I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 55 playing so many days, then enjoy the enjoyment!

"Wait, I'm still alive."

Some of the black face can not understand the land of Yuxi Bo, what is the color of this goods, and even a 12-year-old little ghost is not solved?

Yizhi Bo shakes and shakes the head: "The upland of the ghost can go out of Tiandao Payne, I am impossible to face with Payne ... Next, I want to say is the most troublesome thing!"

Yuxi Bo has a very serious face, and it is cold and white, and it has always been confused and doubts.

"Someone leaked my news to the flag wooden cardi."

Yischo took a lot of great thunder, he said his doubt: "I guess that these things are disclosed, because he happens to Kasi in the country of Water."

The trend is a focus, "flag wood Cardi?"

Black and also caught another focus: "Big Snake Pill?"


Yisi Bo is seriously located: "After all, Kakasi has never showed any abnormalities. Maybe the big snake pill has found some spider marts from some channels, telling my intelligence to Kaki.

If it is not because Kakasi suddenly exposes my identity, I will not hurry to kill the original navigation, and the result is suddenly docked by the little ghost.

The Shangyuan's little ghost is also invested by Payne, telling this incident!

Unfortunately, I haven't come yet and have communicated with the long gates, and I have been determined by the long gates as a hidden spy! "

When I said here, Yuxi Board and even hated a punch in his side. He still didn't understand so far, how could things become like this!

Once all, everything was developing in a good direction. He was still working hard to introduce a helper, and he did not expect to have been tissue.

Just ...

Quite sudden.

Just change the direction to think, maybe this time is not a bad thing, Yischo belt soil also knows that someone has already monitored his intelligence, and it is better to be better than after collecting finished beasts in the future. many.

Big snake pill didn't know that he was black.

The big snake pill is also the first time I know the true identity of the mysterious mask, and he has already calculated in his heart, and this information can be used to trade.

As for the trading object, it is naturally his intimate partner.

Wooden village.

Root base.

Due to the treatment of the Yishabo family, the means of Zhi Village Tibetan Tibetan is too cruel, and the roots of him will ban them, and I have been closed.

Even if the Zhun Group is dissatisfied, it is also a good place for the resoluteness of the day, so the old man can only hide quietly, steal the old department to collect information, by the way, to cultivate the teenagers of their own private Ninja.

"Letter, serious!"

"Take the root, do it."

"Zuojing, this year, you just graduated, I will find ways to arrange for you to participate in the Chinese and Testament,"

The Zhun Group hidden, this group of born ninja, judged by them, as really as a teacher who carefully cultivated the vectors.

Just this group of born ninja did not dare to look at him. Whenever the hidden eyes fell on them, every teenager would unconsciously shrink.

These teenagers deeply fear the old people in front of them.

A white snake suddenly drilled out from a pipe, spitting the snake core and climbed to the side of Zhun Village, opened his mouth.

"Well? You go first!"

After seeing the small snake, Zhidun Town, his face, waved the bullion, which removed a reel from the white snake mouth.

This white snake is a communication tool for the big snake pill.

Since the big snake pills, Zhun Group has been in contact with Big Snake Pill. He thought that the big snake pill was a non-division request. I didn't expect this big snake pill just just give him a copy. intelligence.

"Yuxi Bo is still alive ..."

The eyes of Zhidun Tibetan hidden eyes slammed, staring at the big snake pills to his intelligence scroll, and writing the intelligence of mysterious mask men.

Zhi Village Treasures did not know how many mouthfuls in Pethen and Yishe Hosquee were in the eyes of Wesia and Yisha.

Now I just want to use this information, take a good one, and re-take back the power in the hands of the day!

"Japan, the teacher said yes ..."

Zhi Village Tibetan slowly closed the reel in his hand, lost it in the scatters next to it, whispered to continue: "Yuxi Bo family is a natural evil person ... even is the disciple of the four generations of nature, I will fall! "

Although I got the intelligence of Unexhoe Belt, Zhidun Tibetan also needs to wait for an opportunity for mailing village in Kakasi to confront in front of the day.

This opportunity is not difficult.

the other side.

The original Nairou observed his system panel to fall into meditation.

Main line task: Implement the wishes of the bookball boss, becoming the largest BOSS, 3% progress, and the task has been completed.

Shang Shang took his team left the country, back to the country of the rain, the main line task progress began to advance until 3%, suddenly stopped.

According to the judgment of the Shangyuan, this progress may be related to him, and more and more people know the true identity of mysterious mask men, but ignore his real behind-the-scenes black hand.

Because there is a stronger task.

Branch mission: Decorated the true identity of mysterious mask men under the majesty, the task has been completed, and the skills are distorted.

Perhaps because of the first time the original navigation was first revealed, it was used by the natural illusion. It is not to expose the identity of the belt with his own true face, or it may be because the flagmarks is not too Believe.

Some people have been believed.

As for the skill of this reward, it is a bit to make Shangyuan wrote.

Torque Space: After the delay of 0.5 seconds, you can release a twisted space that maintains 3 seconds in the target area, and the area will be isolated from the outside, and those who try to cross the space will be dizzy by the spatial barrier. By spatial spatulation.

The distortion space maintenance time, the area area is related to Chakra consumption coefficient, the cooling time is 15 seconds, and the minimum Chakra consumes 100 points.

This skill has a ghost!

It is better than the mock noise command.

Unless the spatial barrier is just right to control the Tei Zhiwei belt, it will not be able to sanct out his neighborhood, and even the flying thunder is easy to get off.

What is this skill to do?

Is it used as a spatial prisoner?

It seems good.

Although the twist space is a space, it is not intended to be unfavorable to the conventional ninja when it is actually a spatial style.

Whole tolerance, in addition to the Ninja, which is good at time-time space, the four-generation rigid and co-tube-free night, etc., other ninja will basically be distorted.

A bit like a four red yarn, tetrafi.

Only the intensity of the spatial barrier far exceeds these junities.

The sound of the martial artifact interrupted the Johnson 's thoughts: "Shang Shang people, we are close to the coast of the country of Tang."


Shangyuan Nai raised his head and looked at their sea boat to enter the harbor of the most peaceful country of the 21st.