I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 76 The eagle is that he must learn to take off (seek special tickets!)

Xiaonan did not quite understand the meaning of the original Needle.

Just as a woman with a heart, Xiaoshan heard the lonely and desolate hidden in the original navigation, what is wrong?

That is a feeling that is not relying.

Xiaonan slowly walked to the front of the original Needle, stroking his head hugging in your own chest, soft voice: "Nair, there is a heart to tell me directly ..."


Shangyuan Nair Felt Dating is not very good, the zipper is a bit face.

Xiaonan's fingers inserted his hair and gently squinted: "You don't only treat me as your teacher ... Needel, I am your family, understand?"

"is teacher."

Shangyuan Needs and I'm doing open from the embrace of Xiaonans.

The long door sitting next to symbolically licking a few times, whispered: "Cough and cough ... Shangyuan, I am the same."

Although the long door does not understand Xiaonan's move, he will understand that this time should be attached to Xiaoshan, the long door has also regarded the original navigation as his own generation.

Due to the turn of the back, the burden of the six Petion and the outer road is too big, the long-door heart understands that their life is not particularly long.

If you leave a small south, how can he rest assured?

Now Xiaonan receives the disciple of the original navigation, or a juvenile of a well-known, should be suitable as the leader of the future.

Do not.

Not just tissue.

In the eyes of the long gates, there was a light, if this time they were able to strengthen the mountains and peppers half-hidden, they also carefully cultivate the leadership of the future of Yuyin Village.

Whether it is a generation, or the will of the darkness ...

In the future, I will pass on the little guy in the original navigation.

Shangyuan Na Luo did not know their minds, just helplessly smiled: "How to feel the universal adult and Xiaonan teacher weird, let's go to the valley, wait for the mountain pepper half-hide the guy!"

"…it is good."

Xiaonan dialed his own blue hair.

They quickly arrived at their destinations.

A valley that gives a little talent.

The rains of the country did not seem to be too powerful for this valley's terrain. Here is the traces of the battle remaining in the same year, and people can't help others.

The long gate was held with the heaven Pethen pushed his wheelchair to the empty space below the valley. He gradually emerged as a grief in his look: "Baiko, you said that your dream is the god of this world ... I will soon will Help you do it. "

In that year, the bureau is used to use the corpse of the sea. It is Tiandao Pethen, which is to kill the mountain pepper half-hidden today, and the world is desirable!

With God's will, destroy everything in the world!

With the power of God, do not cherish the violence of peace!

Shangyuan Nai is very complicated.

When this is a depressed, the original is a little bit of sympathy. Realizing some people's dreams say some kind of romance, and it is a bit sad.

These wishes should let them come personally!

For example, the book stall owner sold to the original book ...

"There is a place where the Nishiko suicide ..."

Xiao Nan looked up and watched a broken hill away from them, and there was a little red: "I was half-hitting there, and I looked at the bitterness of the long door."

Before it was, they had already been once again, and they still inevitably fell into the sadness when they came here.


Shangqi quietly sighed, finally decided to wake up: "Our people are too rare. If there is a fierce battle here, maybe half hide may escape ..."

"Never have this possible!"

Xiaonan first woke up from the memories, her palm slightly floats, and suddenly there was a layer of cracks in the entire earth and the rock wall!

Xiaonan Shenqi is clearly opened: "Yesterday I was arranged here for six hundred billion to detonate, everything here is the paper of the gods and the text of the gods."

Speaking of this, Xiaonan clenched his fists a little bit: "At that time, there was no possibility of leaving the people under the half-homework and his hand!"

"That ... teacher ..."

The forehead of Shangyuan Nair slammed cold sweat: "If there is something wrong in the middle, will we be killed here?"

"Don't worry about this problem."

Tiandao Payne pushed over the wheelchair of the long-door: "This battle is mainly carried out by Tiandao, hungry and ghost road, human space and Shura Road should be responsible, hell roads and animal roads will use psychology in the distance. retreat."

About how to hide for the mountain pepper, the long door and Xiao Nan have a bottle.

Since it is a trust of revenge, it should be dominated by Tiandao Payne, hungry and ghost, humanity and compulsory road to provide vision and policy for heaven.

In order to achieve unlungeen, the long-door and the active psychological beast and the animal responsible for the repair of Payne are safe to ensure that they can safely retreat.

Regardless of the success of this battle, they all blow up this place.

The long gates looked at the original navigation, seriously opening: "Shangyuan, I am very worried about the mountain pepper half-hidden when the mountain pepper is in danger, I will hurry the wall, wait until the start of the battle, you will leave the battlefield first, understand?"


Some hesitated when I arrived.

Because there are a few tasks about the mountain peppers in his system panel, some of which must be unable to do.

For example, the task given by the ninja half god.

However, killing the task of the ninja half god, I still want to try it.

After all, the rewards given by the system will not be judged, and it is possible to give one hundred gold coins as a name of the flower. It is possible to give a series of super high skill rewards like the first two days. That is true surprise. !

"I can be responsible next to ..."

Shang Nai is looking at Xiaonan and the long door, whispered: "If there is something wrong, I can choose to fly away."


Xiaonan veto his proposal. She seems to feel that her attitude is a bit stiff, adjusting her attitude: "Nairou, this is our revenge ..."

Shangqi Na Run is a bit wronged, as if it is hurt like Xiaonan: "But I just said that we are family ... and I can self-insurance, I can escape the enemy of Unexpello, I can escape."

On the same side, I said the current thing, while I was discredited on the belt.

Yisi Board has become a red list that must be killed in the list of homesickings in Xiaonan and the long gates. There is no chance to compete with him.

Xiaoshan refused to promise, still persuaded: "It is because we are your family, just don't want to see you hurt ..."

"Let go of the original ..."

The long door interrupted Xiaonan, Shen Sheng: "Shangyuan will knew the burden of Xiaoyin Village, we can't protect him under the wings, and the eagle will be able to learn to take off."


Shangyuan Nai fell to listen to it and was confused.

The first sentence of the long door said is okay. The latter is a ghost, what is the weight of the organization and Yu Yin Village, what is these two people want to give him?


After hearing the long door, Xiao Nan did not have no regrets, nodded: "Let him stay, we can protect our family with our two people now."


The long door couldn't hold a long cough. His palm made a little bit of a wheelchair: "Let's take the guy in the next, experience the pain we have experienced, let this world feel pain!"