I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 86 Do you know a thousand generations? (Seeking the recommendation!)

Shangyuan Na is not known to bring soil.

Shangyuan just used some simple green tea words. Unexpello has really believed that he did not care, this emotional business is definitely not to talk about love?

Now Shangyuan Na Lu standing in front of a quarter of ordinary sandy, loudly reads the order of Yu Yin Village: "The order of half-hidden adults must be out of the country immediately, we have to start the rain of the rain. Ninja. "

"But our task ..."

Sandy hints are somewhat uncomfortable.

Because the entrusted tasks in their villages are less and less. Now the finance in the village rely on the four generations of wind shadows to maintain it, so after encountering foreign entrusted tasks, sandy villages and sand is very Cherish.

After all, the customer resources are less and less.

Shangji shook his head, showing very polite: "Sorry, compare your mission, I am worried that you have suffered from the war, causing the war in Yuyin Village and Sandy Village, may have a greater loss. "


The sand is each opposite to it.

If it is not going to take a companion at the foot of the original navigation, they may really fight for the deception, and they will not be willing to retreat.

Unfortunately, it's hard!

The most important thing now is to pass the news of the country's work in the rain.

This is also the purpose of Shangyuan, in the face of the ninja of ordinary executive mission, is a news that is expelled, letting them spread the country of rain.

If you face a spy like the darkness ...

Then it can only change another way, the purpose of these spies is to explore the most hidden intelligence, encounter spies, must kill.

When the situation of the country of rain, the pepperfish half-hidden beloved is all cleared, and the whole rainy village will be blocked by Payne's rain tiger.

At the last time, I looked at several sands and continued to ask: "Yes, by the way, what is your endurance?"


Several sandee's eyes were turned and parked on the place under the foot of the original navigation.

This is the guy who can't pass a few tricks in the original navigation. It is the captain of their squad.

"Do you make sure this is an endurance?"

Shang Nai returned to the Ninja who stepped on his feet, and there was a little doubt in his eyes: "Is the embarrassment of sandy village?"

The sand hurts and lifted his head and looked at the original navigation: "Little ghost, do you want to humiliate me? I am the wind of Sandy Village!"

"Is this? Is this?"

"Female ghost, I am fighting with you!"

The sand hurts to be angrily angrily, and the bite touched his fingers. He was in one of his parts to come over!

No, that is not his department.

It is this embarrassing, he is disguised as an ordinary sandy harness.

This sandy village is a precious martial artist!

It is no wonder that he can become the captain of Sandy Village, and it is necessary to have excellent compared to the ordinary ninja in the sandy village.

Just after the teacher is in the near, it is basically waiting for death ...

After the obneptory endurance and arrival of the game, I didn't come to the battle with my own embarrassment. I was defeated by the original neighborhood.

Now, he wants to counterattack for the reputation of Sandy Village!


Shangqi Nairou took out a purple Chakra wide sword, and hit the horses into a bunch of parts!

Shangyuan kicks the part of kicking: "This is it?"

"Your little ghost ..."

The sandyness on the ground, I saw this scene such as the funeral test, looking at the face: "This is the !"

The old town of Hai is the consultant of sandy village, and it is highly high.

Of course, it is not because of his strength, but because of his mind, it is called the old man in the country and sandy village of the sea.

In fact, this is a character similar to Zhucun Treasury.

Hai Lao Tibet has mastered all spy news in Sandy Village, even if it is now returned, there are still many dark lines to comply with his orders.

But now the four-generation wind shadow of Shah Yin Village is relying on one-handed gold, such as the day of the day, now there is not many people listening to the name of the sea.

This is also a pot of a person.

Red sand.

Because Red Sands left Sandy Village, the grandmother killed the grandmother was as gray, and she chose retreats from themselves.

Old Tibetan in order to accompany his sister, it is also in a retreat.

Shangyuan Nai was blinking, he heard that the famous Hai Tibet is a little impression on the old man who is not having a lot of place.

Shangji took the purple Chakra wide sword in his hand, pointed to the sandy master of the land: "Where do you know where the Hai Dynasty and the thousand generations?"

Shangyuan is only a bit of a good news for the news of thousands of mother-in-law.

Because he has a few branch tasks about the Millennium mother-in-law, the rewards of these tasks will not be watched.

Most important, there is also a task collected by yourself!

This is involved in the surgery that can let the disappearance, saying that the task reward is a chance to make up the reunion of more than one resurrection.

It is best to be an ancient skill called rebirth.

Of course, if the system is rewarded to the resurrection of the resurrection that is not placed in a store in the original Na, Shangyuan is willing to accept it.

As for how to collect yourself to reincarnation, of course, is a news that sells Red sand, or directly plays Red sand?

Is this not very good ...


He, Shangyuan Na, but how can he be a man behind the scene, how can you give people a grandson!

"How can you know the thousand generations?"

Surprised the sorrow of the sand in the face of the sand, revealing, and immediately, his own brain, smiled in the self: "Yes, the thousand generations of adults have hit the mountain pepper semi-hidden, you are afraid of thousands of generations Here! "

"How much is your nonsense?"

Shangyuan Nae looked at this mouthful of smelly, the face flashed a hint: "No, how do you dare to humiliate half a hidden people!"

After that, after the original Nazi, the sword passed his ninja: "When I ask, it is best to answer my question!"

"Hahaha ..."

The sorrow of the Sanda, I looked at the original navigation. "Thousands of generations are behind our teams, she will quickly arrive here, pick up the head of the mountain pepper half-hidden head, kill you Yuyin Village! "

"Hey, the wife of the Chi Day has not retired?"

At the end of the arrival, he quietly opened the panel of fate.

Shangji was pulled up in the hands of the purple Chakra wide sword in his hand, inserted the chest of this sand, Zhangkou: "Do you still dare to lie? Do you know who I am?"

The entire endure, only he can deceive others!

This is a lot of strength, such a small ninja, as if it is a great person!

One of the biliary, a bit of ninja, staring at the blood drops slipped on the top of Chakra wide sword, small channel: "Who is it?"

"I am just a small person."


How can sandae believe in him!

Shangyuan Nairi doesn't matter if they believe it, but the face has revealed the fierce people: "Do you have any other news?"

"we do not…"

The sand is immediately shaking immediately.

Shang Nairou interrupted their words, raised Chakra Express in the hands: "People lying, to swallow more than one thousand needles!"

This is what ghost punishment!

The sand is listening to the threat of the original Needle, and the throat does not dare to swallow water.

One of the sand was raised up his palm, and the sound of the sound replied: "Thousands of big generations and the old people hiding in the village outside."