I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 82 I have some ability to bring soil telling you.

"Is it dead?"

The darkness of the wooden leaves smiles, whispered: "This statement is not wrong, because my life is about to come, the three generations of fire will send me the most dangerous and confidential task."

After that, the woody end refers to his own head and adds the opening: "And I specially asked the three generations of fire. Adults were implanted with a banned curse. As long as I am willing, I can take my own brain at any time. "

"Seniors, it is really admirable."

Yisi Bo sighed a breath, and she had a bitterness.

Although Yishi Pubo is doubtful to the dark side of the wooden leaves in front of you, it is also scattered at a little bit.

Whether it is Zhi Village, Tibetan, and the day, there is no reason to tell an ordinary dark part in the village.

So do you really die in front of the wooden leaves in front of you?

The wooden blackened, but shook his head, he watched an eye-catching foot, praise: "It is more admirable to Yu Zhi Pubie. "


Yisi Hostel is low in his head.

Obviously he believes in this person knows all the secrets of his secrets, and the difficulty of the altruation is naturally advantageous for the stability of the village.

For the people of him, it is a dream that is always a life.

"Sorry, I said too much."

The wooden blackened secret shook his head and whispered: "Now I have an important thing to tell Yuxi Pubie, because this may make some views of the subvert."

"please say."

Yuxi Hose converges the sadness of his face.

The wooden leaves looked at Yisizhiso, suppressed his voice, Shen Sheng: "The three generations of fire shadow doubts the contradiction of the village and Yischo in the past years, all the people in Sui Zhiso are manipulated behind the scenes.

It is reported that the chaos of the nine tail of the year is that Yisi Bo belt is used to control the nine tail with the write-wheel eye, and leads to the four generations of eyes and shadowers and their wives. "


Yisi Bo is raised his head, and it is incredible to look at the wooden blade in front of his eyes: "Seniors ... What did you just say?"

"Need me to repeat?"

"No ... I want to slow down."

Yisizo's finger smashed his own eyebrow: "Yuxi wave belt ... Why can't you kill the four generations of fire, it is his teacher! And the age of landing ...

"Three generations of fire, unrequited people."

The wooden dark part is also quite helpless: "This is the loss of the entire wooden leaf, and the Nangjie adult is also known from the front team of Yisi Boi, the news of the front team of Yue Zhikka Kaka Kaka."

Yuxi Hose: "..."

If the information comes from the darkness of the wooden leaves in front of the eyes is true, then the contradiction between the leaves and Yischio in the years is the way to manipulate the Sudentably Yishe Bo.

This person is simply terrible!

Yuxi Pubie remembered himself to find Unexhoe, inviting him to overcome Yuxi Bo family, this guy waited in the South Shi Shi, which was waiting since the chaos of the nine tail, Yishibo belt is waiting That day!

Yis Zhimo took his fist, and the fingers of the nail polish were deeply tied into the meat. He can only force his ingredients now.

If Yuxi Bo is in front of him, Unexpello is really hateful to kill him immediately!

The fourth generation of the wooden leaves is also a last place, and has been trying to alleviate the relationship between Unexpello and Wooden relationships, and even his wife and the Meiqin's relationship is very good, it is when there is a transfer.

As a result, Yisi Bo has secretly hurt his teacher, and it is also used to use the written eye to control the nine tail under the majestic public.

That bastard!

After a long time, the eyes of Yuxi Pubo slowly slowly slowly, and he went to continue: "Seniors, please continue to say!"

"Are you OK?"

The darkness of the wooden leaves hesitantly looked at Yisiza, and it seems to be a bit worried about his state: "Nuger shadow gave me to tell you, I don't want to pay my information."

Yuxi hub nodded: "I understand."

"That's good."

The woody dark is a sigh of relief, and the sink continues to say: "The Nang Shadow people have not found that Yisi Bo belt the death of the four-generation fire shadow couple, picking the motives of the contradiction of the wooden leaves and Yuxi, and must catch him in the village. Truth ...

Some time ago, the Naruto Mandarin ordered the Ninja, which sent several teams in the dark training class, searching for the traces of Unexpello, but then they had no news.

Now that it is forced, the Nangji adult can only hopes that the Sui Ziso is under. "


After a while, Yuxi is silent, looks at the dark road in front of the wood: "I have indeed found some intelligence here ... I also ask the seniors to go back to the big people, it is best not to fight the snake, because Yisi Bo belt soil strength, very strange. "

"We have some intelligence about belt soil ..."

The darkness of the wooden leaves hesitated for a while, Shen Sheng: "This is a danger of the rigs, and let me tell me, the kaleidoscope written on Yuxi Bo Tongli!

When the flag-like Kaki went to the country of Water, I met Unecho, and some conflicts had taken him, and the Nang Shadow people privately picked up a part of the tensile abilities of the territory, hoping to help you. .

The kaleidoscope of Yuxi Board is very strange, and it is possible to protect his body without any attack, but this surgery should have a certain time period, about five minutes to seven minutes. "

After saying, this woody dark sighed and sighed: "Unfortunately, the whereabouts of Yuxi Bo belt are too strange. The combat information is too short, and the ability to infer out of the fire." "

"These are enough."

Yisi Hosi is not mind.

For him, any intelligence about Yisi Bo belt is very important, even if these is just a speculation of the day.

Yuxi Hose sighed: "The Nangjie adult is a professor, I just barely know his ability, but I can't figure out his duration."

Yisiza is really admired.

When he first met Uchiwa with soil, he knew the strangeness of Yuxi Board.

However, the daily day can speculate that the specific time is, it is a taught, and even the duration of the kaleidoscope should be calculated.

The woody dark side will continue to say: "And, in addition to this, the Nang Shadow people also suspect that he may steal the evil."

" !"

Yisiza is really shocked.

This type of style can make Yischi's articles in a short time, but the cost is a never blindness of writing.

The wood leaf is looked at Yisizhiso, nodded, and the sound continued: "Since the death of the alivety night, all the none of the Yuxi Bo family has been sealed.

When the Nangjun adult mentioned him, in order to find the pupil intelligence of Yuxi Bo, it was found that the ban was manually handed.

Naruto adults speculate that a short report of the unknown intruder in a certain time, it is possible that Unexpero has a conventional formula of Yuxi. "

"I will pay attention to this."

Yisi Subbf fringe wrinkled and tightened.

The current Yisi Bo belt silk is only a tricky . . ..

This is not so easy to solve it.

After that, after I finished these, the darkness of the wood: "Is there anything to be transferred to the noodle? Please rest assured that after I go back, these will be buried in the comfort with my bodies. "


Yuxi Pub's palm gradually relaxed.