I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 48, appeared in the big snake pill!

Shangyuan Needan to sweep a circle of his team, three talented seven people, two of the bloody tunnel bottles, one of which tilted bottles were still a serious disease.

Shangji Loun Lu Lu Lu Lu, whispered: "What is the strange monster you have seen on the way? For example, a pair of snake eyes ..."

The endurance has an unwritten law.

All those who are displaced are around, the first person, the first person, the big snake pill will appear, he will drive a big brown snake and turn these children away.


Hui Night Jun Ma Lu gave the answer, and the small brain recalls for a while, and starts to describe the long phase of the person with his own lack of language: "That person is very strong, more people I have seen more people, and grow Also look. "


Shangyuan Na is heard in some embarrassment.

Is this really a big snake? Why do you have to describe the big snake pills, is he turned from Snake to a snake?

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu continued to add: "I remember that person said before, if I can live back, he took me away ..."

Shangyuan Na's mouth revealed a smile, nodded: "Then let's take a look, I also know what the meaning of life in his mouth!"

If you can meet the big snake pill, then you will take back the empty ring of the big snake pill, because the ring symbolizes the identity of the formal member, and can use the empty ring to perform the slide.

After Shang Nai, I thought that I couldn't help but pick up my hands and the empty ring. After I went back, I may be a formal member, and the red cloud black is mixed. robe?

As for the nail polish, you should not be painted.

Shang Nai is in the red clouds, not only because it makes him more handsome, but also because there is a corresponding branch mission.

According to the original understanding of the same kind, the second yuan enthusiast who wants to wear Hongyun black robes is definitely not in a small number, I want to reward must be very rich!

Unfortunately, Xiaoshan hopes that there is a bright future in the future, not to hopes to go to the origin and now.

Every time the upland and Xiaonan mentioned that the small-south-south language is a little more than the member of him.

This is the sequelae that the performance is too fierce.

Shangyuan Nairi's identity and the talented talent, directly let Xiaoshan raise him to become a dawn dawn successor's mind ...

However, the last Needle will only want to secretly play the game.

Mountain forest outside the fog hidden village.

Because of the brilliant night, Jun Ma Lu, the road to the road, the original Nairou, will soon find the big snake pill, as well as the stalenated flag wooden Cardi and the wrapping.

When the big snake pill turned to see Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, the face couldn't help but show a smile: "It seems that the alternative container I want to live is back ..."

In the next moment, the smile on the face of the big snake pill gradually became stiff.

Because of the glow night, Jun Ma Lu has a few people, it is clear that this devil is not coming to spend him, but come to bring people to pack him!

Three of these men stand in this team, with each other, the sip of the odd blame, it is the naute of the hidden village, the seven people are not awkward, the ghost light is full of moon and the moon ghost, these Personal Snake Pill has heard of it.

Just as the big snake pills want to do a few more words, a tender voice came out: "Take a good look at our predecessors, this is a big snake pill, one of the three endure of the leaves, usually you can't see it. of!"


The face of the big snake pill can't help but black.

Who is here saying this?

Is the meaning in talking to him as a monkey?

The peach is no longer a full moon, and it has opened his position, and it is a tight to stand up. This scene has seen the big snake pill.

He has already recognized the original navigation!

As one of the only two interns, especially the original Nairi is a member of the older age, so that the big snake pills have some impressions.

Shangyuan Na was in front of everyone, his eyes stared at the big snake pills, and the smile on his face was a little, and it was full of fierce: "After reading the predecessor's style ... Next is to entertain this tobach Seniors! "


The eyes of the big snake pill flashed a angry, and he looked at the original navigation: "A small ghost in the district, I thought I have qualifications ..."

"Seni Pills!"

Shangyuan Nai fell out to interrupt the big snake pill: "You are defeated with a look, what qualifications are in front of me, is it better than others?"

Shangyuan himself summed up in the face of strong enemies, it is desperately poked his scars and lower his forces!


Shang Shangyo's momentum will rise relatively.

"The ghost!"

The big snake pill was defeated by Uneers, and he was the most hated thing in this time, so he also made him severely obsessed with the power of writing the eyes.

Otherwise, he will not take the initiative to stop in front of Kakasi ...

However, as a ninja in the War War, the psychological quality of the big snake pill is good. After he is full of face, he retreated the smile on his face: "Hey ... for example, after all, thank you for The person I want to send back! "

"You are too old, can't see the situation?"

Shang Nai is looking at the big snake pills and his flag woodkasi open mouth: "There is still a wooden leaf of Kakasi, here ..."

The qikkasi's mood is somewhat nervous. When the big snake pill and the original Nairo lip gun tongue war, he could not clear the situation and would not open it easily.

Kakasi also saw the original thunder, who had been able to copy the original written eye, was very fog, and the teenage strength of everyone was very strong!

And this boy and the terrestrial seem to have a relationship ...

Flagkarcasi finally couldn't help but asked: "Why are you? And ... What is the relationship with people with masks?"

At the moment, the big snake pill is around, Kakasi doesn't want to say that the territory is.

Shangyuan Na is not the same, but he wants to strive to wear the truth: "Mr. Kakasi is asking is A Fei predecessor ... Now I should call him a predecessor, right?"

"Belt soil?"

After the big snake pill heard the name, his face couldn't help but change. He knows how the flag-like Carti's only looks!

The big snake pill smiled and smiled and looked at the flag-like Kaki, and looked at the original Na. "" The original funny A Fei is the hero of the Wood of the Wood ... "


The look of the flag-likekkasi is not very good. If anyone knows that Unexpero belt, even if the big snake pill is a neuropathy!

Shangyuan Nairi is not what is going to think of Carti, self-opening: "I don't know why the predecessors should hide his identity, as for my relationship with him ..."

Shangyuan Needs to hesitate for a while, thinking about how to say that you can add soil to the sole, and there will be no secrets.

"Hua Bell has told me, you have two people in two people."

The flag-like Kaki frowned, continued to brush the topic of Udi Board, and continued: "Who are you?"

"Some secrets, we still don't know how to get better."

Shangqi Nairou deeply glanced at the flag-like Kaki, and introduced the topic to the head of Unecy Board: "If I don't know the identity of the former generations, maybe I will happen to him. Conflict ... "