I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 84 Symnary Talents Ninja

The sky is still burning.

Yuxi Bo left the land and left a half step forward.

Just Yu Zhiso also manipulating the flames of Tianzhi followed the action of Ujcho, began to spread the sky outward.

Although Yuxi Buchedy determined that Tianzhao did not attack Unexpello, he is now in an accurate intelligence of taking the soil!

"" Do you still have to try me? "

The face of the land is dissatisfied, looking at Uzhi Hostels: "If you try again, maybe you will lose your life!"

Yuxi Pubie stared at the movement of the territory, the cold voice open: "Yu Zhibo spheres and the strength of the former and the strength of the former are absolutely not above a level, I want to carefully think about it, is it?"

Through the known results, it is possible to discover reasonably, this guy can't maintain this kind of bloating in this kind of blurring for a long time!

With the soil, I don't know that Uki's heart is thinking, even if there is a bit leisurely, I will continue to chat: "Yu Zhibo spots can be so powerful, time has been too long, the ability of the kaleidoscope is only blown in the family Too much ... "

"is it?"

Yushuohos smoothly, continued to delay the time.

However, there is a matter of Uki, which is already determined. This hidden IQ is still a problem, or his mentality has a problem.

A weak person gets the power of the kaleidoscope writes the power, I don't think I really invincible?

One of the idiots who are absolutely strong!

By sooner or later, it is going to be tapped by other strong people!

Shangyuan Nai is hidden in a corner, looks far away from Unexpelli and Uzhi Houli, and this guy has not perceived the conspiracy of Uzhi Hou, and it is still in the sky.

Is this too confident?

Can it take the land forgotten that their neighst will last for five minutes?

Yischo belt is of course not forgetful, but he is now riding a tiger.

In order to allow Uzhi Houli to still be used for him, with soil now can only continue to put a gesture of the sun is not afraid, in order to let Yuxi Hosi can see the gap between them!

"I will pick up your day!"

The virtual virtual penetration time is getting less and less. Unexpello belt is finally can't help but move: "Subicide, waste, precious kaleidoscope, trying to have a power that you can't speculate, there is no meaningful move."

"Maintaining the sky will not waste too much."

Yuxi hub is in the heart, he did not listen to the persuasion of the belt, his eyes were still slowly flowing with a bloody tears, continued to delay the time: "The predecessors are really magical, I still see Tianzhao first time. Hurt people. "


Yisi Bo's face gradually became difficult to look, whenever he wanted to leave the scope of the sky, Tianzhao Hey will not be separated from his footsteps.

Is this Udi Hosyed not to understand people?

If you go anymore, his Query Penetration time will end.

This top card is also very easy to be seen by Unescience!

In the face of the talented genius such as Uzhi Hostel, Unexpello belongs to the territory. Once Yuxi Pubie discovered his own style of flavor, would you not think about it?

Yischo belt soil is gradually not good: "Don't consume my patience, even the endurance of Ninja is also limited ... Uzhi Hose!"

However, this threat is for Uttimo ...

That is Yu Zhibyo, is anxious!

He was anxious, he was anxious!

Sure enough, the intelligence sent by the seniors sent, the virtual penetration state of Yuxi Bo belt should only last for five minutes to eight minutes.

The duration of the belt is right away!

Yisi Houli maintains Tianzhao black and surrounded Unechyo, and the heart must be quite accurate every second.

Yiszhip's finger tapped in a little bit, the heart, the meditation: "4 minutes and thirty five seconds, 36 seconds, thirty-seven seconds ..."

"It's really not a child!"

The figure of Unechyo belt flashed, he floated in the earth, with the use of the deficiency of the Shenwei space, he can completely sink anywhere.

Just do a little bit of face.

In particular, this will leave the scope of the sky, and it will give Uzhi Pub, which is his neighborhood, which can't respond to continuous attacks for a long time.

After Yuxi Board sinks into the ground, he began to think, he would be careful, leisure Uneer Subperbee.

"4 minutes and forty nine seconds ..."

Yisiza's brow wrinkled, and it has lost his target Unexpello soil within his line of sight, and then continued to use Tianzhao has lost its meaning.

I didn't expect to bring this guy than I thought it was troublesome!

The ground suddenly floated out the figure of Unecage Board, and his palm took out a wooden thorn, talked toward Utizhi's face!

", Don't easily try those who are stronger than you ..."

"Water in the water!"

Yisizhiso's palm is fast, and the speed is almost seen. The next moment in his mouth is spurting out of a stream, and a defensive tolerance!

However, if the territory, if there is no such thing as a water array!

Yisi Pubei frowned, truly realized the tricky, the three hooks in the eyelids turned, and the soil belt soil.

Kaleidoscope writes the eyes of the eyes ...

Month, start!

Next, the body of the two stagnated!

The left-eyed moon read the before the eye of Yisi Bo, Yisi Pubie quietly settled a handprint, leaving a division.

Shangyuan Na was watching the battle here, and he has made the highest in the vigilance of Uzhi. "Yis Zhi Pubai is a good danger ..."

That point may become the key to win!

After a second, Yuxi Hou took his left eye, and a blood laid flowed from his fingertips: "It seems that the predecessors do not seem to block the illusion ..."

Just now they have confrontated in the moonlight space, no one accounts for cheap, Yisizhiso is coming to illusion.

However, Unexpello seems to know some intelligence about the monthly reading. He actually can endure the endless pain among the month, and even find the opportunity to break the month!

Even so, the spirit of belt is also hit hard!

Yuxi Bo has a knee on the ground. At the same time, the eyes are holding his eyes. His voice gradually has more dignified: "Is it a mood of the month? It seems that Yu Zhi Shi is dead, you are this The strongest illusion ninja in the world ... "

It's just that the voice of Yuxi Bo is not falling. The Yuxi Houli's opium suddenly appeared behind his, and it was easy to use the body with a bodily!

Yuxi Bo belt is incredible, looking down at the thorns of his chest!

"It seems that I guess it is right."

Yuxi Pubei looked at Yuxi Bo, whispered: "After experiencing the pain of illusion, the predecessors seem to have never thought about continuing to use their own ticks ..."

"Blend ..."

Yischo belt can only look at the sect of the face of the wind, bite his teeth, and rush to the seriously injured body!

Two two defeat in the confrontation of illusion.

The gestick of Yuxi Bo belt is serious, how can he still think of the end of the illusion confrontation, continue to use the kaleidoscope write wheel eye to maintain its own bloating state.

Yisiza, this guy is clearly cracked by menstrual cracks, how can he still release an opium to launch an attack without anything else?

Still this is the use of the month-read pupil?

The genius ninja is really a dangerous guy!

The flagmarks are like this, and the Sui Zhi Houchi is also true.

At any time, they will not give up the opportunity to test and attack.

Yisi Hostel is clearly dominant, but he does not dare to take lightly, facing a strange kaleidoscope writing wheel eye, Yuxi Pubo does not have absolute grasp.

After all, Yuxi Bo will also use Yi Evil, you want to crack the evil spirits, and Yisi Pubie thinks too much.

And he also needs to save your strength.

You must save your strength before tapuo.

Yishibo belt soil did not know that Yu Zhiso is planning, and his hand is only in the hand.

The eyes of the land looked at the Yishesuo, and the previous attitude was too much: "Yushuo, do you want to betray me?"