I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 65 Ninja Three Forbidden, Forbidden Women!


Yisi Hoski gradually relaxed, slightly over the topic of your brother, Shen Sheng: "Tomorrow we want to go to Yayin Village together, I hope you will not die there."

"My husky is a dangerous person ..."

The martial artifacts have grinned and continue: "We are all members who have been introduced before the terrifiers to defend the terrible people. If I die, who will become the next teammate in my husky?"

"Belt soil ...?"

Yisiza's eyes suddenly changed.

This spy from the mood of the wood, immediately guess the true identity of the mortal ghost, this guy is the person who is inserted by Unexpea!

That's not good, it's a black hand ...

"It doesn't matter."

Yisiza got up and left the lake.

The mortal ghost stopped in his back, his face, the smile on his face never stopped: "It's sad ... Even if you have a write-wheel eye, can you see how far?"

Know the base.

After Uzhi Hostel returned to his room, the figure was taken out: "The mekay, this time do you have any information to tell to bring the soil, you can transfer it."

Yisi Pubei wrinkled his own brow, looked at the cold, asked: "Is this the command of Zhun Group?"


When I heard Uzhi Houh, there was a very happy expression.

During this time, I really think about it will be wrong, let Yuxi Bo Tong and Zhidun Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan, see if I can make a black pot.

However, after the flagmarks returned to the wooden leaves, Zhun Group is busy with Kakasi to fight guns, and it is estimated that they are not willing to take the soil.

Moreover, Unexpello also dismissed in harmony with the group.

Mom, I am clear that I have been mixed by the long door, but I have to pick up the four sorting four?

Unfortunately, this person is an empty choice.

Black only can laugh and open the mouth of Yuxi Subiches: "Subicide, are you also affected by Penne and Xiaonan? With the land, the obligated will!"

White is sighing, sighing, sighing: "It is just that the idiot is too impatient, so that we have mistakenly think that the spies of the group, we will soon cleave this misunderstanding, and the terrestrial will come back to re-mastered. "

"I know."

After Unexpell, the face suddenly seriously said: "After we have changed the task of Ying Yin Village, I have to see him."

" ... can."

The black agreed to the requirements of Uzhi.

Yisiza's eyes flashed, whispered: "I am very curious about Yue Zhi Bo belt soil how to wash ... If he can't re-mastery, my situation will be very dangerous, Payne and Xiao Nan will suspect Go to my body. "

"Do not worry!"

White is slightly laughed and replied: "We got a news, the mountain pepper semi-Tibetan is sent to the Trendy of the Dish, and has sent people to contact the group;

Just hit the rain hidden in Xiao Na, as long as you use this incidentally, let Xiaonan find the truth ... "

This is the advantage of intelligence.

As long as they can take the first step to pass some intelligence to the way to Xiao Nan.

For example, Zhirun Tibetan is planning to hide the reappearance of Unexpello belt soil and the 'truth of the betrayal of the woods in the year.

When Xiaonan attacked the rain and the mully, it would get a part of the 'truth', and naturally wash the suspect with soil.

It has always been the power of Yuxi Bo to guide the long-door development wheel, as long as the suspect on the earth is cleaned, and it can be returned to Xiao.

As for the small south to the time, it is naturally a semi-half vacation, and it must be added.

However, there is really true that the mountain pepper semi-Tibetan contact is really true.

Zhidun Tibetan has also used Unexpello toilet to take back the leader in the root of the roots from the , he also wants to re-laundering the line and trying to get half-hidden support, and the bits of the fire.

After leaving the base.

The black and sinking voice asked: "When is the group and half-hide?"

"In the case of our monitoring, it is two days."

White shook his head, his look is somewhat confused: "But this time Xiaonan has brought two little ghosts, their actions are very slow, should you be able to catch it?"

"It doesn't matter."

The black and cold snorted: "As long as she discovers the converge of the mulled ninja and the rain, it will definitely hold them, then she will be truth."

This time, the speed of action in Xiaonan and Shangyuan, is indeed a bit slow.

With the return of Nairi and Xiaonan, they attacked the rainy nafe to restart again, but they were more than two people.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white.

When I learned that they had to go out to perform the task, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu's eyes were shocked: "Can we follow the implementation of the task together?"

"I didn't want to take you."

Shangyuan Nairou watched a small south, sighed a little: "But Xiaonan Teacher believes that I should have two teammates ..."

This is the prejudice of the endurance.

Or this is the thoroughness of the loop.

Xiaonan is now taught in the past.

She asked himself, she was a team, from the original naval, Hui Najun Ma Lu and white.

Xiaonan hopes to be a normal ninja career, rather than thinking that it is a formal member and that group of nerve sintered things.

"Shangyuan, have we dragged down?"

White eyes have some doubts and ask some serious.

Obviously a teenager, but the high value is very good, it is more cute than the girl, especially the white is still very sensible, always let the original illusion, think that white is the 'big sister' in the family.

I understand the age is not big!

This is the wandering child earlier ...

"Oh, there is no."

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, touched the white head, whispered: "Can make a teammate with you, it is also a very happy thing ..."

Even if his original thought is actually just wanting to recruit a few cute parts, but the system gives him a lot!

Who can think of this simplest task, will also reward a time-spatial skill?

Or, the essence of the system is to make him complete the task from it, it seems that some simple task rewards are also very high, let him go from the beginning to Longotian mode.

As a result, he did not join what tolerance, but in turn, he joined the organization and opened the hell mode and small disciples.

Branch Task: Join a Ninja team (11), the task has been completed, the award skills are secretly, and the compassion is the soul.

The secret old, compassion, the soul of the heart: After providing his teammates, it can resist the deadly shield, ignore the distance of time space, transfer to the side of the teammates, cooling time is 160 seconds, Chakra consumes 100 points.

This skill is a little meaningless, whether it is supported or escaping!

However, before the top, the transfer function of the destiny was obtained because of the transfer function of the fate. He didn't care about the transfer function of the compassion, and he was more preferred to resist the deadly shield.

Walking in the top of the team in the front of the team, I looked at three teenagers, especially on the face of Nairi, this disciple didn't seem to resist her arrangement.

According to the description of the teacher, it is generally made by two men and a woman, thus stimulating the boy's struggle, and the girl will adjust between two teammates, thereby forming a unique.

Unfortunately, this squad did not have a girl.

Now I can only get a white to gather like a girl.

Xiaoshan allocated his own blue hair, and got the Shangrong Nai, who was talking to Jun Ma Lu, white conversation, and her face showed a smile.

Ninja three banned money, alcoholism and women.

Now let Needle contact girls, it seems not a bad thing?