I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 70 If there is so fast, why can't you take a ninja?

This is the first time I saw Xiaonan shot for the first time.

The air in the air is like a dancer on the battlefield, a sheet of paper is made of paper, and it is flying from the paper wing behind her!

There are several people in the root ninja never guarded, and the rain is taken through the body, and the blood flowers splashed out!

"Earth, soil flow wall!"

The earth is pulled up, and it is rushing before the paper.

Just the thickness of this soil wall does not seem to be too long to resist the rain, maybe it will be destroyed directly by paper rain in just a few seconds.


There is a wind in the mountains, and you will hide!

Other ninja also followed his command, each looking for a safe location, and the defense of the soil flow wall is completely destroyed by the paper rain!

"Fire, big fireball!"

"Wind, big breakthrough!"

Two roots ninja took the lead in the small south!

The combination of wind and the combination of the fire and the fire, and the flames are going to go, forcing Xiaonan to sprinkle the hot waves.

Mountain winds have gone an Shangqi and other people, pointing to the air of Xiaonan: "Seventeen class, 18 classes, 20 classes, and I am responsible for solving the aerial enemy, fifteen, sixteen classes to pack up the group Little ghost! "

Woody ninters heard that the order is not hesitant, instantly spread to his goal: "Yes, the captain!"

"Wind, wind blowing!"

"Wind, vacuum jade!"

"Wind, vacuum!"

One of the root ninja turns tolerance, in just a few seconds, they rely on the quantity of the sterilization, and criminally suppressed Xiaonan's offensive.

The mountains have seen the timing of the opportunity, and the palm of their palms, aim at Xiaonan's figure, and plan to use the family to transfer her heart to solve her.

When they still barely support it, the other side is responsible for solving the two team ninja in the original Needle, falling into the top disaster!

"Thunder, Wan Lei Tianjun!"

Shangyuan Na's hands spread a group of thunder cloud storms, opened his most tasteful skills, hit the roots of the two teams in the face!

Welcome the second team of the 15th class and sixteen classes of the top, facing the thunder of the original Needle.

They didn't care at the beginning, just to fight against lightning with the body or to fight lightning, even if the Ninja, which did not have a dodge, was hit by the lightning, and some disdainful lightning power.

"Don't worry, the styles are very small ..."

This strong root ninja just opened, and a thunder is squatted on him. He continued: "Reassure, the power is very powerful ..."


The third thunder is on his body!

The tall ninja instantly fell on the ground, and it was hard to move!

The original still arrogant, this will no resistance, only the thunderbow is on his body, and there is no sound after a few seconds ...

Everyone: "..."

What is this?

It's just three seconds?

If the root ninja knows that his teammates will not betray, and they also experience the thunder of the original Nair, at this moment, the guy is a spy ...

The battlefield is delivered to the fake information, it is necessary to die!

Especially this kind of intelligence!

"Don't underestimate any enemies!"

Under the Lei Na, he stood under the Thunder Cloud Storm, overlooking the two teams of wooden ninja, laughed and continued: "When I am fighting with you, I have never done. Why do you look at me?"

What a wonderful words!

Just the roots of the leaves are not empty and Shangyuan Nai, they are still avoiding the attack of Wan Yitian, thinking about being out of the predicament.

"The earth is covered!"

"Earth Rock Pillar!"

A huge quirky pot has appeared on the head of many roots, a few rough rock columns support the pot cover, helping them block the thunder!

"It is worthy of Zhun Village, and the pot is so skilled."

The upper corner of the upper mouth hooks a smile, the next moment, his smile is full, and the palm of the palm has set out a set of beautiful handprints: "Water in the rose!"

The sky waves come and come!

"Earth, soil city wall!"

A thick earth wall slammed the waves!

The two root ninja teams and the original Nazi are playing back, facing the raid of the original Nair, they finally felt stabilized the situation.

However, the tenderness is like the devil's voice again in their ear: "There is no carved head on the soil flow ... I am definitely giving bad reviews."


The sound of the explosion of the explosion sounds in the ear!

The original thick soil wall is one inch turtle!

The waves immediately swept all the root ninja. Thunder is constantly squatting on their body, and the roots of the two teams are completely destroyed!

After these roots, after all of these roots, the huge pot of the sky, and the huge pot cover of the sky, turned into countless mud ...

After Shangyuan Na, after the enemy, he began to flip his system panel and several task progress was updated.

Advanced tasks: killing ten official endurance (310), reward unknown.

Branch mission: destroy a team of wooden roots (11), the task has been completed, and the reward skills are not fear.

Silence: Use Chakra to make a dream into the brain of the enemy, let an enemy experience the most fearful nightmare among life within 2 seconds, consume 60 challess, cooling time 10 seconds.

When Shangji is a bit wrong when I saw the skills of the words of the words, and did he get a illusion control skill?

A little wonderful ...

If you only look at it, I feel that this skill is more expensive to the enemy's spirit. The scope of application is wider than that of Uki's moon.

After all, Yisizhiso only knows what his brother is most fear, so his month reads in addition to bullying your brother, let the brother experienced another aliven night, when the other people, Yishi Houke can only tie people in the cross Stroke knife ...

But the original navigation just got the words of the words, but the most deep wounds of a person were opened, and saved it up!

No matter who, will there be a fear?

For example, Yisi Bo belt soil, should his most fear should be the death of wildlife? For example, it is dark, it is the most fearful should not save the big tube Hui Night ...

Shang Nai is a bit comfortable, in the future, I will encounter Yuxi Bo dare to release illusion to him to him, and he will send them a nightmare!

Silent, fear this skill is really a big battle, in fact, it is only used to get people ...

Next is the last task that suddenly comes out.

The task font is even purple, indicating that this task is not simple.

Hidden inheritance tasks: If there is so fast, why can't you take a ninja? Say a correct name (01)

Obviously this clue is related to Ninja.

This is also the first quirky task I have seen.

When I saw the sentence, the first thought of the first thought is that the difference between the group said, it seems like: [You are the wooden leaves under the sun, I am embedded in the darkness of the dark] .

"Zhidun Treasure!"

Shangyuan Na was confident that this name was full.

Even he is ready to accept the Note how to accept the Zhun Group, even if there is no flow of Yi Evil, at most, you have to come to a set of wind compulsory.

The system has no response.

Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, changed a thinking of Zhang: "The main robbery of the movie, the light of the twilight, the horses ..."

When he said the second name, the system panel gives a prompt.

The task is completed, and heroic inherit is opened.

Four skills appear in the list of task.

Aiyi! Demolded: Summoned a chakra soul blade, and you can manipulate it to attack, consume Chakra 2 points per second.

Aiyi! Soul: Through the soul edge to activate a defensive rinse, the teammates in the defense in the defense in the first 2 seconds are not injured, consume 40% Chakra, cooling time 15 seconds.

Aiyi! Sharpen: Initially sprinting in a direction, consumption of Chakra 150, cooling time is 15 seconds.

Secretly! Compassion Soul: The skill acquisition is repeated and has been folded.


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