sky is getting late.

Flagkarcasi and flower bell hide into the mountains outside the fog hidden village.

Kakasi believes that Yischo has still been near the village of Wile Village, is planning to revenge for Lin. But Bell believes that Unexpello is a conspiracy home, and it must kill them and have been persuading Kaki escape. Water country.

However, if you want to get the truth from Uki Bo, bring people back to the flag of the wooden leaves, how can Makikasi to give up, by analyzing the information obtained from the flower Bell, I feel that my friend IQ has increased a lot.

People, do you really grow?

The flowering pushes pushes the shoulders of the cardikasi, pointing at the mountains, the fog, hidden village, whisper: "Kasi, fog hidden village seems to have an accident!"

The killing of the village is even passing to the hill!

When the god of the flag, Kakasi suddenly tense, regardless of his injury, you must go to the fog hidden village to explore the information: "Maybe it is doing soil! I have to go see!"

"He will kill you!"

The bell took his arm.

The flagmarks have been silent for a while, and they earned a little arm, low-headed: "Even with soil to kill me, I have to get the truth from his mouth."

Even with soil is because Lin's death is refused to return to the village ... Why do he want to die a waves?