I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 74, the first task of Six Petion

The so-called one person is tender, three people are smart.

Xiao Nan tried to take the name of the Zhun Village Treasure, and hinder the mountain pepper half-hidden talks, and then tell the long door to the front of him.

The long door is not recognized.

Even him is still planning.

If the discussion plan of the last Na Ruo is successful, this is also the perfect revenge of the mountain pepper half-hibernation.

After all, half of the year is the name of the talks.

Due to this plan is too dangerous, Xiaonan Commands Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and the White Co-service Department Pingchuan went to another distant base to perform tasks.

Xiaonan does not want too many people to know the secret of the long door.

"Is the adult in the long door?"

Shangyuan Nairi goddess looked at the long door sitting on a wheelchair, Tiandao Pesin stood by the side of the door, and the other five Payne stood behind them.

This is the first time I saw the long door.

The redhead of the long gates are somewhat boring, and the cheeks are deeply depressed. There are no colors on the lips, and the body is so thin.

It's a panic that in the back of the long door, a few black sticks.

That is that the outer road is in the past year, Chakra and vitality left, and now he is also used to manipulate the six Petion.

Xiao Nany looks concerns about the long door, whisper to persuade: "The long door, you should care in the base ..."

"Cough and cough ... don't worry."

The long door coughs a few times, waving, I want to persuade his small south, looked up at the original opening: "Shang, I and your teacher I agree with your plan, this time I just came to do a supplement helper."

The long gates may worry about Xiaonan refuting. He continues to say: "After all, the real member is only a few people we have, I don't want to miss this."

After the long gate was finished, he manipulated the Tiandao Penne: "This time, it will be a battle to the country of the rain!"

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

The front is still good, how do you come back?

Everyone who claims to be God in the second yuan, there is no good result ... can be high-profile, but people have to remember low-key!

Shang Nai, I wanted to go back, is it going to persuade the long gates, so that he encountered his mouth directly white?

Shangji took a shot to shoot his own brain, whispered: "Master, Xiaonan teacher, let us discuss plan!"

According to the information obtained by the human Dao Payne, the mountain is not unable to leave the wooden leaves to the Yin Village, and all negotiations are determined by the stroke.

Now the root of the mountain stroke and the root of several classes will die all, and the news channel is temporarily blocked.

"Our time is not much."

Shangyuan Nai Luo: "We only have five days to complete this plan, and may even only have three days, because the village group hides the news of the mountain wind, it should be sent to the next group of people."

After the last navigation, I watched Xiaonan and the long door, and continued: "Next, we will become the wooden ninja, who is called the stroke, continue to negotiate with the rushing village of Yuyin Village, strive for the mountain pepper Half-section meeting. "

Xiao Nan hesitatedly proposed a question: "Ordinary transients are hard to get through the ninja, it is easy to be poked by the other party?"

"Anyway, our plan is just trying it."

Although it is said that Shang Shang himself is very confident.

Shangyuan Nai fell to become a look like a stroke, and the natural illusion skills were stronger than that of the vites of vitamins.

The natural illusion skills are far more realistic than the incompatibility of the endurance, as long as he does not use skills or attacks, the general ninja cannot know his skills.

The combat plan is determined to be very smooth.

The entire program is divided into three parts.

The long-door and Xiaonan travel to the context of the context, lay the sea of ​​explosions;

Shangyuan Nai went to meet the mountain pepper gods;

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and White and White Wait for the North Society to attack, let Yu Yin Village believe that the members do not in the eastern canyon, reduce their doubts, and improve the probability of success.

After they identified the steps of this plan, it was a bit confused by Xiaonan: "Our plan ... Is it a little too much grass?"

"This is also something wrong."

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, and looked at the six Petion, whispered: "Our number is too little, but fortunately there is a long-term six Pethen to help the roots of the roots."

Xiaonan: "..."

Chang gate: "..."

It is estimated that they have never thought about the first task of collecting the four Petans, which is to pretend to be the root of the Ninja.

Is this pattern, is it a bit low?

However, if the original naval, the plan will be successful if it is successful, it is definitely fatal for the hustle gates and Xiaonans. It is also very pleasant process.

Destroy the enemy with the enemy.

It is simply the best way to interpret the revenge.

The long got sighed in a sigh of relief, and he could only manipulate the six Petion to put on the hidden uniforms of the roots of the roots.

the next day.

Shangqi Nai turned into the appearance of the mountain stroke, with six pairs of Payne rushed to the negotiations of the mountain fish gods, and wanted to induce a rural pepper half-tibia to participate in a real meeting.

This is the time for the leaves and rain hidden.

As for the location, it is still the eastern canyon of their last time.

Just this place, Shangji is going to follow the clothes department Pingchuan.

"You are late for a minute."

The mountain pepper gods got an eye on the opposite side of the mountain, and glanced on the mountains behind the mountains, the wovenly loaf of the leafless, coldly snorted: "We are inheriting the sincerity of the United Wood and you. Contact! "


After the arrival of the mountain shell in the mountains, the wind card shell was a second, the opening: "This is because we just received a new order of the group, he did not think that the negotiations between our two can have any results."

"What does it mean?"

When I heard the opposite side, the color of the collar of the mountain fish was anger: "Wood leaves is to play us! It is clear that you will first mention the alliance!"

Before the mountains were hidden in the mountains, the mountain pepper godda can be the main half-Tibetan promise that the root of Yuyin Village and the woods will continue to join us.

Now that the leaves suddenly tell him not to play?

"Don't be so excited."

The Shangyu shake his head, glanced on the rain tolerance, whispered: "We are indeed sincerely want to join half-hidden adults, but our two people can't be the Lord in this negotiation? "

"What do you mean?"

"It means literally."

In the Shangyuan version of the mountains, there is no somewhat regrettable god, whisper continues: "I respect the situation of the interests of Yuyin Village, but now I am not qualified to participate in negotiations. The candidate. "

The mountain pepper godda is a bit satisfied with the stroke.

The half-hidden right hand brow is picking, and there is a little smile on his face: "If you say it, it seems that the wooden leaves must send a big person!"

"Not bad."

The Shangyang version of the mountain is a little bit, Shen Sheng: "The Town Hidden adults will arrive at the country, he hopes to come to the day after tomorrow, discuss the leaf and rain fingers, and we send it out Assist in your ninja. "

"I can't agree ..."

The mountain pepper god has hesitated and shook his head, Shen Sheng: "After the next half-story people and the hidden hidden hidden hidden hidden hidden hidden, the village has some controversy ... After all, the endurance war, will leave some ... Some grudges. "

After completion of his words, the mountain fish gods continued: "This time our negotiation is hidden. People present are half-hidden people's heart ... If more people know this kind of thing, for half hidden people Prestige is not very good. "

After the lard fish gods, the six wooden roots standing in the nearby wooden roots were obviously different, and these movements have caused the vigilance of rain.

This is a long door, the six-way Penne sitting!

Since the plan can not succeed, then these people collect interest!

Shangyun, the Shangyun of the Shangyu, the wind is intertwinding, and the look is ugly to look at the mountain pepper: "The name of the ninja half is important ... But our group hiding adults are also risks to rain. Country!

You may wish to go back to tell you the half god, if not because our group hidden adults have been trying to try to take the leaf high-level, the leafy, the dark side of the leaves, have long been unscrupulously active in your rain. "


I wish you all a happy Tanabata!

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