I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 92 You can't do the leader of Yuyin Village!


The four generations of wind shadows were watching the battle of the original Needle, drums my palms, exported to praise: "It is a new generation of genius ninja in Yuyin Village, just the battle of the clouds, there is a leader of the semi-House. Part ... "

"What is the mouth?"

Shangyuan Nai Lu looked with Luo Sand, couldn't help but open the mouth, ridiculous: "Do you have heard my name?"


Luo Sanda heard the blood and felt that Shangyuan would not speak.

Luo Sand can be very quiet to praise the enemy.

In the face of the Juli Ninja, he just praised the case.

Because Luo Sand is very clear that the inheritance system of Xiaojun Village is a family hereditary system, it is not like a decent manner like a big country.

The Shangyuan Nairies in front of me did not wear the unique protective mask of the mountain pepper. It is obviously not a half-hidden people, and it is certainly not inherited the prostitute of the rain.

As long as the last navigation is not qualified to inherit Yu Yin Village, Luo Same will take the chasing temptation to the temptation, and then add to them.

After all, this devil has demonstrated the value of available value.

How can a small national ninja in the village, how can I get a five-country position and a cultivation of cultivation resources?

The problem is that Luo Same doesn't know that the mountain pepper is half-hidden, and I don't know the recent heart in the last navigation, the long door and Xiaonan designate him become the only heir in Yuyin Village!

Shangyuan is worrying this kind of thing!

And even if he really defended, he will definitely not look at Sandy Village.

Which one is hung in the rebellion, willing to join a bloody ninja that sells his village, the way to surrender is better than anyone who is fast?

"I have never heard of your name, not because you are too lofty, killing many dark part in our village?"

Luo's face gradually turned cold, he no longer concealed himself to Shangyuan, straightforward: "I will talk to it, like you, this genius ninja is flexed in Yuyin Village, it is not possible to have been there. Want to maintain your own power, the mountain pepper is half-hidden! "


Shangyuan Na was heard here, couldn't help but look at Luo Sand, this four-generation style, the eyes of this four-generation style are sharp, and they have seen the essence of old half-hidden in the old age.

However, as a rain hidden, I can't allow other people to insult half hidden, this is a raining!

I watched the four-generation style, and his face showed an angry in the right time: "How do you dare to insult half hidden people!"

"He is this people!"

Luo Sum put a swing, just like an immature child, cold channel: "If I have to sign a five-year peace alliance in Yin Yin Village, the requirement is to kill you, the mountain pepper is definitely will not be in hand!"

After that, Luo Sand will continue to add: "Don't refute me, you should clear the share of sandy village and an ordinary ninja component, the heart of the mountain pepper is very heavy."

The four generations of wind shadow said yes.

If you kill a person, you can exchange the five-year peace of the Sandy Village. The mountain pepper semi-hood is absolutely will not be soft, and it may even send people the person's head to the table of the four-generation vertical.

Unfortunately, he faced the Shangyuan Na.

A person who kills the mountain pepper half a pepper.

It is no problem in the rain in Yuyin Village.

The four generations of wind shadow looked at the Shang Shang's face, revealing his own fox tail: "Leave this weak country, join Saha Yin Village! Only sandy village can accommodate your talent, I will give you a lot of Resources and money! "

"... is you?"

On the face of Shangyuan Na, I said a sarm.

What is the four generations of wind shadow? Do you have anyone?

This guy is a wind blow to the foggy village for sale, exchange the shadow of shamefulness!

Shangji Naqi's mouth, a purple Chakra wide sword floating around him, he opened: "And as long as I kill you now, you must have no way to let me sell me?"

"Do you understand what I mean?"

Luo Sand's brow wrinkled, his face is ugly: "Even if there is no existence, you will be hidden by mountain peppers sooner or later! Yu Yin Village is not a genius tolerance!"

"Do not!"

Shangyuan Na Run, looked at Luo Sand, reach out his palm, holding the purple vast sword, a word: "Half hidden people will believe in my loyalty ..."


Luo Sand looked at the movement of Shangyuan, and he wanted to swear in his heart.

Grass, this kid is a madman!

No, this kid is a mentally disabled!

"Waiting for me to catch you, then find something to get what I want!"

Luo Sanda is flying on the ground, the cold channel: "Intercourse, just robbed a crane battle, your Chakra and physical strength have nothing?"

"Don't ... guess?"

Shangyuan Nair's shape!

Purple Chakra wide sword rosted over a arc in his hand, and slammed the four-generation style!

A group of sand gold quickly intercepted the Upward attack.

Compared to the sand of my love, Luo Same is more important, and the defense is also stronger.

The sky-covered sand gold is eager to go!

Whether it is attack, defense or action, magnets, sand gold can have other bloody advantages in the battle, which is also the source of four generations of wind shadow.

"It's a bit flexible!"

The original Nairou flashed the attack on the attack, but he saw that the sand gold dispersed as a ripple, surrounded by him.

After the essence, the Shangyuan can only waive the Chakra wide sword in his hand without helplessness, and smash the gold!

Just how to hit the sand gold, they will still be reappeared by Chakra crafts in Luo Sand.

Luo Sand is arrogant on the sand pad, looking at the Shangyuan Naji of Zuo Chong, "Little Ghost, you can't escape the bondage of the sand gold, you will surrender!"

Luo Sand is almost hidden at the grip.

He is the four generations of Sandy Village, there is a magnetia in the three generations of wind shadow, how can you not take a teenage little ghost?

"I am like! Xiaoyuan!"

Shangyuan Na was a glimpse of Luo Sand, and the smog suddenly appeared around him, hiding his figure in smoke, and gotting the golden gold lost its goals.

Chakra, which is just consumed, is also full of filling.

"Thank you, the wind shadow, I just chatted with me ..."

Shangyuan Nair's gaze stopped on his skill panel, whether it is a holy tribute or a sudden skill, which is very long, and now it is also overlink.

If you encounter a bad enemy, you chat with people.

In this endurance, a few mouthfuls of mouth, there is always a harm.

"Is it hid into the smoke?"

The eyes of Luo Sand flashed a doubt, and the golden gold was around the smoke, but it could not accurately discover the position of the original Needle.

Luo Sand instantly discovered the weird, the smoke released in Shangyuan was more exquisite than the foggy of hidden villages, and it was able to perfect hidden position.

"Hey, then I will let the golden fire in the whole smoke!"

The fertile gold is quickly gathered around the smoke, forming a round ball under the manipulation of Luo Sum, and the sand is quickly penetrated into the smoke.

Just at this time.

A purple energy ray runs through the mold!

This purple energy ray is like cutting, and the golden ball is cut into pieces!

The four generations of wind shadow are also uncomfortable, and his body is scanned by purple energy rays, and a burning sensation has an area that is hit by an energy ray.

At this moment, a heart palpitations have emerged in the heart of Luo Same.

Luo Same is just a second, and even feels that he will be smart!