I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 72 Umbrella? (Seeking the recommendation!)

After the human road is coming out, I have gone an environment around a circle. I looked at the small south. I looked at the original navigation, first confirming their two people.

"Well? Shang Shang was injured?"

Human Dao Bene saw the wound on the Shang Shangshu, his brow wrinkled, there was a bit Yin Shen: "Xiaoshan, what is it? This is not much in Chakra, first take Tiandao Tongling Bar ... "


Xiaonan shakes his head, pointing to the mountain in the mountain: "The enemy has been cleaned up by us, and now we need to obtain information about the Tibetan intelligence from his brain."

"okay, I get it."

The human road is nodded, pick up the wind on the mountain.

Human Dao Payne uses heart-slimming to extract the memory of the mountain stroke, the face is not very good, so he took out the soul of the mountain stroke to kill him.

Xiaonan asked softly: "Is there information about TRC?"

"Yes, group hiding ... will not come to Yuyin Village."

Human Dao Payhen whispered his information: "Hey, the mountain pepper semi-hidden still don't know, the group is not intended to cooperate with him sincerely.

The three generations of wood leaves prohibited him from leaving the wooden leaves, and Zhidun Tibetan only sent its own actions.

Zhun Village Reservoir recently indeed heavily in the United States, but his actions were limited, so he handed all the negotiations and alliances to the people called the mountain. "

"It seems that it is empty."

Xiaonan Eye gland flashed a frustrated, whispered: "I thought this time we can put the mountain pepper half-Zone and Zhidun Tang also resolve the same."

"No, there is still something else."

The human Dao Payan is quiet: "In addition to the joint half hidden, these ninja will also be responsible for searching for the trail of Unexpello. It tries to catch him back to the wooden leaves ... Although Yuxi Bozhi is hidden, he is indeed A rebellion. "

"It is not necessary to recruit him again!"

Xiaonan's face was a bit angry. She turned her back to the Shangyuan Na, continue to say: "I warned that they were still far away, but the guy of Unexpello was just because the identity exposure wanted to kill Naida, I have to kill him sooner or later! "

"Teacher, I don't care."

The expression of Shangyuan Nairi is somewhat subtle. He bowed the land under the foot of Xiaonan and the human Dao Benee, whispered: "As long as the teacher and the Nashand people need to do the predecessors, no matter what he did, I don't really don't care. "

This is a bit green tea.

Because it is hidden under this land.

The underground will definitely hear their dialogue.

After the underground, the underground is absolutely relieved, and it seems that the long door and the Xiaonan will be boating the boat, accepting the returning of Uneclass.

Unexpectedly, the face of Xiaonan has changed, and the sound is somewhat cold: "The door, we should not accept the guy who tries to hurt the neighborhood ... Needeling is our family!"

Human Dao Payne: "..."

He didn't say anything?

And he didn't think about reconnecting Unexpello!

However, in order to appear violent friends, the human road Penon sighed a picture: "Forget, wait until our mission end, let the threat to the way to recruit Yushusi, then we sneak the fire and kill him, can you? ? "


The face of Xiaonans has slowed a lot.

Shangyuan Needar and sneaked himself.

At the bottom of the ground, the three people on the ground were jealous.

Fortunately, they hide in the ground and persisted for a while, or how can they know that the long-door and Xiaonan lived so vicious?

Is this two people that are easy to be cheated?

There is a little bit, I don't understand, where is it?

This must be the fault of Unexpello, and he shouldn't take the original navigation!

I know that the little guy is the disciple of Xiaonan, but also wants to kill the exterior, and finally, it is almost killed by the little ghost!

It is worthy of being a raceful crane tail of Yuxi Bo ...

There is no need to continue to stay here, and there are several long gates and small south, and I will go to Yisi Bo-territorial report.

Ground above the ground.

Human Dao Payne and Xiaonan have solved the differences on the differences between Unexpello, mentioned an intelligence, which is about the next and mountain pepper gods.

Xiaonan intends to solve this opportunity to solve half-hidden right-hand mountain pepper gods and his rain hidden.

The human road is nodded, looking at Xiaonan and Shangji Railing: "If you encounter danger, call the heavens directly, I will always prepare for your psychic."

"I know."

After the human Dao Payan left, Xiao Nan's eyes slowly turned, stopped on the original Nairi: "Nair, come with me, I have something to say to you."


The original neck is confused.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, the white and clothing department of the white and clothing, etc., the people who saw the teachers and apprentices went to the distance, they were still waiting for them in place.

This is a group of soy sauce.

When the small South walking, it seems that some heart is absent.

She didn't send it in front of the top, even when a new rain is coming, the rain is in the top of her head, there is no reaction in Xiaoshan.

A bamboo umbrella appeared in Xiaonan's head top.

Shangyuan Nai fell out of her, holding the bamboo umbrella in his hand pushed, looking at her seriously: "Teacher, raining."

"Is it raining?"

Xiaonan slowly lifted his head and looked at the growing rain drops on the ground. She finally opened: "Don't leave, just say it here."

"it is good."

Shangyi faces.

Xiaonan's face is somewhat unsatisfactory, she hesitatedly looked at the original opening: "Today, your combat mode is very problem ... When I am dangerous, you should not save me, but escape your life. "

"How is this kind of thing?"

Shangqi fell and shook his head quickly.

Shangyuan probably understands Xiaonan's thoughts, this is a lot of years ago, Miki and the long gates have been thinking to save her. As a result, there is a tragedy of Niko suicide, long-legged legs.

Is it a bit too much today?

So Xiaonan is actually scared?

Yes, Xiaoshan is indeed scared.

The irises wearing the little south gently trembled, and the look gradually became a little cold: "Nair, I am your teacher, I teach you the most correct choice!"

"This ah ..."

Shangyuan Na's mouth bends the corner, in this chilly heavy rain, put a naive warm smile: "I know, teacher."

After seeing Xiaoshan, the smile of Shangyuan Nairo did not decrease, issued a soul torture: "If one day I met the danger, I would even lose my life, how would the Xiaonan teacher do?"

"I won't let this happen again."

Xiao Nan frowned and didn't answer questions.

Shangyuan Na will continue to ask: "If you have this kind of thing? We can't guarantee how dangerous enemies will encounter."


Xiaoshan's face has been a moment, reached out his palm, and took advantage of the umbrella in the original hand.

Xiaonan turned his head to leave the bamboo umbrella, let it originate in the rain.

This blue-haired woman walks in the rain while walking on the rain: "If there is a situation, I will leave you, escape alone."

Shangqi Needs to stand in the rain and visited the small South step.

Shangyuan can understand that Xiaonan is talking, but why should she take his bamboo umbrella, let him rain?

The rain drove in the upper hair and wet his clothes.

The Shangyuan slowly raised his head, and his voice was slight, gradually being drown in heavy rain: "If there is one day, I hope that teachers can really escape themselves ... but teachers, do you really do this?"


There is a bigger rain.

A sheet of folding paste is quickly passed through the rain, and the side of the upper, giving together into the figure of Xiaonan.

The woman looks painfully outstretched the arm to hold the neck of the upper.

Shangyuan Na was married, and the acting skills seem to be too hard.

Shangyuan can only take the body of Xiaonan's body, reach out and shoot her back, comforting her emotions: "Xiaonan teacher ... What about our umbrella?"