The sky is rolling down.

My love of the body is very small, and his eyes flashed a fear, and quickly wants to manipulate Huangsha under his feet escape from the original place.

Luo Sand stood in the distance to stop his ideas: "I love to escape, do all your strength in your body, summon the monsters of the crane!"


I want to escape the action.

The command of the four-generation style is that he can't be violated, not because of the identity of Luo Sand, but because Luo Sand's power has these years.

I love to raise his head and looked at the waves. His eyes were surrounded by long insomnia. He just biting his own lips: "I know, my father."

"The wind body!"

Ma Ji hit four generations of wind shadow, biting his teeth: "The power of this sterile is not necessarily that I can resist it, even if the wind and shadow adults don't consider him is your young child, at least consider Is he a column in the village? "

"Ma Ji, there is no need!"

Luo Sand waved the persuasion of Masaki, just looked at my love in the waves of the left right, cold channel: "If I can't use the power of the guard, then he is just one Failed experiments, there is no meaningful meaning. "

After that, Luo Same opened again: "He is the first of the village in the village, is the ultimate weapon for the village. It is the Ninja that needs to pay life for sandy village, and finally is my son. "


Marton is not good to open and continue to persuade.

As a wind shadow staff, he can't replace the four-generation wind shadow to do any decision, can only put forward appropriate suggestions at some point, for the four generations of wind shadow options.

"Flowing sand explosion!"

I also fight against the roar of roering.

Another wave of Huangsha delayed the invasion of the waves under his manipulation, but it was fired by a wave of waves.


The rolling huge waves completely destroyed my arms of arms, this red-haired little boy was in the waves, and even a few mouthfuls of water.

The waves continue to advance, when you want to flood this group of sand, Luo Sand is not allowed, and finally take the initiative: "Magnetic, Jinsha Tour!"

The sand gold and yellow sand in the earth are wrapped up!

A golden yellow sand wave hit the waves of the original navigation and defeated the momentum of the spray!

These Yellow Sands doped with sand gold quickly sink into the ground, form an indestructible gold-colored embankment dam, blocked the sickness of the roering of the role.

The original Nairou can only stop his attack, and the water on the ground lost Chakra's support slowly, and the water gradually drops.

The magnetians of the four generations of winds have a bit mean.

I finally stopped the footsteps, and I repeatedly manipulated Huangsha's phenomena.

"Some people say that the four generations of winds like their own young children, so they have been bringing him around, how to look like that!"

The original Nairo leaned up, looked at the four generations of wind, Luo Sand, and looked at my love, I couldn't help but beat: "Hey, there is a danger of danger, yourself Son is not saved, this is not as a father! "

When I first heard this rumor, I was a bit speechless. He won't cross the dream of my loveless month read?

The original thought I came to a fake tolerance. Now I have seen Luo Sand to treat my love, I finally put my heart.

I didn't pay attention to Shang Shangyuan, he didn't care about how his father treated him, but he raised his hand and manipulated it!


Huangsha swept the original navigation!

This is the best style of my love, and one of his favorite types!

Shangyuan Needle with a dance of the empty sky, took a row of yellow sand, dive in the direction of my love: "! Blade!"

A purple Chakra wide sword appeared on the top of the top!

A group of Huangsha also appeared around my love, quickly formed a shield wall, resisting the attack on the Shangyuan!

These Huangsha is the mother of I Ai Luo, and it is not protecting him until it is, let me love it under the defense of the sand shield.


Purple Chakra wide swords on the shield of sand!

The Shangyuan Na will break the shield of the sand!

"How can someone break the defense of the sand?"

I love the little mouth of love, and I looked at the upper top of the eye, he took a few steps after nervousness, but it attracted the dissatisfaction of Luo Same.

The four generations of wind shadows are in the distance, and they are not happy to open their mouths: "I love Luo, don't go back, hurry out your strength in your body!"


I fell into silence.

This eight-year-old little boy slowly lowered his head and couldn't see his expression, but it made people feel a repressive loneliness and sadness.

Especially the last navigation, I understand my love information.

From Xiao I, I lost my mother. His father Luo Same prohibited everyone from touching him, and ordered my Ai Luo's night-forked pill to assassinate him.

The night-concate pill is the only person who cares and cares for my love, but eventually has to execute the assassination task under the wind shadow order, and finally died under my love.

Let me love my love in this way ...

According to one of the laws of the reliance, the black is stronger three times, and white is white.

Since then, I Ai Lu became a strong human bloodthirsty.

However, my father's father Luo Sand actually sent people to assassinate my love, did this son is not the same ...

Compared with Sandy Village, the old days of the nine tail of the nine tails are still good, at least the whirlpool people will not encounter the assassination of no reason, and there are still friends.

"There is still such a father in the world ..."

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, his mouth flashed a smile: "If it is not my age is not very suitable, I really want to say something to you."

Huangsha is quickly gathered, and it is constantly in front of my love!

The red-haired little boy explored the head from the shield of the sand, and the francity of the eyes had some convergence, more curious: "What do you want to say?"

"Hey ... be my son!"

The original neighborhood suddenly reached out!

After the Shangyuan has finished this rare and quirky action, I touched my own down: "Little guy, do you think I have a friend when I say this?"

"I'm going to kill you!"

I was angry with my love, Huangsha was in his manipulation, and then he was in the original navigation: "Sand!"

This rain in front of you is growing like the villages who have just been graduated in the village. It is estimated that it is similar to his sister's handcuffs.

This is intentional to laugh at him!

"Rest assured, I will not be able to kill you!"

The original Nairou laughed and walked up the purple Chakra wide sword in his hand. He hit his hands with the sword.


The sand shield in front of my love is once again scattered!

Shangyuan Nai did not stop, and rushed to Huasha to re-gathered, holding Chakra wide sword in his hand, slamming in my arms.

I loved the whole person to fly out, and the crack on my face was clearly visible.

His body quietly condensed the armor of the body, and was returned to Huangsha, which was a four-day scattered Huangsha!

A bit of blood flew out of my love.

"Cough ... You angered me!"

I looked up at the head, showing a half-men's face!