I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 71 Who will let you save me!

"! ..."

Shangji Nai Lu slowly spread his palm, and a wide purple Chakra scales appeared around the top, and looked at the crystal clear but sharp and exception.

A little bit of favorite.

A group of gentlewood roots ninja died under the original Nairi, but he cited a reward inheritance task.

What is a surprise?

This is a surprise!

Just is not a celebration, because Xiaonan's battle has not ended, although the Shangyuan believes that the battle is not far from the battle.

How can this wooden root ninja, how is it possible to compete with Xiaonan?


Shang Nai's low voice, on the panel of the fate, the avatar is also appeared here.

It's still still followed!

What happened to this guy?

Unfortunately, this guy is still under the bottom of the ground. I don't know what I want to do. Is it just to monitor them?

Under the foundation.

The oversight of the alveroe, faintly opened: "The original neighboring the little guy ended is too fast, and the two teams were killed in half a minute ... Now drilling out, it will be discovered by him. ? "

"Not in a hurry."

The black sighing sigh: "When you wait for a while, when the battle is slightly confusing, secretly put the intelligence scroll into a body."

Since I have never been left, Shangyuan Na will not directly take it out of the ground, can only turn around to see Xiaonan's battle.

Xiaonan's figure danced in the air, escaped for a ninja and remote tolerance, floating toward the position of the wood rubber!

Shangyuan actually feel a bit good.

No wonder Yisi Bo is shouting every day ...

Some ninja played the rack, it is more than dancing!

"Heart turn!"

Just at this time, the mountain in the mountains who hid in the corner observed the battle, and his hand was in the hands, suddenly aligned with the small South of the flying!

Time seems to be in this moment!

The next second, the situation is reversed.

The tolerance will always have some strange monster, which can complete the thrilling reverse in the desperation, and can complete the anti-killing.

The distant Xiaonan suddenly fell straight!

The hearts of the mountains in the mountains have turned their body. As long as they are hit, they will deprive the enemy on the control of the body, and those who are mentally energy can control the enemy's body.

"The teacher turned into the car ..."

At the end, I saw that this scene was crying, and the body was shining, and I wanted to take her from the air.

When who was originally taken in Xiaonan, Xiao Nan opened his eyes, directly looking at the original navigation: "You guys, don't look at the ninja of the wooden leaves!"

A paper spear suddenly slammed out from the hands of the small south, stabbed to the chest of the Shangyuan!

Xiaonan is turned to be controlled!

The original heart is shocked, and if you want to open the invincible of the Shengshifan, you will sway your blue-haired woman around!

He has too many skills to cope with this situation.

However, I remembered that Xiao Nan's attitude towards him ...

The Shangyuan's palm feels the warmth and softness of the small and middle, biting the bite to avoid the fatal place of the paper spear, and throwing his shoulders by the paper spear.

Even if I can't hurt him in the battle, a teacher's embarrassment is sure, will definitely not refuse the disciples?

Since ancient times, I can't stay, I only have a road to work.

Shang Nai was sighing in his heart, who made Xiaoshen so strict?

Is it hurting on the shoulder, is it to change a red cloud?

Still exchange yourself free to watch the power of the intimate heaven?

The child will do the choice, and the original Needa is of course choosing!

The heart of the mountain in the mountains is not enough to persist, especially the small power of his choice control far exceeds his expectations.

Xiaonan quickly woke up.

After the woman's eyes restored the Qingming, the body did not have any movements, and she was defeated to land on the ground.

After the two people were safely landed, the eyes of Xiaonans slowly moved, and passed the smile on the face of the original navigation, and fell on the wounds whose paper spear.

Blue-haired woman's eyes are gradually complex.

Is it guilty?

Is it distressed?

No, it is fear!

Next moment!

"Who lets you take risks to save me!"

Xiao Nan fiercely raised his palm!

Seeing that she is a slap in the upper face!

"Xiaonan teacher?"

Shangyuan Nai god is confused and looked at Xiaonan's movements. How do you don't understand this episode?

Obviously, he saved her danger!

Don't say give him a comforted, at least you should be warm and touch!

In the next second, Xiaonan stopped the movements in his hand, slowly squatting the shoulders of Shangyuan Na, the tears of the eyes fell on his shoulders: "Sorry ..."

"Wind, wind blowing!"

"Wind and empty waves!"

Woody ninters do not give up the opportunity, the swords and tips are flying towards the original Needs and Xiaonan.

Xiaonan's body instantly turned into a white paper, and quickly formed a paper shield, blocked all the winds and necrotic and hands of the sword.

The paper shield spread quickly!

Countless white paper seems to be flying as being convolved by the wind!

The root ninja in the wooden leaves is surrounded by a circle of white paper!


The small southern angry voice is in white paper, and countless sheets of paper folding into the paper hand sword, and shoots the root ninja.

In the ring, each wooden rubber is a horror attempt to defense, but all the four sides are all in the hand sword, and there is no space that avoids or defensive.

Every paper hand sword attack will return to the ring, and reciprocate in the week.

A piece of paper is swing through the enemy's body, so soon, it will turn the entire ring paper into a blood!

After a while, these ninjas did not live.

No, there is still a person living.

Mountain stroke.

The captain of this cubal ninja, Zhidun Trees, the family, full of fear, looking for origami around the arms.

"How should I kill you?"

Xiaonan Yinxiang voice appeared in front of the wind in the mountains, her hands reappeared a paper spear, and hitting the wind in the mountain!

The mountains in the mountains are overview of the body around the companion, and the face flashes a fear and anger. His first thought is actually trying to bite.


The earth in the mountain is broken by Xiaonan, kicking!

"Teacher ... Information ..."

The Shangyuan Nairies in the distance notes this scene and stopped the angry small south.

Now Shanghao is letting the white help him gain a wound. If the white speed is slower, maybe his injury will heal.

After all, the life energy recovery of mad armor is very fast.

After hearing Shangyuan, the action in the small man stopped, her reason gradually began to recover.

"I know."

Xiao Nan Changshu took a breath, the anger and worried heart, was afraid of gradually dissipating, her palm fly quickly and started the printing: "Take the Law, Tongling ... people!"


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