I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 64 Don't give me a lot of trouble?

Shang Nai is looking at Xiaonan to go to the moon and the ghost light, the peach is not divided into red clouds, rings and nail polish, I can't help but envy.

He also wants!

Branch mission: wearing a red cloud black robe uniform, carrying the name (01), reward unknown.

How high is the popularity?

Name is the first day of the endurance!

Such a high reward task is in front of him, as long as Xiaonan gives him a uniform, agree with him to become a member, and the top can get rewards.

Shangyuan Na will not hold it, and get to Xiaonan's side: "Xiaonan teacher, I have helped me to attract three new people, can I give me a uniform?"

"Don't think of these messy."

Xiao Nan knocked on the forehead of the original Nairi: "Payn told me, you use the explosion to force the Yuxi wave belt, before I gave you a detonation, all ...?"

In the case of the original Needle, I didn't respond yet. Xiaoshan took out several reels into his arms, knead his head: "This is a billion, which is a reward for you to complete the task ... "

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Branch mission: collect billions of detonation (10000000001000000000), the task has been completed, reward 400 gold coins.

How can his teacher like this ...

This is what I want to take the explosion.

The moon and the ghosts and ghosts are full of moon. See Xiaonan Light and write the reel of Ten Nai, which is 1 billion explosion, and the chin must be scared!

What is this god teacher!

When you send a month-on-arification!

Xiaonan seems to don't care about his big hand. In the usual battle, she uses the number of explosions. In fact, only the number of uses will be large when they hide the explosion in advance.

The original Nairou took the reel, and the decoction took out a high-powered detonation from the inside, handed it to the ghosts: "I owe your money is clear."


The mortal ghost is confused from the original navigation to the out-of-the-spot, and it is also gave a full moon and peach.

They are really not in mind.

If it is money, it will be, but this is an explosion!

Even if you are in the cheapest country, you can also sell two thousand two, and it is not easy to buy.

Relying on the teacher is the wealth!

Xiaonan heard you, couldn't help but frown, watching the original road: "How can you owe them?"

"…This one…"

Shangning Nai is beginning to think about a suitable excuse.

The mortar ghost is relieved, and immediately helps him open the sink: "We have encountered the open planner of the wooden leaf, and the Shangyuan adult and she gambled two, lost a few million people ..."


Shangyuan Na's head slowly turned over, staring at the ghosts in the martial arts, ghost him, how is the ghosts?

Tell him before, can't disclose yourself to lose money in soup, and this is not to give him money?

Next moment, the Shang Shang felt a cold eyes falling on himself.

Xiaonan has extended his palm, slowly twisted the Shang Shang's head to look at her own, her face is shameful, and it can be seen that there is a little panic.

The woman's palm slowly moved down, stroking the cheek of the teenager ninja, and his finger parked on the top of the upper.

Xiaonan's voice became extremely cold, some hate iron is not a role: "Needel, do you learn to gamble?"

"I am not I don't want to think ..."

Shangyuan Na Lu shook his head and explained: "I just read the prominent life to live, after all, she is a teammate of the seniors, and my purpose is mainly to let the contest to help Jun Ma Lu Lous ..."

In fact, he is just to complete a task!

Can he still have anything else?

Xiaonan's death gaze last for a long time, finally became soft: "Can you get gambling money, understand? And you can also ... I haven't salvage it, no matter how much you give her? Money, she will become a poor washing because gambling. "

"…Yes, I understand."

Shangyuan Nair is a nodding.

I didn't expect it, and I also sneaked my old teammates at more than ten years ago. He said it is also the fact.

The woman wins him so much?

Finally, it will not lose a light!

The martial artifacts have been shaped on the red clouds, and he looked at the superham-like, and smiled: "Shang Shang people, then I will go out to see my teammate."

"... go!"

Shangyuan Nai hated two words from his teeth.

The guy of the might of the mortgasmon is a spy he is preparing to play. As a result, the first thing to succeed in the sneaky persimmon, is the 'unnecessary' leaked his business to Xiaoshan.

This guy did not think so honest at all!

If you don't understand your mouth!

If it is not the Shang Shang yourself, you are smart, find a reason for barely standing, you will not give him a good face for a few days!

"Don't blame me, Shang Shang people."

The mortal ghost is stressed, the smile of the mouth is more rich: "I just think that the Shangyuan adult should not do what he should not do this, the senior of Xiaonan is still taught to teach his disciples!"

"I know, thank you for your reminder."

After Xiao Southern nodded, looked up at the eyes of the martial arts, and there was a friendly and trust.

After leaving the logistic base.

I can't help but laugh at the martillamon. "Hey, this guy is criminally guilty of the Shanghao!"

"is it?"

The smile on the martial artifact is not reduced. He glanced at the peach and never, like a look: "Then I really didn't pay attention!"

If the ghost light is full of moon, if you think about the moon, whispered: "In fact, adults should respect their teachers? When we come back, he seems to often refer to his teacher inadvertently."

"It seems that there is still no more idiots in us!"

The angle of the roof of the macmon, loudly, and there is no peach, and you will see your new partner with them.


Yisiza is thinking here.

Now Yisiza's mood is a bit regrettable, and the endurance is still the same person in the full moon?

If there is a chance, do he want to think about how the ghost light is full of younger brother?

The sound of the mildew in the ground, disrupted the thinking of Uzhi, the mortar ghosts stood behind him, whispered: "What are you thinking about? The famous Ding Ding's ..."


Yisi Bo is closed on his own eyes and does not want to answer.

Step by step by step, go to Yisiza, close to his side: "Need me to guess? For example, how should I not let others notice ... You don't have the devil in the full moon, you want to protect your own Little brother?"

The face of Yuxi Pub is unchanged, just reached out to slow hair, whispered: "If you just come, these don't make any meaningful words ..."


The smile and good faces on the mortal ghosts: "I just sure it, if you really don't care about your younger brother, I can plan to kill him, let myself have a pair of writes, my Chakra is very energetic, write The consumption of the wheel eye should be minimal. "


Yisizhiso's finger could not be trembled.

Perhaps this new teammate who grows shark face is the most difficult test for him to know.

The members of Xiao Xiao are extremely psychiatric, and Yisi Subo listened to the martial artimatimoti, and he could not judge what he said.

The mortal ghosts secretly noted the Finger of Utiso, and his smile on his face became more and more rich. It seems that his boss's boss's judgment has once again been inspected!

I have been waiting until Urshi Pubie can't stand it. When I want to say something, the mortar ghost is first stopped to stop his head.

The smile on the shark face became somewhat: "Okay, I am joking ... Compared to the area of ​​the area, I want to watch the duel between the brothers."


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