I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 49, how much is you?

"So, what is your people?"

Flagkarcasi reached out to his own endurance package, whispering continued: "Why do you know his identity, he must find a way to kill you?"


It is not very good to look at the end of the back.

Is this flag-like Khaci must be a mental disable?

Why don't you ask the land, I have been asking him the identity. Is this not let Shang Nai's white and white long a story!

Shangyuan Na Ruo does not want to do the flag-likekkasi, just want to hide behind the scenes, through the flag-like Kakasi, I know that Yisi Bo belt identity, find some troubles, let Everyone knows that land is still alive.

If you can, he also thinks that the ability to bring the soil is also blocked ...

In this way, how is the guy of Uki Board to compete with him, and can be a black hand behind him, let him carry the statue of the wood in the future!

Unfortunately, the flag-like cardi is not cooperating!

This white hair said that it is very annoying. Don't he don't understand a truth, a person knows enough, if you know too much, you will recruit a disaster!

The eyes of the big snake pill flashed, and the taste was gone to the original naval and Kakasi. He suddenly gave birth to an idea, and he opened his mouth: "Kasijun, need me to introduce it?"

"No people don't speak you as dumb!"

Shangqi Nairou broke the words of the big snake pill, patted his palm, told himself: "You will take a good time to give him a good Mr. Kakasi, stay him!"


"Yes, Shang Shang people!"

"Know, little ghost!"

Cartry and other people fid out, each unplugged the talents of each other, showing a zigzag to attack the big snake pill!

"The village of the village is seven people ..."

The eyes of the big snake pill are turned back to the three tangle seven people, can't help but smile: "Your hand, stretch!"

"The hands of the big snake pills are longer."

Shangyuan Na was rushing to a big snake pill, and his martillamon ghosts and others: "Don't let him bother me and Mr. Carti."

"Yes, understand!"

The martial martial arts and ghost lights all the moon waved the talents and rushed, and the peach will not be cold, and they followed it!

After the big snake pill was forced to go to the ghosts and others, I watched the girl in Kaki and his side, whispered: "Mr. Cardi, we hope that we can be honest."


The flagmarks are somewhat playing, and he is not very understanding everything. I only know that my friend is still alive.

The only information is known from the flower Bell, with soil wants to use the bump to manipulate the boy's life, and this matter has failed.

Qikaki Town has set his own heart, and converges that he is in a single game, and puts out the negotiations of a wooden darkness: "Sorry, I can't disclose the information in the village."

After that, the flagmarks continued to say: "But I can tell you, now you are in an extreme danger, if you are willing to work with the wooden leaves, inform me all the information, I will find a way to save you The life. "

This is very official.

Generally, the people who have encountered their help from the people will talk to them. After understanding things, the Woody Ninja will decide whether to help, the results are very smooth.

Unfortunately, Kasi has encountered an Shang Shang.

Shangyuan Na, he can't help but kick, the flag wood Catsuki is a white teeth who wants to be in his business?

Shangyuan Nai raised his head and looked at the fake mode fake style, Kakasi, and said: "But your strength is not as good as me? Copy ninja in the wooden leaves ..."

"My back is wood."

The flag-like cardi's face is not shocked. He will continue to say: "I know that there is a conspiracy for you. If we can work together, tell me your business, I can help you defeat his conspiracy."

"This ah ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead, secretly looked at the other side of the fierce tao, and always felt that Kakasi's routine was a bit inexplicable.

If the original is true to face Unexpello, there is no strength ...

If the original really does not understand the strength of the flagkasi ...

Maybe it is really trustworthy.

"It is really sincerity, Mr. Kakasi ..."

At the end, I lost my breath, and he watched the girl who came out behind the flag-like Kakasi.

Because she walked to Kasi's side, she took directly to the original.

The beads of the bump are slightly shaking, looking at the original navigation, there is no sound, and she wants to invade the memories of the original navigation.

This is her unique skill.

Wrap can be printed through the eyes, thereby showing mental secrets to capture the intelligence within the goal of the big brain, she wants to help the flag wooden Carti in this way.

Unfortunately, she picks the wrong person.

Next moment, the original Naqi has suddenly violently violently, and it is rapidly a punch in the small abdomen of the flowering, and the girl who has been printed with his eyes will fly out!

The flag-like Kaki pulled out a bitterness, stopped the next step of Shangyuan Na, "Hey, what do you mean?"

"This will ask her."

Shangyuan Na Ruo ignored the banner of flag wood Carti, the finger got to lying down the gullet, the open mouth: "Mr. Kakasi, your companion is not right ..."

Bell exit retorted: "I don't ..."

"To shut up!"

The original Nairou interrupted the gullet, and the eyes were cold: "Do you think I don't know how to use my eyes?"

After that, I was pulling my eyes, and the eyelash was slightly moved. A huge waves floated from his feet, and rushed toward the position of the flag wooden Cardi and the watery!

This is his sluts of his water!

"Earth, soil flow wall!"

The flag-like Kakasi flew to the side of the flower bell, and the handset was released in front of them.

A stereotable dog head is carved on the wall.

However, the surf at the Shang Shanghe is a wave of angry, rolling the soil rolled, and rushed the flag and wooden cartsi and flowers to the distance!

Shangji fell in the flag of the waves of the waves, Kasi and Waverings, cold channels: "See it? Do you think that the whole endurance will only use your eyes?"


However, the wreath of the screams of angry tights is not available at all, and the two of her and flag of the flag will be swept away!

A wave of waves impact their body!

Until the flagmarks and the wandering bell were rushed into the mountain forest by the waves, a big tree was killed, and she barely fixed her body.

The body of Shangyuan Nairi floats, slowly flying to Kakasi and Wavering Bells, scorn the mouth: "Do you think I don't know how to use my eyes?"

Shangyou fell his body, pinching the cheeks of the covered bell, the cold voice continued: "Into, I dare to get your skills in front of me, I still want to explore my memory, whose woman thinks you? "


The bump was pinched by him, and it still had something cute.

The flag-like Kaki is afraid that there is a bore, flying up, wants to save the bell from the top of the original.

Shangji fell to the palm of the palm, first stepped in pinching the throat of the flower bell, looking at the flag wood Carti: "Mr. Kakasi, it seems that we don't have to continue talking ..."