I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 69 Mountain Stroke and Root Ninja

Two people who can't do, must not talk about the results.

The mountains and fish in the mountains and the stroke are not able to make decisions for those behind the scenes, and the two sides will soon decide to end this meeting temporarily.

The conference of the roots and Yuyin Village seems to have collapsed.

"Nair, the people of the leaves are going."

Xiaonan low looked at the wooden, ninja, who was retreating in order, and it was anxious.

The hidden in the ground is a bit anxious.

Shangyuan Na Rou secretly opened the situation around the fate skills ... The esteemed guy was still squatting!

Try the insidious guy?

Shangyuan Na was rushing to the root ninja, whispered: "Teacher, let's take the roots of the wooden leaves first!"

After he and Xiaonan left, he was still following them, then explains that there is a problem in this!

If there is no problem ...

That is the way to complete a few tasks for the root ninja!

As the most dark organization of the roots, the malicious gains harvested by Zhi Village Tibetan Tibetan Ninja will not be too small, so the task is also a lot ...

This wave should not be too losing.

"…it is good."

Xiaonan agreed to the opinion of Shangyuan, and he took him: "When chasing them, leave a living port, see if you can get information about Tibetan ..."


Shang Nai was frowned, hesitated to open: "These wood rubbors are elites, and it feels that they may not betray their boss ..."


Xiao Southern nodded and whispered: "But there is no relationship, after caught them, I explain it to you again."

She is definitely wanted to go out to the world.

The heart of the heart of the human Dao Payan is often able to collect all the messages in the brain, and the human road is also used to use ...

If it is not the collection of information, you can only use the repair of Luo Dao, act as a close meat shield.

"I will go with you!"

The department Pingchuan quickly grabbed the tattoo to keep up.

If you attack the rain hidden, the service department Pingchuan will definitely put a unyielding attitude of death; but for the championship of the wooden, the department is very willing to work together.


Shangyuan Na Rou and Xiao Nan can't help but glance, this guy thought that he was very strong, can you send it in battle?

The department Pingchuan understood their eyes, dissatisfied with: "No matter what to say, I am also an endless!"

"Don't bear it ..."

Shangqi Nai fellyly opened the mouth: "I have just wanted to take a few endure to test my strength ..."

Taichuan: "..."

Xiaonan knocked the finger knocked on the back of the original naval, and smiled: "Okay, let him go together!"

After all, it is rare to encounter a rain that is willing to cooperate.

Xiaonan and the long gates want to kill the mountain pepper half-hidden, in addition to revenge, it is also necessary to rule their hometown rain, let your hometown better.

Those who are loyal and semi-tibia will become a big hassle in the future.

It is precisely because of this reason, Xiaoshan will bring the Shangyuan, the horror of the rain, and the ackotto, forced the semi-Tibetan to summon himself to protect himself, thus all of them.

The guy is not very good, but his body is still long, but it has already been dissatisfied with half-Tibet ...

But you can leave him a life.

After all, the country of rain is a small country, but it is not much more.

Two people in Xiaonan and the long gates are very clear that the national strength of the country is scarce, and the ninja in other countries is clearly not looking at the rain.

For example, the leaf ninja that has just been evacuated.

Mountain wind leads his ministry to hide in a stone hole, he is writing the process of the first and rainy ninja, and plan to send people to leave the wooden leaves for a while.

"Hey, what is the rain around it?"

A root ninja finally couldn't stand, and the sound was awkward.

Although the root has been not famous, but the power of the leaves is quite large, even if they are all in the dark, they dare to attack.

Yu Yin Village is just a small country tolerance. When the war age is, it is a place to be treated by the big country as a battlefield. The rain is to achieve cooperation with the root. I still want them to take a step first.

"The leader of Yuyin Village is half a pepper half-hidden ..."

The mountain in the mountains lived in the hands of the hand, and the sound persuaded: "The group hiding adult can not leave the village, and the mission of the meeting can only be handed over to us, temporarily hidden, everything is a task."

"Yes, the captain."

"In addition to the necessary patrol detectors, others avoid out."

The face of the mountain is gently slammed with the desktop, whispering: "During this time, we are waiting for the monks of the monks here, you don't provoke in the country of rain, absolutely can't lose big ..."


A panic voice came in from the hole!

Mountain wind this group of wooden ninja has not been there, there is any reaction, and the deafening bombings rang!


The whole mountain seems to be destroyed by blast!

Mountain winds only feel that the earth is trembled at the foot, and the falling stone rolls down, forced these people to avoid!

"Earth Rock Pillar!"

Several roots ninja quickly printed to release the soil, supporting the cave without collapse.

One of them perceived ninja once, Shen Sheng: "Captain, the mountain wall of this mountain is not thick, as long as you open a gap, you can escape!"

"Wind, vacuum chopping!"

There are also a few ninja printers who are good at wind and refuse to release the wind, opened a gap to the outside world.

After the root ninja jumped out, the outside environment had already changed, and the surprise on their face could not hide: "What is it going?"

"If you haven't remembered it ..."

The eyes of the mountain are slightly stagnant. He looked with a scattered sand, and the forehead gradually took a drop of cold sweat: "When we just came, it should be a mountain?"

Where is there yet here?

In addition to the cave they have just turned into ruins, the whole hill was inexplicably fried!

"Captain, some!"

A few shadows standing on a rock.

A woman in a blue hair stands on the rock, she stands around a few high and low, and there is a common rain tolerated on the most.

It is Xiaonan and Shangqi Nai and others.

Looking at the appearance of the group of wood ninja, Shangyuan Nai Lu sighs: "One million explosions bombarded, there are so many people live ... Is this the strength of the wood rubber?"

"Cough ..."

Xiao Nan will cough a few times, I can't help but red face.

Because she just puts a layer at will, the coverage is too wide, and the detonation is too dispersed, and there is no power to explode.

The whole mountain is indeed flew out ... but the woody ninja hidden in the cave is alive.

However, they wanted, it is the living port of the woody ninja.

Xiaonan calmly spread his palm, two paper wings slowly gathered behind her, and the paper wings drove her to the air: "Well, Nair, let's get started!"