"You will go first!"

Shangyuan Needressed and Hui Night Jun Ma Lu Lu put his hand, suddenly opened: "Wait, give me a money."

"The Shangyuan did not have adults yet?"

Cartry ghosts are somewhat subtle, just as he still wants to continue to say something, seeing the Shangyuan urged looks, can only drop a seal roll toward the last navigation.

What ghost is this boss?

Also pay with employees!

Shangyuan Na was launched through the reel, and couldn't help but read the blonde woman on the gambling table, and her overbearing figure.

As a non-neutral minor, Shangyuan didn't think of those messy, he just wants to complete two simple branch tasks.

Branch mission: The gaming table is over the board (01), and the reward is unknown.

Branch Task: Live the board (01) on the gambling table, reward unknown.

This simple two tasks, no matter what, can always complete one?

Although the task is relatively simple, the reward may not be rich.

When I wanted to enter the gambling song, two big men pushed him out, and I still squatted: "Little ghost, Mao is not long, come here to learn to be a defeated family? Not soon! "


The custom order of the endurance is a bit strange.

The people here will disregard that no adult ninja is on the battlefield murder to drop the explosion, but it is absolutely prohibited from entering the gambling, pubs and customs.

Even the bookstore owner will take the initiative to deny the non-adverse books to underage ninja.

Maybe this is the end of the endurance.

Of course, this is just an attitude of the general people, so many people will have some exceptions, such as the blonde female ninja hand sitting on the gambling table.

The agency teaches to learn gambling from the language of the Ninja's goddom of the Ninja, and finally learned a piercing debt.

at dusk.

The prime hand looked at all the money on his body, and his disciples were quietly left with the disciples, and I plan to find a drink in a place.

Silently hold a pink pig, wrinkle her brow, blame her: "Adults, there is too much to lose today ..."

"Silent, I know you must also hide the living fee ..."

The hand puts his hand to continue to say something, the Yu Guang, who is angled, pays attention to the card, and her upper body will hide behind him!

The program stands straight into his body and watching a card that suddenly appears on the wall.

This inexplicable card cut her hair and deeply embedded on the wall around him!


Going out, looking at the direction of the card, but only saw the corner of the corner to play cards.

The card in the hands of the original nair, jumped in his fingertips, he slowly looked up and showed a pure smile: "Hey, come to play with play? Legendary ... fat sheep. "


When the hand, the face was suddenly angry, and she took the mens. She took her own fist and biting his teeth: "Where come the little ghost, I dare to say that I am in front of me! Mute, give me a little money ! "

Even if you lose it in a afternoon, even if you dare to ridicule her, this little ghost is coming to die!

Wooden three endures have nothing to do, bullying children, what is home, they will secretly sneak the money, and the big snake pill is now wanted to win the body.

The gamble of the apeer and Shangyuan Nair is simply pediatric.

after an hour.

A hotel room.

The master gods widewed his mouth, looking at the original navigation, some is still unfained on the face: "Your technology is good, but there are still many progress space ..."


At the end, I looked at the plenary of the face, and I looked at the mute of smile, I feel that there is a problem in this world.

The prime hand proudly grabbed the , provocatively watched the boy to the gambling table: "Do you have to play again?"

After that, the apeer is solemn and continues to say: "I can allow you to ignore the debt! Mute, help him prepare a few ownts!"

"Yes, the master!"

Silent is not refuted, smiling and collapsed the last stacked money in front of Shanghao, turning around to look for a paper pen in the room.

Shangyuan Na will be awake, and even busy shaking his head, rushing on the program: "No ... no need ..." is enough today ... "

After that, the Shangyuan hurried to the shoes and left here.

Because in the gambling bureau, I lost my hand for an hour, and gave him the money to his money.

The original lost has begun to suspect life.

Is it that the operator's luck does not have a legend, or the original is actually poor?

"and many more…"

When I was originally left, my finger's finger pinched a banknote, and the hand was in front of the upper, the banknotes were caught on the wooden door in front of the top of the top!

Shangyuan never looked at the board of the table.

After picking up a tea cup on the table, after drinking a tea, slowly opened: "Little ghost, are you a foreign ninja? Tonight, you have lost the money in the hotel?

Hold, it is given to you, and the money can at least let you live a worst hotel in Tang Rong Village. "


Shangnai is red.

Is this woman who is pity him or humiliate him?

Is the agency not floating, just won him a little money, I forgot my identity of my endurance.

"Hey, I have won more than 3 million yuan tonight!"

The master is beautiful, and it is a smile on the dollar on the table, and there is no way to laugh at the hip hip: "I won all the days to lose in a few days!"


Shangyuan Na was able to hear a grinder.

There are three million people in the district, but it is one tenth of the Asta head, just winning this, and smrates her!

I don't want to think, is this money enough?

And Shang Nai is just a little depression, after all, in the gamble, this kind of thing is not a general shackle.

"Little ghost, welcome to come to me again!"

After the master, I went to the eyes and sent him a kiss: "I remember to prepare enough money! Hahaha ... I lost so much in the afternoon, I didn't expect to win at night, today is my lucky day? ? "

"Idiot woman ..."

Shangyuan Na, he went to his forehead, removed the banknote, and launched the door, his gloom is gradually faded: "Today, it is my lucky day!"

Although he lost a lot of money, he also got more precious things.

Branch task: Live the board (11) on the gambling table, the task has been completed, rewarding skills fate.

Destiny: You can get a bit of one hundred kilometers in the position of everyone, including the use of hidden tattoo, change the hysterer, lasting for 6 seconds; Anyone in anyone in it.

The fate skill range is related to the Chakra coefficient, and the minimum consumption is 100 points Chek, the cooling time is 150 seconds.

If you count this, as long as the Shangchao Chakra is enough, the fate skills can get a whole tolerance!

This skill is the strongest escape skill that is upon, which can also be used to chase the enemy.

No matter who is, you can't escape his palms!

At the end of the original Na, the mouth of the mouth is slightly revealing, and the gloomy is dissatisfied with the duty. When he turned his head, he watched his own leaving.

The laughter of the priest is constantly incorporated from the window, and the Shangyuan thinks of a moving smile. This woman has never been like today.

"Cut, or if you are for the task, who is willing to gamble with the woman ..."


Ask for the recommendation, ask for reward, seek everything!