I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 77 The people have arrived (thank you for the Cool Winds of the head.)

The mountain pepper is more cautious than imagination.

Even the invitation of Zhidun Group, he also led a large number of people.

After arriving in the valley, the investigative ninja team in Yuyin Village began to actively, and Shangyuan Na will also discover their traces and hurried forward.

After all, I have to do it.

Shangyuan Na was in the leader of a group of rain, the rains, and saw the mountain pepper half hidden.

This is known as a man standing in this Ninja's vertex, claims to be the Ninja closest to the first generation of Naruto.

"Half hidden people, did not expect you to bring so many parts."

The Shanghe I greeted the wind in the mountains, and I greeted a rainy, whispered: "Our leader Zhun Group Tibetan adult in order to express their sincerity, this time only one team guarded Ninja came to participate in the negotiation."

This is not wrong.

At least four Penne on the surface of the valley.

The mountain pepper godda is a little medically reversed: "Hey, in the face of half-hidden people, no matter how many ninja is nothing, it is!"

"Hey, God said that there is also reason."

The Shangyu version of the mountain in the mountains exposed an embarrassing and unlunched smile: "If the number is less, it can also avoid being perceived by the three generations."

I heard the explanation of the original Needle, and the mountain pepper was half-hit.

The old man turned his head, rising in the mountains in the mountains, "If the three generations of hot shadow control is strict, when we cooperate, how many dark parties can be adjusted in the group?"

"I am just the tool in the hands of the group, I don't know this."

The Shangyou Shanyu did not have a positive answer, but instead of Shen Sheng: "But please believe in the sincerity of the Missionarian, after the two adults negotiate, will definitely make half a hidden adults have a satisfactory result."

The collar of the mountain pepper is slightly solidified. After watching the mountains, they will only open the way: "You are really loyal to the village of these wooden, ninja ..."

"Half hidden adults are known."

The wind in the Shangyou version of the mountain is humble.

The acting of the original naval, this wave, the mountain pepper is half-hidden to see his eyes, who doesn't want the Village, who will only listen to his ninja?

The mountain pepper is half-hosted and asked some questions about Zhun Group. Shangyuan Needan is like a stream, even concealed a wave of half.

The mountain pepper semi-hidden tagged the root ninja in front of them.

These ninja speaks well.

The mountain pepper is half-hiding, looking at the four figure standing on the cliff, can't help but frown, and the village group hide this guy can't meet him?

At the last naternity, I saw this ninja half a little unpleasant, and I was busy opening: "Half hiding adults, I am sorry, there is no communication between us ..."

"What process?"

The mountain pepper is half a hidden confusion. He is not right.

The rain hidden in the village group is a little dissatisfied, and it is also the end of the ear.

"Our process ..."

Shangyuan Nai was filled with blinking, the whole person suddenly slammed the feet and flying it: "Just kill you, how should you play a good show!"

Shangji is slowly raised to the high altitude, his body shape is gradually changed, showing his original appearance, this scene makes the rain tolerance.

The Shangyuan is overlooking the rain, but it is helplessly boost: "Unfortunately, it seems that this process can only be omitted!"

There is a saying, the original is a bit disappointed.

The mountain pepper is half a hidden mood!

He looked up his head and looked at the Shangyuan Nairi, I thought of a few portraits: "The little ghost is a little ghost that is very active for some time!"

"…It's him!"

The mountain pepper is busy nod.

The face of the mountain pepper half-colored face is more difficult, cold channel: "Where is the Zhun Group? He sold me? Or say ... this is the conspiracy?"

No matter which one is not a good news for half a hidden.

Shangqi Nai Fei fell aside the four people on the cliff, overlooking the mountain pepper half-hidden and many rain: "Yesterday, Yaolin Ninja has told us the information you want to meet here, I hope we kill Fall you. "

Shangji Looking at the nervous look of the rain, the nervous look, loud laughed: "Wooden Zhidun Town House puts forward a generous condition, as long as we can kill you, the leaves will support our leader of Yuyin Village. ! "

Tiandao Payne: "..."

Why do he feel that it is a little skilled in the original?

But such a obvious lie, it is personal!

"Xiao's little ghost ..."

The mountain pepper half-hidden look is cloudy, lifting the head looking at the four black shadows around him: "Is the village group ?" Do you think that the Ninja in the village will support you? "

Others don't believe, but the mountain pepper is half-hit.

Because when I was encircled by the initial generation of the initiative, the many rainy ninja and the root of the roots were killed by the outer road, and the mountain pepper semi-hood was only in the air.

Obviously in the confrontation, the semi-located is falling.

Perhaps it is for this reason, the group hide wants to replace the cooperation object?

No, it is also possible that the village group hides this bastard wants to provoke the ninja of Yuyin Village and the reincarnation of the ninja self-confusion!

No matter who is gone, it is advantageous for the leaves.

Zhi Village Group Tibetan claims that the endurance is dark, no matter what the incredible move, it doesn't seem to be unexpected, and it will lead to rain in Yin Village, which is unpredictable, and the group will definitely do it!

The mountain pepper is half-hidden, looks at the original navigation, and I asked: "You don't guess your organization, this is the most powerful two organizations who want to pick the rain in the country."

"This question is really interesting ..."

Shangyuan Nai was laughing, looking at the mountain pepper half-hiding asked: "I didn't think of the same problem in the three high-level high-level high-end, I didn't think of the same problem?"


The mountain pepper is semi-hooded.

Shang Nai is stallting, stalls his own palm, whispered: "Okay, half hidden, we don't have to say these crown emperors ... we just want you to know what people stand in your current position."


The face of the mountain pepper is more ugly.

Shangyuan Nai's mouth is outlined out of a smile: "Almost I said enough, it is time to let the real Avengers will see it ..."


The mountain pepper semi-located eyes showed a fear, he remembered the long-door and outer magic of the bureaucratively killed him, if it was really a large door ...

What can I escape?

At this time, the sound of the wheelchair gradually rang.

The head of the long door and Xiaonan appeared on the edge of the mountain, they watched the mountain pepper semi-hidden in the ground, and this scene saw half a heart god!

"I haven't seen you for a long time, the mountain pepper is half-hidden."

What makes him even more frightened, Tiandao Payne slowly walked over and withdrew the disguise on his body, showing his true face.

That is a person who has already died for many years!

The mountain pepper is half-tightly pinching his fingers. It is uneasy to look at the orange hair: "You are the time ... Dead of the little ghost ..."

"In addition to the Zhidun Town, the people have arrived."

The long door interrupted the mountain pepper half-hidden, and turned his head and saw a hint of Xiaonan and Shangnao: "Xiaonan, Shangyuan, can we start?"

Xiaonan's finger is separated, slightly rising: "That start!"