I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 61, when I am also married!

When I heard the silent, Shangyuan Nai fell couldn't stand the woman who was opposite him: "The promenade is the most famous medical ninja, and there is no way?"

"Silent medical skills and my medical skills have nothing difference."

The board shook his head and looked at the night, Jun Ma Lu, whispered: "Silent, I can't ask for an effective medical plan."

Because of her special cases, they cannot seek disease.

Shangji nodded, stood up and rushed to rush and rush. "Although I have already prepared it, I still want to thank Miss Miss ..."

The Shangyuan did not have too high expectations for the program.

Future Big Snake Pill is a large scientist integrating tolerance, ban, medical, physics, biological, theology and chemistry as a, still has no problem for the blood of Jun Ma Lu.

This pair of ninja who specializes in medical tissue and wants to cure him.

And now the agency is still a probular patient.

Sure enough, in case this chance is too low.

After seeing the movement of Shangji, Jun Ma Lu, I also walked up respect and respectfully, "Thank you, Miss Miss, I am grateful here."

For doctors who have saved the wounded, they should have respect.

Silent look stopped their movements, soft: "Please don't do this, no treatment plan is already the loss of our medical ninja, I can only put forward a suggestion, let him supplement more necessary nutrients in some people. Let's! "

"Okay, I will write down."

Shangji shook his head, refers to the one who is still in front of himself, whispered: "These will stay, as a sister of mute!"

Silent and quickly passed: "How is this?"

A punctual punch, some dissatisfaction on his face: "Hey, little ghost, this is the money we have to use!"

The woman's brain circuit is really unable to understand!

In order to enter the casino, I will always borrow money to hide, now I will give her money to her. She is not going to pull Shangyuan to continue to gamble, and the money will be lost to her.

"Sorry, the promenade, we have to hurry."

Shangqi Nai Loud laughed and looked at the silent road: "The promenade always loses money, life will live very much? Miss Miss leaves two living expenses!"

The agency heard this sentence, her face was full of anger: "Hello, the original mini, do you think we are begging ?!"

Mute: "..."

"Do not."

Shangji shook his head and looked at the full-faced planner, explained carefully: "My teacher has also accepted the promenade in the war, now as a feedback!"

There are some mistakes at the god of the program.

She didn't expect Shangyuan actually have this speech.

Do you want to ask this little devil's teacher who is coming, teaching such a disciple of Zhibao, and seeing a teacher in the top one day, can she take some money? ...

The agency is sometimes straightforward than anyone.

Sometimes I don't have any festival.


After the arrival of Nah Rong, he turned his glow night Jun Ma Lu.

There is no regret to look at the figure of them, sigh: "In addition to Grandpa, this is the first person who can be happy with me ..."

"Adults, people have no adults yet!"

The mute is full of black lines.

The mute is really a very good thing to the Shangyuan: "The little guy is really good. He should be the benefit of the teacher to save his teacher before, this two days will deliberately lose to the master. ? "


When the order is tonger, it is very dissatisfied with the silent, and a punch is on the silent head: "What do you say, I am going to win from his hands!"

Silent squats with a few words: "Yes ..."

"But that small ghost is really meaning ..."

The ahead touched his own lips, and laughed: "Silent, do you think that it is a good person to give you money? The guy of the big snake pills often lend me money, never active debt!"


After an hour and a half.

Shangyuan Naoli and Hui Night Jun Ma Lu were re-following the team.

Everyone in the team just looked at the Shang Shang's face, I found out that the gambling of his hand, the mortar ghost and ghost lights were free to open.

The peach is no longer a life, he looked at the original, sneered: "Little ghost, did you lose money?"


Shangyuan Nai looked up and looked at the peach and didn't care, secretly remembered his name, so many people didn't open it, how many people are you?

However, seeing everyone's eyes gathered his body, and the original sound explained: "I looked at the woman, I gave her a little money, I also received her grace, sitting on her live in a poor life Not very good. "

This is true about it.

It seems to be true.

Regardless of the money to the program or leave the mute life fee, it is also a human condition that took the people's dry bread.

The peach will not have a few words to ridicule, but I have seen the eyes of the original navigation, closing my mouth.

The white face is somewhat nervous and uneasy. He looked at a little lost brilliant night, Jun Ma Lu, whispered: "Shangyuan, Mun Ma Lu's disease can heal?"

"There is no way" "

Shangji shook his head, looked at the glow night, Jun Ma Lu, whispered: "But I speculate that he may be calcium deficiency? Calcium iron selenium vitamin may be missing?"

"... is missing ... What is it?"

Bai and Hui Night Jun Ma Lu's eyes have a big idea.

"Anyway is a lack of nutrition!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead, I remembered the wonderful advertisements of the past generation, sighed a good air: "There is no new cover in the new cover, let him drink more milk! Waiting for my future thinking ... "

The blood of the body of the body is the calcium in the human bone, so that the bones become hard and abnormal, and Shangyuan also does not know the essence of the blood.

But he doesn't panic.

There are many things that cannot be solved with scientific solutions, so they can only solve things with Chakra, and check out if there is any way to solve the system!

Maybe you will draw a wonderful skill in the future?

If he can't even solve the condition of Jun Ma Lu, then Jun Ma is only self-satisfied.

Shangnai sighed a sigh of relief, looked at the two branch tasks of his own system, and the two tasks were not so fast.

Branch task: Let the white live (01), reward unknown.

Branch task: Let Hui Night Jun Ma Lu live (01), reward unknown.

According to the contest, as long as he lets white and Hui Night Jun Ma spent the fifteen-year-old life, it can be completed. Bai this year is 11 years old, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu is only ten years old.

White problems don't have to worry.

Jun Ma Lu also doesn't need to worry.

As long as this time, I will look for the task that may bring treatment skills in the system panel. I should solve the disease of Jun Ma Lu, and I can solve the disease of the ghost light full moon may suffer.

Shangyuan Nairi can't help but look at the ghost lights in front of it, this thirty-three-year-old, the knife is seven, even this branch mission is not mixed, and the popularity is too low in the second yuan?

It's really a difference between heavers!

If you take a group of tattooles and seven people go back to live, I really want to stay around the program, complete a few bad direct line tasks ...

Maybe there is medical skills in it!