I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 81 I am just a normal wooden blade dark part ~

Yuyin Village.

One time people.

Their leader, the bodies, half-hidden bodies, were hanging on the highest tower in the village, many ninja fear uneasy, afraid that Yu Yin Village was destroyed.

"From today, here are taken from us."

A young ninja sits above the tower, the rain hiped to endure the department, Pingchuan and two densites standing behind him, and put a posture of a surprise.

The mountain pepper is half-hidden, and she has chosen to escape after the remaining body after seeing half-hidden bodies, and the rest is the ordinary ninja in Yuyin Village.

These ordinary rain tolerant looks look at the teenagers on the tower.

Is this a little ghost, killing half a hidden adult?


what is the problem?

A blue-haired woman walked to the teenager ninja, knocked his head: "Nair, don't rain here, go see the room I gave you ..."


Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and Bai couldn't help but smile.

Even next to the service department Pingchuan is covered with his own lips.

Shangyuan Needan helplessly smashed his forehead, and stood up with Xiaonan's palm: "The teacher should not always take the child you need to take care!"

"Okay, I have some words to say to the Ninja here."

Xiaonan launched the paper wings behind him, flew to the half-air, overlooking the large rain in the underground: "Just now, it is my disciple Nai, he just said that there is a little true, from today, Yu Yin Village is Take over.

From the second endurance war, until now, the country has always been the battlefield of the big country, and the mountain pepper semi-hide has never changed this situation!

However, from today, Penne decided to change the status of Yu Yin Village. He will let the big country experience the pain of the war, will not let any other country in the country of rain ...

Payne is the real god ...

Since then, the country of rain will never be deceived ... "


Shangyuan Nai fell to the small-south speech, and looked at the sky, it appeared in a small man, turned into the tower.

From today, Xiaoshan will be an angel of Yuyin Village.

The long door hid in this high tower, he was settled in the sleep of Luo Wen, used to save his Chakra.

In addition to chasing half-Tibet and blocking the heaven Peden, the other Penne is placed here.

"Shangyuan, how come you?"

The long gate frowned, and coughed a few times and whispered: "I am not letting you follow Xiaoli, how can I treat Yu Yin Village in the future?"

This person looks really wants to be the village head of Yuying Village!

Shangji Nai Lu is deeply sensational, just scratched: "Forget, the long door, we are not enough, I still go out to implement the task!"


The long door looked at the original navigation to leave. He suddenly wanted to go, and called Shang Shang: "Wait, bring this!"

The long door suddenly lost a ring!

The ring is clearly engraved in a clear word.

It seems that this ring has never appeared, it seems to be specially made.

On the eyes of Shangyuan Na, I reached out and took the ring: "Is this not a warning of official members? Does Xiaonan admit that I am a formal member? Uniform I went? I don't want ..."

"Cough and cough ... Xiaoshen has not agreed."

The long door coughs a few times, whispered: "This is a ring that is used to contact, as long as you enter Chakra in the ring, I can pass the back of the eye to your contact information ..."

"It turned out to be a ring!"

Shangyuan Na is not very satisfied: "And I can use the black rod of the long-haired adults to pay attention to the six Petion? I feel there is nothing ..."

"Don't, you can give it to me."

"of course yes."

The original Needs to leave.

The long gates extended a recovered hand, I looked like a lonely old man, I looked at the original navigation and a general figure disappeared: "Wait, you have not learned the slide body."

"Slide of the slide?"

Shangji returned to it.

"Forget it, you don't have to contact other members of Xiao."

The long door rushed to the original hook: "You only need to talk to me and Xiao Nanlian, don't need the slide of the slide, to perform the task, rush out the people who invade the rain!"

The whole rainy village is a hundred waste.

They are now doing now, in addition to chasing the pepperfish half-hidden, it is necessary to block the news in Yuyin Village, expel and assassinate the enemy ninja active in the rain.

However, the top original execution task is just by the head.

The most important thing is that when they left yesterday, the mortar ghosts made a look, and there was an important intelligence to pass to him.

After leaving Yu Yin Village, the original navigation used the fate skills directly to the steric ghosts, this guy is just waiting for him.

"what happened?"

Shangji frowned.

If there is a particularly important intelligence, he wants to hammer the mortar ghost.

The chanmon ghost is not a vague, Shen Sheng: "Mr. Yushu is in private meeting with Yuxi Bo, and the Shangyuan people want to be in private, do you want to fight the soil?

"This is long, I called him for my husky ..."

Shang Nai fell a slot, he really didn't plan to be ambush, hello, he would not go to Mo Zhiwei before he had absolute grasp.

Of course, this intelligence is not important.

It is also possible to find some trouble for Urcho.

"Okay, I know."

Shangji fell to the wind, when I was going to leave, I suddenly opened again: "Usually we have two time to be encountered, you can have a little respect for me, at least one other person, will you follow others?"

"Ha? Do you treat an interns? Do you call it?"

The martial artifacts are greatly confused, and his expression succeeds that he doesn't know his true thoughts.

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

It is really no way to encounter such a straight man.

If you just see the speed movement of Uzhi Subagi avatar on the Destiny Panel, Shangyuan Needs to be careful with someone else's hit.

"Ok, I will go first."

Shangning Na Run symbolically condolences to some peasator ghosts: "You are a spy, learn to protect yourself."

"it is good."

The martillamon god nodded and asked: "Wait, Shang Shang people, I invented a beautiful set of printed gestures ..."

"Don't learn, don't learn, practice the clamping" cramps. "

The original nerves fly quickly, the whole person is like diving, and the land is slowly sneak into the earth, and the action trajectory of Yuxi Bohedi is quickly chasing.

Even if the movement of Uki is fast, it is better than nothing.

In a small wood, Shangyuan Na is successfully arrived in front of Yisiza, and he bowed his head and turned into a wooden dark part of a mask.

This time, Shangyuan should be given to a gift.

Yisiza's perception is very keen. When he just stepped into the wood, he saw the birds in the forest flew out the woods.

A handle didn't instantly fall into his palm.

Just as a wooden leaf secretly discovered the trail of Utizhi, it was intended that a crow suddenly appeared in front of him, forming a model of a model.


"Are you a dark part of the village?"

The eyes of Yiszohed were flashing in a red man, his bodybuilding made an entity, holding the hardship in his hand, on the shoulders of the person in front of him: "Is the wooden leaf send you to chasing murder?"

"Do not!"

Wooden dark ninja quickly shakes his head, quickly opens his identity: "


Yisizhiso's heart is afraid.

The entire endure is not much.

The only thing that may believe that he is still selling for the leaves, only the three-generation fire shadow of the leaves, is it? The old man think he also believes in the will of fire ...

More importantly, Unechebra is still in the wooden leaves!

However, even if the wooden blade in front of the eyes claims that the wooden leaves of the day, Yuxi Pubie is still trying to use illusion.

See if you can try out his true identity!

In case of people who come to Zhidun Tibetan?

The original Nairi version of the wooden blade is suddenly anxious, this time is it too much grass, in order to add the soil to the Tongbeli, it is rushing!

Once he encounters the attack of Yuxi Pos, it will definitely appear. At that time, it is estimated that you can only find way to kill Uzhi Hose ...

Or do you threate it with his brother?

When the written eye in Yuszhiso started to turn, the wooden blade suddenly bowed his mouth: "Please don't release illusion for me, because my brain has a special spell, unable to withstand any illusion attack.

Before I die, please allow me to give you an important information first. "


Yuxi Hosi's eyes slowly slow down, and the sound is somewhat open: "Submersed ... Is the seniors a dead room?"