I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 75, where is it for you? Where is the active place?

A group of rain is angry when it is standing.

The sound of taking the knife out of the scabbed.

The wooden ninja opposite is actually so humiliated to Yu Yin Village, this group of faithful in half-hidden rain can have this stimulus!

The anger of the mountain pepper gods passed away, he waved his hand to stop the movements of other ministries, cold channel: "Is your horses in Yuyin Village?"

"If you want to do it, come!"

The Shangyou Version of the mountain is cold and coldly looked at many rain hidden people, Shen Sheng said: "I don't care if I have humiliated, but I am now representing the monarch!"

This sentence is open, let other rain stopped.

Generally, people who die to die in the boss will be respectful, this is also a culture of the endurance, especially in Yuyin Village, also quite some samurai atmosphere.

The mountains are not afraid of death, but they just want to fight for their own bosss to give a chance to meet someone else, so that they are unable to return their own boss.

One is a bit admirable!

The mountain pepper god didn't feel, he wrinkled and asked: "I am in favor of the half-hidden adults and group hidden demo ... but time and place ..."

"We considered this thing."

The Shangyou version of the mountain stroke immediately hits the stick stick, put forward his idea: "If the Tibetan adult appears in Yuyin Village, whether it is the safety of the half-hidden adult or the security of the Tibetan adults is very unfavorable ..."

When I said here, I immediately stopped and continued to say: "So the group hiding adults intend to arrange the location of the meeting to our last cooperation, discuss how to completely solve this trouble."


The mountain pepper is silent for a while, and I have some point: "I will find a way to make this talks, I will give you a trust as soon as I will promise you ... If the half-hidden people promise, the talk time will tell you tomorrow!"


The upland version of the mountain is nodded.

Since the negotiation is over, then they don't have to stay here.

"and many more…"

When I was going to leave, I was going to leave, and the mountain squid gods suddenly opened them: "If the group hides can't meet the conditions of half hidden adults, this meeting may not be happy."


Shangji stopped his footsteps, his mouth hooked a smile, he turned against the mountain pepper gods softly: "Do yourself! Since the Tibbonan adult is willing to come to personally, will definitely give a satisfactory answer for half hidden. "

A very satisfactory answer.

Ok, maybe some people will not be very satisfied with the answer, but at least Xiaonan and the long gates are very satisfied, this is enough.

Shangnai is willing to use his own holiday guaranteed.

Just this sentence, it is clearly given a deputy pill of the mountain pepper. He believes that the concession of Zhun Village is willing to make the mountain pepper half-hibernation.

Some idiots are really unhaffected.

In order to reach cooperation as soon as possible, the mountain fish gods hurriedly returned to Yu Yin Village, and reported to the mountain pepper half-collected and reported their negotiations.

It is precisely because of his legislation, it will let the leaves have retired one step.

The mountain pepper is semi-tiba lazy to pay attention to him, just frowning counsel: "The guy of Zhun Group is willing to cooperate with us?"

After the last time they cooperated, he put a group of pigeons!

Zhi Village Town is sent to him for a while, but the mountain pepper can not be involved in the fire of the wood, he just wants to use the Tibetan.

The mountain pepper is still very expected to go to the stage.

But if he really publicly supported the village group, in case the anger of the day, the power of Yuyin Village is not necessarily able to live.

Talking, the dead camel is bigger than the horse.

Soon the death of the Yuxi Bo of the wooden leaf, it was the time when the Yuan Yifang was hurt, nor the rushing village that they were able to compete in the rain.

The mountain pepper is half-hidden, and it is a little afraid of death.

He now just wants to maintain the name of his ninja, protect your existing power and prestige.

It is sorry to say that if this time, if he is half-hidden and Zhun Group, he still wants to put a pigeon of the group.

Anyway, the group is more than 60 this year, it seems that it is not like sitting on the spot of the fire, lie to him, and will not recruit the full revenue of the leaves ...

Moreover, the village group is in full swing, so soon, so soon as soon as possible.

If it is not a well-deflamation, the mountain pepper is half-hit, I really don't want to continue to collide with the group, so I will happen.

The mountain pepper semi-hidden thinks of our most concerned, and I asked: "Is there any movement of the organization? Is there a stronghold to attack by their members?"


The mountain pepper gods nodded, whispered: "When I came back today, I just got a news. The northern base encountered a sneak attack, and the two powerless faders suddenly attacked them, and killed half of hands. "


After a while, the mountain pepper was silent, and it turned off the head: "Taking the organization began to recruit those talented ninja little ghosts ... God, promise the wooden, I want to see the next side."

After seeing the mountain pepper gods, he added another sentence: "The day of the meeting, remember to bring some people, must ensure that there is no loss."


The mountain pepper should be respectfully respectful.

After half-in-the-shelled, I continued to ask: "Where will we arrange it, where will we be arranged?"

"The place where I was half-hidden in the past."

The mountain pepper gods loudly replied: "This is also the location of the wood, ninja and I have commeminated, because they don't want to enter the village in the village, I don't want to meet the danger of the group, lest There is a prestige of adults. "

The mountain pepper has flashed a fear, and then he was quietly hidden. The old man in the conclusion of the old man cleared his fist, on the table: "Yes, it will be in that position! This time Be sure to eat! "

Everything is not expected to go out.

The mountain pepper god agreed to their request and sent people agreed to meet the official location of the next day and meet.

That place is the place where the Niko suicide is.

Xiaonan's mood is a little excited, and her nails are tightly holding palms: "If this is said, is our plan success?"

"Half success at least."

The long door nodded, Shen Sheng continued: "When the day, if the mountain pepper semi-tibia appears there, this time will never let him go!"

Shang Shangnai glanced over them two people and laughed: "It should be very surprised by probably the ninja half-god?"

"This time, I will let him surprise!"

The long door hated and clenched his fists. After a while, he looked at the original navigation: "Shang, how can you think that half-Tibet will choose to contact group?"

"Because Xiaonan Teacher and the adult thinking that it is a meaningful place."

Shangji raised his head and continued: "Half-Tibet will also think that it is a unique meaning that we look down on him next step, so he will definitely choose to choose there."

Is this a metaphor?

People who are all inbound, actually very superstitious!

After that, Shangyuan Na will add another sentence: "Just as one day I didn't see Xiaonan teacher, I will go to the cave we met to find her, because I know that the meaning of Xiaonan teacher is not very common."

"Is that right?"

Xiaonan's eyes have some doubts. After she thought she thought it was very reasonable to say that the original navigation was very reasonable.

I thought about it for a while, and the small South opened asked: "Nair, where is the place you make sense?"

Shangyuan Na was watching Xiao Nan curious eyes, looked at her: "I am still looking for, maybe Xiaonan teacher will find the answer more than me?"