I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 52 is the spy of the Tibetan part?

When I saw Wesin's moment, the big snake's face smiled stiff!

Obviously, he just wants to ridicule the original navigation, how can he really summoned Penne?

How is this going?

The first thought of the big snake will actually Winn why it will be psychedelized. In the end, the ability of the round look or Penne is not a real human ...

If the Ninja and Ninja can also pass each other, will it affect the information transfer of the Ninja, and the technology brought more about?

The big snake ball can really have anything to grasp the battle of Tiandao Pedne, especially he just has passed the body, abandon your body ...

" ."

On the Shangyuan Nair, I intermitted the cranky of the big snake pill, and the teenager lifted the palm pointed to the big snake pill, rushing to Pethen: "We met the traitor."

"What ???

The eyes of Payne lifted his palm toward the big snake pill: "Then I will solve it, I can don't have time ... Vientiane Tianxiang!"

A strange gravitation pulled the big snake pill to the location of Payne!

The big snake pill is not willing to sit, his mouth once again spits out a long snake, and the snake mouth spits out of a grass sword, stabbing in the direction of Payne!

"God Luo Tian!"

A shunning fiercely broke out, took the big snake pill to fly!

This rolling battle ends this, the big snake pill does not have the strength of the hand, it is seriously injured by two days of heaven Payne!

Whether it is the ghost light full moon, the mortal ghost is still in the peach, and the look is a bit horrified.

Just now they can't overcome the big snake pills, but they defeated a man in Hongyun black robes, and even the room for resistance does not exist!

"All right."

Tiandao Peen Cloud is lightly collected back his palm. Ignore the disturbed big snake pills, turning around and taking the surrounding mortar ghosts and others, and finally bowed to the teenager around: "These are also enemies ?"


The ghost lamp is full of the gods and the gods of the people.

Shangji shook his head, whispering: "They are all in the village of hidden village, is the people who come to the country of Water."


There is some speechless to Payne.

Obviously, the mission to the Shangyuan is just to attract a chantel ghost. How do he still recruit another person, is it a reserve member after mortgage?

Xiao Nan disciple, unexpectedly!

The human hand of the organization has been discovered, and the Shangyuan is attacked to so many spare candidates, and it is necessary to save the troubles that they want to attract new members ...

"Except for these ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to spell his own speech, soft continuation: "The Niki people know the true identity of A Fei predecessors?"

"Shang, what do you ask?"

Payne's look changed, and his heart didn't really want to leak A Fei Yu Zhibo spheres, because it was involved in this.

However, after thinking for a moment, Payne appeaseed: "Xiaoshan has returned to the base. After you come back, let your teacher tell you!"

"and many more…"

How can this?

If you are simply to deal with the big snake pill, there is no need to speak Tiandao Payne, the main purpose of the Shangyuan is to determine the dark soil belt in the dark.

In this way, as long as the Shangyuan tells Payne in advance, the land is not necessary to assassinate the squad. This squad is not necessary.

Shangyuan Needo Luo Xi said: "Bai Kee, I have encountered the flag of wooden leaves in the first few days, Kasi and A Fan predecessors have come into contact, and Kakasi said that Afei predecessor is strained ..."

After saying, when I saw that Pethen was still not yet, it continued to add: "A Fei predecessors heard this name and wanted to kill me, but fortunately, Xiaonan's teacher gave me 100 million to open the explosion. Successfully escape ... "

"Do he want to kill you?"

Payne's brow couldn't help but wrinkle: "Because his name is leaked, you want to kill you."

This matter has become complicated.

In the past, the scene was in the mind of Payne. When the mysterious mask is in front of them, she claims to be a persons who take the endurance of the temple, which is a person who guides the eyes of the cactus.

Happened to that period.

Zhidun Group Tibetan and Mountain Tibetan Hi-Tibetan Heads, including the leader, including the leader, only the long door and the small south.

If the mysterious mask is the real name is called the soil, and it is a wooden and ninja, then there must be hidden in what conspiracy!

The village group of the wooden leaves is divided into them;

Another kind of wood ninja is now guiding the long door. If there is nothing about these two things, no matter who is not too might?

Especially before the mysterious mask is men and absolutely, Biki also refused their proposal, and then the name of Zhigun Treasures and Yuyin Village!

Bene stood in place, after a while, the face suddenly became a cold, he suddenly opened: "The guy ... may it be the spy of the group?"


Shangyuan Na will not understand Petin's brain circuit, his face is a little unknown: "This is just the intention of accidents ..."

After that, Yunguang, Shangyuan Na, saw the big snake pills on the ground, suddenly opened to add: "Wait, I remembered ... Just, the big snake pill mentioned, with soil is a war and dead leaf hero, big snake pill must Know his intelligence! "

"Not bad!"

The eyes of Payne glanced, praised him, reach out of the palm to stroke the hair, whisper: "Shangyuan, now the country is too dangerous to you, leave here!"

"So I take the big snake pill back?"

Shangji nodded, looked at the direction of the big snake pill, it seems that the big snake pills that are broken, it seems to be a lot of body ...

Penne shake his head, cold voice stopped the top original: "The guy just fled when we talked!"

"I am chasing him!"

It is necessary to rush out.

Tiandao Payne grabbed his clothes, Shen Sheng: "Don't worry, I still have a member is also a wooden ninja, he and Xiao Nan also returned to the base, just able to find it, he will not be a wooden spy "

Payne can't use too many Chakra in the country of Water.

If you are in the base, Payne is not fearful. He only needs to control another member of the other wooden leaves of the organization, and you will get the intelligence of the belt.


Shang Nai is revealing on his face.

The guy is really a wooden spy!

If Yuxi Hose wants to leave the suspect of the spy, will he spit out the intelligence of Unexpello with soil?

Once Yuxi Posk knows that the real identity of the mysterious mask is Yuxi Bo, how will he treat this assistant to kill him with a ninja?

Shangyuan Needs to see two movie emperors!

Yuxi Bume will make people fear ...

As for Urcho belt soil ... If not because he is fighting to become a hero, it will be a shameful shame!