I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 67 This half, there is water!

War will always leave some creation.

In the same year, the country, rock, and sandy village as their battlefield. I didn't know how much innocent people were killed. The parents of the long door were died in the hands of the wooden ninja.

After so many years, even after the teachings of our own, the long gates still can't forget the hatred of their parents, let alone the ordinary rain in Pingchuan.

"If the half-hidden people want to destroy the organization, I will pay my own life for his order; but he chose the United Ribaaja!"

The department Pingchuan hated and cleared his fist. The son sounds continued: "When half of the hidden people in the past, I killed the tissue, I left the village, give up, let it go, because I Unable to accept and cooperate with wooden ninja! "

"Fortunately, I didn't go ..."

Shangyuan Needs to marry a breath.

If the guy, the guy is in the year, it is necessary to take the annihilation of the first generation of the organization, it is estimated that the fate of the hairstyle of the hairstyle is also can't escape.


Shangqi Nai Lu suddenly looked at the wrath of the clothing department Pingchuan, whispered: "You said so much, is there any evidence?"

"Of course, there is."

The department Pingchuan nodded, Shen Sheng continued: "The mountain pepper god is known as the right hand of the semi-born adults, the bastard will arrive in the east of the canyon tomorrow, he will contact the ninja of the wooden leaves, I just wanted it. Go there to solve their ... "


Shangyuan Na's mouth hook, took the shoulders of the photographing department Pingchuan: "I hope you are really true! If there is anything, it is useless."

"I will take them tomorrow."

The service department Pingchuan shook his head, Shen Sheng: "This matter is not a special secret, but only the endure of the team knows this news, because half-hidden people ask us to protect the mountain pepper godda's bastard and wooden ninja Safety."


Shangji nodded, whispered: "Then wait for this, then give me that kind of intimate heaven."

"…I know!"

When the department, Pingchuan suddenly revealed a wretched smile.

Shangyuan Nai can't stand it, you can't help it, you know a fart!

After Xia Nan from Shangji, I learned that the news, although she was still tangled, but in the disciple of the disciple, I barely agreed to leave the department Pingchuan life. After all, this is the first wish to cooperate with the rain. By.

Regardless of the true and false of the service, Pingchuan said, there is an operational place.

If the service is true, Xiaonan and the long gates are still very interested in killing the village groups and the mountain pepper semi-hidden enemies;

If the service is fake, even if he hides something, it is not used in front of the absolute strength.

Xiaonan and Shangyuan Nairou finalized the plan.

Since the Ministry of Service is already killed, it will take this team to participate in this appointment.

The only problem is ...

Xiaonan got an amount of a member of his team, wrinkled his own brow: "Nair, do you think we should do?"

Can this small Pudding pretend to be an adult nintee?

Shangyuan Na, 12 years old, height 165cm.

White, eleven years old, height 150cm.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, ten years old, height 155cm.

After all, it is a technical life for a long time, and the body of Shangyuan Na is also good, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and Bai Wan Fei stuffed?

"Then I can only go two people with the teacher ..."

Shangyuan Na is laughing, looks at Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white, whispered: "And once there is something wrong, I can escape at any time."

Eastern Canyon.

Here is the place where the rain hidden and the mood of the wooden ninja.

On the land, there is a rainy, and there is a rainy ninja to arrive here. At noon, there have been more than 30 Ninja.

There are seven or eight single alone.

Shangyuan Naoli and Xiaonan Wilong Hood, wearing rainy village specialty gas mask, followed by the part of Pingchuan, and talked at the scene.

Even if I didn't inquire about the determined news, just kill these tasks that were loyal to the mountain pepper, and also called the last success.

As time gradually, gathering in the rain nace that has begun to noise, and several leaders who took the lead scored a little anxious and impatient.

"How did God have the bastard?"

"That waste is definitely going to get here!"

"Hey, if it is not because the bastard is a half-hidden people, I will definitely pick the bastard into the seventeen!"

"Who let half a hidden people trust him?"

This group of rain is mostly angry, and it is directly opened, and the person they have to protect is the high level of Yuyin Village.

Shangyuan Naou listened to the ear, there was already a wife who was called the god of the mountain pepper, couldn't help but asked: "Pingchuan, the mountain pepper god is not half-hitting right hand? How do you feel that he is in Yuyin Village? Too good? "

"not too good?"

The part of Pingchuan's face flashed on a gloomy, cold channel: "They are too polite, Shenda's waste hand holding power, raising the innocent ninja and civilians in the village in the name of Yuyin, Focusing them for the spy, the endage of the argument here all has their own friends and relatives in his butcher ... "


Shangyuan Needressed, blinking, this mountain pepper god is not a "Zhidun Tibetan" style of rain in Yuyin Village?

The service department Pingchuan opens continues to add: "If the bastard is really for Yu Yin Village, but everything he is doing is in order to give himself a fortune, let himself enjoy the luxurious life ..."

The feelings are not as good as Zhun Village!

Xiaonan asked next to it: "Half-section guy is sitting like this to harm the interests of Yuyin Village,"

"What can I do?"

The department Pingchuan shook his head and softly sighed: "

This is also normal.

After all, the three-generation rigs of the wood leaves arranged personnel, and the people will arrange their people to the most critical position.

It is said that the leaf of the darkness of the leaves is the elder child of the three generations of noodles, and the Huang shadow assistant and the Huang Shadow consultant are the old friends who grew up from the child ...

The mountain pepper semi-hidden estimates are really picking a suitable and necessarily trusted people who don't have a secret personal affairs, so I can only pull the tall in the elf, picking out a mountain fish god in the same country.

The department will continue to say: "It is said that this time to continue Joint Wood's Zhidun Group is a suggestion of the idiots ... Half hidden people, but the ninja is half-god, why must I be combined with Musican bulls!"


Shangji stared in the stalls, full of face: "Maybe you have a half-hustle hiped half, will it be half-hidden in your heart ..."

In order to avoid the army, Pingchuan is anger to disrupt the plan, Shangyuan Na will have a half sentences, there is no way, the mountain pepper is half-god, there is a moisture!

Because there is not much person in this era really sees the strength between the thousand-handles, everyone thinks that the power of the mountain pepper is the most close to the Ninja, which is close to the thousand-handed collars, and hides the mountain pepper halfway as the ninja.

Because there is not much person in this era, I really have seen the need for Yu Zhibo spots, so the Lei Ying, which year, is also the strongest defense and the strongest attack ...

Even flying days can mix a strongest look.

When I was so thoughtful, Xiao Nany suddenly reached out his finger and reminded him: "Shangyuan, they are coming!"