I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 46 between all nights, three talents and seven deficings!

There are more smell in the air.

The smog of hidden village is surprised to many people.

The four generations of water shadows and the seven people are not in the village, directly leading to the fog hidden villages, a group of ninja, the ninja, rushed to the big kill!

This group of ninja comes from the glow of the country of the water, and their body has a bloody blood, and has the nature of cruelty, and has always wanted to capture the fog hidden village.

Hui Night race is not accidental.

Before they received the news of the four generations of water, the news of Yis Zhiso was seriously injured. Tonight, I got the four-generation water and shadow, and the colors of Hui Night Fair finally can't hold it, lending the whole national initiation. The attack of hidden villages.

However, the offense of Hui Night race soon being blocked, and you will soon organize the ninja in the village to strand in Hui Night.

In the face of the large number of Ninja in the misty village, only hundreds of people will not win, even in the end.

The whole glow night is very soon killed by foggy people, except for a small guy named Hui Ning Jun Ma Lu, all the ninja of Hui Night race are stacked together.

The fog ninja finally slammed a breath.

Just as foggy towards intend to bury these bodies, a short body is like a broken body, which is usually on the corpse!

The foggy people are still a little surprised. When watching the short bodies, a face is bigger, screaming at panic!

"Water Shadow!"

"Is the four generations of adults!"

"Some people killed the gurt!"

"Go to the elder teacher, some people killed the gurt!"

Regardless of the foggy, the blood mist policy is support or resist, the four generations of water shadows are respectful or disgusting, and the savist is the leader of the foggy village.

However, the body of this spray was thrown out, and there was a group of foggy towards, which is undoubtedly ambiguous.

Is this humiliating them?

"Shut up, don't be too noisy!"

A indifferently sound interrupted the smog naja, the peach is no longer flying to jump on a bunch, picking up the big knife in his hand picks the corpse of the sauce, cold channel: "I killed the sailing, you Is there any opinion? "

"No more people!"

"If you don't have adults, it is a spoacter!"

"No more people, why do you want to kill the water?"

I heard a group of mist and comprehension, and the peach will not swept around the surrounding group, and I took my ear: "Because I hate this is a bloody village, so I killed this waste ..."

"No more!"

A blue-haired ninja broke through the crowd, looked up at the peach of the corpse and did not scream, bite his teeth: "Do you want to tell?"


The peach is no longer a smile, looking at the question of his ninja, suddenly asked: "Qing, Hui Night race this group of monsters without brains hit the village, do you think who leaks to them?"

This news is really peach and never send out.

And before the peach is no longer assassinated the four generations of water and shadow, the news that leaks the port of the brilliant night is mainly to avoid the assassination failure, let himself escape the chasing of the fog.

It is nothing to do now, this group of Ninja's ninja hit just let the fog gather, let the peach reach high-profile announced that he assassinated the success of the sauna.

As soon as, can you succeed smoothly ...

There is also a rebellious role in the village. The seven people are about to break out. There are also arrivals in the village and the ghosts of the ghosts!

"... What is you leaked?"

The blue face suddenly changed, he clenched his fist, loudly: "All Ninja, I caught the peach with me and never let this guy flee the fog!"

"Hey, you will rely on you?"

The peach is not scornful and looked at the people under the eyes. It flesh jumped to a high-rise building, whispered: "Green, do you think only I have to defend it?"

With the words that don't want to just fall, the turbulent river river suddenly rushed in a high-rise, and the fog was rumored in an instant!

Through the opportunity made by people, the peach is not fast, and it has disappeared in many misty sights, escaped from his hometown.

And that released a high-rise building of the water.

The ghost light is standing on the window, and the fingers who have been printed are returned to the head: "After the predecessors, I left the village, and the water is getting careful."

"Do you have this?"

Looking at the moon in his arms, you will continue to say that you will look at your own stunned lights.

"If you do this, will he hate you forever?"

Just now, the full moon suddenly pulled her here, and handed her to her, and put her own name to the programs of the spy.

Since all programs have been developed, they have a self-discipline, and the defenders of the ghost lights are actually a bureau.

"Things can't be turned back."

The ghost light is shaking his head, whisper: "For the safety of fog hidden villages, I have to join the evil organization, find out the behind-the-scenes of the peach, and the important intelligence of the country in the future. I will find a way to send it to your hand. "

"I know."

According to the beauty, the face was justified: "So I will apply to the Yuan Master, I will apply for you and the S-Jing, in that organization, pay attention to protect your safety. "


The ghost light is full of courtesy, and the opening is added: "Yes, as a predecessor, there is a sage sage sage, and there is a slander."

The original face is a little less beautiful. At this moment, the face is more ubiztened, and the head is shocked: "Wait, the guy guy is also defeated?"

What's happening here?

The second generation of the second generation of the hidden village is now renewed, only three people, the result is now all the rebellion?

What ghosts!

It's not very good to be beautiful!

Can the knife seven people can declare unfair?

The ghost light is full of moon, she will organize her speech: "I suspect that the mortar ghost may have become a member of the evil organization, and I have always secretly organized the spoaches. I want to figure out. "


When you got your own fists, the nails were almost in the meat. Her body was stiff of a moment, and he was helplessly opened: "I know, you leave here! People in the village should be I started to hunt you ... When we have strength to destroy the evil organization, I will find ways to resolve the things between your brothers. "


The ghost light is full of moon.

After leaving the misty village, the ghost lights could not help but feel a little in the hearts. The new boss who gave attention was really a well-being!

The brown hair heard the semi-semi-semi-fake plan he compiled, but he agreed to take care of the ghost lights, and it will think about him for him.

There is still a little smashing in the heart of the ghost light full moon ...


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