I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 63 Xiaofu Assignment!

Red sand is really a team master.

Although I have to admit that his body is indeed very handsome, now he is a ugly crimples, this will not insult his own aesthetics!

When the peach is not smashed, I furious, grabbed the big knife to see the red sand: "Breast, what do you say!"

Red Sand is a brids: "I said that you are too ugly ..."


Standing in the villain of the outer road, Pethen shouted in the finger, he said that his cold voice continued: "Every member must have their own partner, this is not what you can refuse!"


Red Sands heard Wesin, no longer speaking.

"Hum hum…"

It is never a mouthway to open the mouth: "If it is not willing, it doesn't matter, I also found a newcomer that is suitable for him to partner."

During this time, I didn't have it.

Even if you know that the tissue is so big, it will not affect the degree of dedication.

In order to enable the monthly eye plan, you must supplement enough people, so you have always thought about excavating powerful ninja.

Just, I really found a genius ninja that was expelted in Yan Yin Village. In addition to being a bit violent, the strength is really powerful.

"After the allocation of the team, I sent a team member and the scorpion!"

Payne agreed to the proposal, and he looked at the original navigation: "Shangyuan, introduce you to you!"

"it is good."

Shangqi Nairou stopped the violent peach and no longer, whisper: "This is the hidden knife in the foggy village, the seven people are in the peach, the holder of the head of the big knife, the holder of the last dagger, the holder of the big knife is a meal Mr.'s partner is a senior. "

After listening to the name of the Ten Tree, the eyes of Yuxi Pub slowly looked up, and he looked at the head of the peach and no hand, he retreated.

Single only the holders of the big knife and kill the four generations of the people of the four generations of water, Yishi Houh did not reject anything, and did not become his partner.

After all, the holder of the last head of the big knife was hidden, sacrificed himself, saved his life.

The original Nairou reached out, refers to the full moon after fingering, and the light continuation: "This is a ghost light full moon. It became a seven people in the foggy village. He and his husky is a rare Genius Ninja ... "

After saying, Shangyuan Na is a little misfortan to laugh: "Interesting is that the foggy village's ghost light family also only has two people, full moon is also a brother, I hate it."


The people present suddenly have fun.

The corner is even more unknown: "This is the ghost of the ghost light full moon, and is there a whole?"

Shangji fell to shake his head: "This is not, the death of the ghost light is due to the persecution of the four generations of water."

Payne proposed a question that he was most concerned: "Upo, can you determine that he will not be a spy in the fog hidden village?"

"will not."

At the end of the ghost light, I watched the ghost light. After I saw the ghost light, I opened the way. "The full moon most wanted is the Renaissance Lantern. After the brother, he will use your brother. His hatred, he became the grinding stone on your brother's growth road ... "

When I said these words, Shangyuan gave a lot of people's look and continued: "This secret is enough to let him betray us, and I want to hurt the ghost lights, and I don't want to miss a brothers. Good play? "

"Hey, interesting."

The corner is nodded at your own arm.

Others have also been proud, and these people will not be interested in a blessing of Ninja Renaissance.

If there is a ghost light month in the future, they will not choose to kill.

Brothers and disabled dramas ...

Still worth seeing.

Only the expressions of the imu residue are slightly discolored, and then it will return to normal.

If you can, Yisizhubo now wants to swear now, why do you sound the story of the ghost light full moon and what he wants to do?

Some people discover this problem.

Xiaonan walked over and looked at Yuxi Hosi: "How do I feel that this newcomer's story is a bit similar?"


The secret is busy shakes, instead of the Unexpello opening explains: "He kills all the people in his own!"


Yuxi Pubo was worried about being demolished, reached out and confracted his eyes, Shen Sheng: "Mr. I and this ghost light can be different, I just wait for my younger brother, use his life to check my life. power."

The ghost light is still a bit good, after listening to his words at this time, suddenly it is dissatisfied: "Does anyone want to kill her own younger brother?"

Mom, this heresy!

The younger brother's cute creature, he actually wanted to kill!

"Our idea is not the same ..."

Yuxi Hostel lifted his head coldly, and the scarlet eyes gaze the ghost lights full moon: "I am more expected to have more powerful strength, so that everything I have to have, I don't hesitate."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

It's almost the same, how do you still play this person?

If there is one day in the future, there is really a man killed Unechebra, and your guy still does not fight for the people?

The ghost light is full of moon to see an eye, Shen Zong: "I don't want to be team up with this person!"

"I just don't want me."

Yisi Hosi hangs down and hidden his eyes.

From the heart of the true emotions, Yisizhubo is really more favored by the ghost light as his partner, and the two brothers will definitely have a lot of common languages.

However, Unexpected Board was worried about a long time, and the full moon found his secret.

After all, everyone is the younger brother, even if it is a look of your brother, maybe it will expose his true attitude.

When I got to introduce the martial artifact, I was suddenly inserted in a word: "If this is the case, let the mortinger ghost to do the Emperor's partner?"

This is its purpose.

Be sure to let the mortar ghosts and Yishe hub make up a team, so that the mortal ghosts monitors the Yuxi foot.

Shangyuan Na will look at it, whispered: "Mr. Ghost is originally a teammate who is in Suzhi Board, I am skeptical about his loyalty, so I want to suggest that he will join me first. Intern for a period of time ... "

If the black, the guy also insists on ghosts and Yisi foot, then he chooses to agree.

"Ghost is a newcomer I am looking for."

The absolutely busy interrupted the original Nairi, Shen Sheng: "Yuxi Bo will definitely lie to the ghost, now the martial arts ghosts will never want to see the one of the Sui Zhio,?"


The mortal ghost reveals his full shark tooth, laughing and opening: "If I meet the guy wearing masks next time, I will let him know the price of deceiving my!"


Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, lifting his head and looking at Payne, suggesting: "Then, in accordance with the meaning of the elder, directly arrange the Mr. He and the Ghost Moon Full team, Mr. Ghost Mr. He Zhiyu ? "


Payne didn't care, and also looked at the glow night, Jun Ma Lu and white, whispered: "Shang, as for the two little ghosts you brought ..."

Xiaonan's palm is on the shoulders of the original Nairi, and the opening proposal: "It seems that these two ghosts do not have a war, let them temporarily follow the Nair Railing!"