I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 62, straight, straight, brought a gift to the teacher

There is no trouble in the small way on the way, and Shangyuan Na will finally returns to the base of the family.


Shang Nai fell to the base, quietly opened the skills, he intended to see who is in the base.

Unexpectedly, I didn't want to see the characters in the base, just saw a woman who was close at hand at the time of the fate skill.

Shangyuan Na's mouth couldn't help but show a smile, whisper: "Teacher, I have completed the task back, can I become a formal member of Xiaofei?"


Just as the moon and the ghosts and ghost lights, the full moon, I saw that the original navigation was talking to the air. When this, the cerebelings were sick, the air suddenly set off a breeze.

The hidden paper ruptures, not the ordinary ninja can be perceived!

"What do you think?"

A woman's indifferent sound suddenly passed into the ear.

Suddenly fell up countless paper butterflies, the ocean sprinkled a woman's figure, and the eyebrows were a little serious: "Because Xi Zhibo belongs to implement the task, let him go to the country, the result is falling into the danger ... How many times I said, don't be involved in now! "

"Hello, Xiaonan Teacher!"

Shangyuan Needan to reach a palm, and it is advised: "Xiaonan teacher, but I exceeded the task of Miki's contest!"

Xiaonan's face suddenly was gloomed, from the air, looking at him in front of Shang Shang, cold and cold: "Do you think you should be proud?"

"It's not proud."

Shangyuan Na was married, shakes his head: "It is because there is a good person and the Xiantan teacher giving me the spirit of the spirit and detonation, I can determine my own safe return ..."

When I got some navigo, I still want to say something, Xiao Nan's palm suddenly covered on his head, sighed: "Forget, peace is good."


Laughing, I laughed, he laughed, he: "Xiaonan teacher didn't give me 100 million detonators? And the Niki people also gave me a spirit ..."

"But ... still worry about you."

Xiaonan low, touched the hair of the upper.

Now she has more powerful strength than the past, but she can protect my own treasure, but unfortunately, it is no longer able to make up for the regret of the year.

The mortal ghosts and ghosts next to the moon, the peach is no longer waiting to listen to the communication between them, and the look of everyone has changed.

The teenager who looked at the well-behaved, is it really an Shangyuan Nairo?

The atmosphere has been very strange.

Their new martial arts are clearly imposed in the country of Water, even the four generations of spots dare to kill, but also to claw the foggy village three tie knives and seven people all defended, now in front of the woman, it is like a child in front of the woman. As well, obedience ...

Just heard the conversation between them, the mortar ghost and others were opposed to each other, and the shock in the heart was not added.

It seems that it is a bit clear why you are so embarrassing ...

This blue-haired woman wearing Hongyun black robe is a person who gives himself a person who gives his disciples. It feels that it is not very good!

No wonder this woman can do the teacher of this guy.

"Right, I gave Xiaonan teacher brought a gift."

The original neighborhood took a seal reel, pumping out from the reel, a knife wrapped in the explosion.

On the way back, Shangyuan Nairies tried the detonation in the psychic bursting knife, but unfortunately the detonation in the explosion of the burst seems to be seal in another form, there is no way to multiply the explosions of the explosions.

However, from the mouth of the ghost light, the upper original is to know the power of this knife, foam, when you encounter the most dangerous, you can directly destroy the knife, which detonate is enough to destroy the strongest ninja to the endurance!

Xiaosan likes to detonate, should you like a knife?

However, when Xiaonan saw the bursting forah, her expression gradually stiff: "Nair, what are you taking ..."

This thing is so ugly!

Why didn't she find her own disciples so straight?

Don't you know that the teacher doesn't know if he is a beautiful appearance of art?

Shangqi Nairou grabbed the knife and whispered: "This is the burst of the fog hidden village. It is said that the inside of the unspeakable detonation, I think Xiaonan teachers will like this tobach?"

"I don't really miss the explosion ..."

Xiaonan sighed a sigh of relief, stroking Shangyuan forehead, whispering: "Don't give me a gift, as long as you can grow up peacefully."

"is teacher."

Shangyuan Nai watched Xiaonan, throwing the burst of the knife in the hand, and the ghost light is full, and it is also a substance of the original.

This handle is too ugly, not in line with his image!

The big base change is not large.

It is a big change in members.

In addition to the corner, there is an unsattended partner. After you don't worry, he will sell the teammates, the mysterious mask male A Fei is driven out of the organization.


The original na will be in the heart of the countless trough!

Originally, he still thought about how to continue to destroy the soil band. As a result, Pethen and Xiaonan have simply destroyed Yizhi Board out of the organization!

This TM ...

The church planner of the darkness is expelled!

When I heard this news, I felt like a company's general manager to expel the chairman of the group and pulled people into the blacklist of cooperation!

Is this necessary to make a ghost to make a spy?

Since then, Unecy Board is kicked out of the four actors, and this person is not eligible to compete with him behind the scene!

However, when Shangji Nai is still in the base of the base, I feel that the mortar ghosts are still necessary.

Although Yisi Bo belt is gone, his ghost is still active in the sky ...

Perhaps because of the absolute information is very important, and the black acting is relatively realistic, Payne and Xiaonan believe that it is also a victim who is cheated with soil.

"The disciple of Xiaonan is really terrible!"

The sound is still still so cold.

When I saw the original naval and a stroke behind him, I laughed and continued: "The three tips in the fog hidden village are seven people, and the two little ghosts ... I will pull so many people in a breath, there will be no fog in it. Hidden village's spy? "

After that, I will continue to add: "Yu Zhibo belt soil is the spy of Zhi Village, but just before the past!"


The expression of Shangyuan Needle became a little unlearable, what is this guy wants to do?

How to be in his face, also take Yischo to bring soil!

What is Yuxi Bo, what is the identity of soil? Do you have this starter?

"All right."

Payne stopped the chart, looked at the original naval and his group behind him, whispered: "Shang, introduce the newcomer you wrap!"

It seems that there are three people should be mature, but they don't have their own partners just have their own partners. After the introduction, you can help them allocate. "

"I reject."

Red sand is hiding in his own, and the snoring will open the mouth: "These guys are too ugly, even if they are being made into a puppet! Only behind the two little ghosts, it is like Sample ... "