I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 89 Rage Tights VS flow sand waterfall! (Third, ask for recommendations!)

Shangji is full of satisfaction.

Although he does not master thousands of stemming like flag wood Cardi, his skills can be much stronger than Khaci.

"Next, randomly check a team of little cute!"

Shangji opened the fate skill, but only saw the three teams around the three teams were flying toward the border.

Obviously this time, the original crazy interceptive sand hidden, has attracted the attention of Sandy Village, and they start to order the sand hind to retreat in order to avoid innocent losses.

"I am really fun!"

Shangyuan Na is intended to turn off the display of fate skills, when reporting to the long gates and Xiaonan, but saw the brigade has entered his destiny display.

I was carefully observed for a while, I saw a few familiar people, most of which were most familiar with the four generations of wind, Luo Sand and his son, my love!

Sand, not to retreat!

They are to concentrate on invading the country!

When Shangyuan Na's face suddenly did not look good, shook his head and sigh: "I just upgraded to buy equipment, you will come to send people?"

It is now the most powerful time!

As a result, the four generations of wind shadows were reached over their heads ... By the way, the friendship was given a young man's column.

Luo Sand only led dozens of sand tolerance and my Erro entered the rain of rain. He simply wanted to experiment with the ultimate weapon of Allowing Village.

If I believe in actually playing in actual combat, Luo Same does not mind to throw his eight-year-old son to the battlefield, used to determlect the rainy village.

This is the discouragement of the four generations of windings.

In order to maintain the interests of sandy village, Luo Sand did not hesitate to sacrifice everything.

Luo Same took his own guard ninja squad, and he seized the missing dark part, and searched the little ghost that expressed their ordinary sand.

Soon they found traces.

Or, I found the body.

Eight sand to bear the dark team, all died in the country of rain.

Such a big loss is not a heavy weight, almost a third of the dark part of the four generations of windings.

And the injuries of these dark ninja are mostly thunder or huge tackles, obviously died of the same person.

Ma Ji stopped in front of Luo Same, whispering: "The wind shadow adult, according to the message obtained from some of the bodies before, these dark portals should be dead in the hands of the rain."

"Sure enough?"

Luo Sand held his forehead, looked at the body on the ground, and the eyes flashed a angry: "Various teams have been searching for him, once they found his traces, immediately played the signal!"

"The wind body."

Masaki knee squatted on the ground, biting his teeth and said: "We have entered the country's number of people, and it is very likely that the War of Yuyin Village and Sandy Village ... Wood leaves also have the possibility of involving rain."

"do not worry."

Luo Sum was confidently put on, Shen Sheng: "After Unexpell, there is no deterrence of the wooden leaves."

Ma Ji: "..."

What is their shape floating?

In that year, the sandy village dumped the country's power. As a result, in the maylonian hill, it was a bag, and a large number of young ninja was captured, causing the subsequent talents in Sandy Village, until now did not breathe. .

"rest assured."

Luo Sand seems to be aware of the eyes of the subordinates, and the cold voice shows: "The power of Sandy Village is still not strong enough, I still don't want to set off the war for the time being ... but in the interests of the rain, we can exchange from other aspects "


Ma Ji can only nod.

As the four-generation wind shadow, Luo Sand willing to explain to him, and it is enough to respect him for this heart.

Luo Sand screwed his wrist, whispered: "Isn't someone got a news of Big snake pills? Go back to tell the wooden leaves, we are willing to help them arrest the big snake pills!"

This news is enough.

The big snake pill is the sage of the wooden leaves, but also the high-rise of the wooden leaf for many years, knowing many information about the wooden leaves.

Since these years, the leaves have been taking this.

Use a detachable thing to master the many intelligence of the wooden leaves, in exchange for the concession of the wooden leaves in a small country, the leaves are actually lost.

... ...

Someone suddenly stepped on the river.

That is a teenager.

The teenager is like this, and it is rushing to the camp of the sand, slowly reaching out his palm towards this group of sand: "Water in the water!"

A waves appear in the air!

With the more and more Chakra released by the teenager ninja, the raging waves have become more and more big, almost hundreds of meters high, quickly move towards this group of sands!



Just in an emergency, the two sandy horses around the four generations of wind shadows came out, each released his own winds!

"Wind, hurricane!"

"Wind, big cash!"

The wind is instantly convolved in the waves to move towards the sky!

However, this is just a standard, can't be cured at all, and even the waves are too big, so that these two can only maintain a few seconds.

Other sand naute have also begun to release the wind, assist them to block a wave of huge waves!

Obviously, in the face of this hundred-meter-high heighful waves, it can only be barely to break up a wave of waves, but can't stop the waves.

Luo Same slowed down his head and looked at the teenager rain that flew over the spray.

That teenager rained stretches his own hands and stopped in the air, and the wandering waves turned in him. Before he was, it lined with him as a god!

Luo Sand frowning for a second, reached out and patted the son standing on his leg: "Go, I love Luo, solve this with your strength."

"…I know."

The eyes of the red-haired teenager gradually became frank, and a wonderful ,,, , , , ,

With my love of my love, the land under his feet gradually became yellow, and the area of ​​Huangsha was spread outward.

When I parked before the waves, I finally turned on to release his sickness. There was a bloody smell in the small ghosts: "flowing sand waterfall!"

The boundless sand wavy is empty!

Yellow sand started to stack the direction of the waves and accumulated a defensive wall that was built before the waves were accumulated before the waves.

A group of sand tolerance is difficult to get out!

Just now I love to release tolerance, there is no counseling of their death, it looks like it is not intentionally buried them under Huangsha.

"Is this going to kill us?"

"At least look at your companions?"

"Your waste retreats."

I looked at them at a glance, full of fierce: "Don't drag my hind legs, otherwise let you kill together!"


Many sands have seen each other.

Obviously a eight-year-old little ghost, he as if he tried to kill the companion, as if it was like stepping on an ant, it was no wonder that this little ghost did not discuss.


The Shang Shangqi, the sky, a light smile, watching my love Luo said: "I used the sand to resist the impact of the sea, and it is a stupid child!"

When Shangyuan, I just finished, a higher waves slammed the wall of Huangsha, and the waters of sea flooded again towards the sand!

This is spent on a standard movie-level Chakra's roar, how can it be so easy to stop!