Suddenly violent sanders are too fatal!

In addition to a few years of long-term moon, the sand is spared, most of the sand has been suddenly appearing and launched a sandstone to kill on the spot.

Due to the defense of Huangsha, I loved again, he was a little surprised to look at the coming of the emergence: "Is this a sandstay?"

"Perhaps it is also an ."

The horse's face was proudly swayed, and a sand soldier was scattered. Within his line of sight, there was a wonderful yellow sand behind him.

These end points of Huangsha are in the hands of Shangyuan Na.

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and looked at the surviving people on the ground, suddenly open: "Hey, how do you think I will start a desert emperor?"

"not very good!"

The face of the four generations of wind shadows is very ugly. He consumed Chakra to make a golden pyramid of a plain gold, and the life of the ministries in the big tsunami just now.

I didn't expect that they had just lifted their life and death crisis from the tsunami, and these departments were easily sneak in the next navigation.

"Oh, isn't my name poked to your pain?"

Shangji fell hammers his palm, looked at Luo Sa, and his mouth revealed a contemptuous and contempt: "No, because you are too late, don't know what the emperor does it mean?"

"It's a hard little ghost!"

At the foot of Luo Sand, stepped on the sand pad and flew up, and a group of sand gold was under his control: "Magnetic sand gold spear!"

The golden spear is flying towards the original!

Under the role of magnetic Chakra, the golden spear is like a drill bit to speed up quickly, and it is shot to the upper body.

The golden spear speed is fast, almost let the topore can only see the residue!

Shangqi Lu Lu rushed out his palm, and he didn't come to the printer in an urgent moment.

Golden spear is blocked by a wind wall!

Luo Sand is in the case of countless silos after the golden spear, and it is also easy to block the wind wall before the original.

The four generations of wind showed a shock in the eyes of the wind wall: "Defense's nature of the wind,?"

This is really unheard!

No wonder this little guy is so proud of this little guy, he has been very surprising, and it is also very familiar with it.

This also does not delay the previous plan.

Now Sandy Village, one-third of the dark members and a large half of the guards have died in the hands of Shanghao, and Luo Sand thinks if they can't catch the last stop in time, these ninja sacrifices are not a white fee?

A group of silo gold came up from the ground!

The momentum of Luo Sa has skyrocketed, he actually wants to do it here: "Since you don't want to leave with me, then I will reverse your hands!"

"Is it still in love now?"

On the front of Shangyuan Na, a purple Chakra exhibition appeared, and he automatically helped him to resist the attack of the gold!

Looking at Luo Sand, his smile on his face gradually stacked: "Is it forgotten in the wind shadow? I have to kill you here!"

"Little ghost, your Chakra is not much!"

"rest assured."

Shangyuan Needs to close your eyes, and on the ground that was killed by Saxie killed, he raised a group of green energy and entered his body.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nae opened, slowly laughed: "Before the wind shadow, my Chakra is unprecedented!"

"That is ... some kind of ban?"

Luo's brow wrinkled, looking at the momentum of the increasingly skyrocketing, his heart went a little bit.

He lost.

This rain is to hold too much power.

Luo Sand thought that Chakra, who was original Naqi was about to be exhausted, and the results did not expect Shanghao's ban on Chakra from the dead.

"Must save Chakra ..."

Since the start of the battle, Luo Sum was wasted, and many Chakra arrived a hunch of roering.

Just in order to save your own, Luo Same used a bunch of sand gold burial, pyramid defense and Jin Tao Sandy waves such as an extremely consumption Chakra.

"Magnetic, sand gold!"

Now Luo Saha does not dare to directly surround the original, but instead, it is a little bit of sand gold to grasp the upper limbs.

However, the purple swords around the original navigation were flying around, and the small shares of small stocks were defeated, and there was a bit more than one.

From beginning to end, the Shang Shang's face still has great confidence.

"Do you still have to persist in Chakra?"

Shangqi Nairou slowly explored his palm, a magic couple explored from his hand: "I think you can't hold it for two seconds, command shock waves!"

The magic couple suddenly opened!

A distorted giant has appeared within the line of sight!

I saw that Luo Sand lost the control of the plain gold, and was pulled by the instruction shock wave as a spiral gold ball.

"not good!"

Luo Sand looked up at the huge golden ball, and his face suddenly became a little horrified.

The only thing that can bring Luo Shaxin, only his magnetism.

Fortunately, after a short one, Luo Sum felt that he retreated the control of sand gold, and he was reluctant to be a breather.

However, a voice suddenly passed into his ear: "A second time, what is it?"

Luo Sand turned his head, but saw a residual appearance in front of himself, and immediately hit his chest with a purple and sharp sword!

Luo Sand is planted from the air!

Even if he is rushing to use the sand mat under the foot to prevent the sand gold to block the chest, it is still unstoppable.

Let Luo Sand are frightened, and a card has sprinkled from the palm of Shangyuan Na, and the dismissal of him!


The sky rang a burst of fireworks!

Survive several people are frightened to look at the four-generation winds that fall in the air, and Luo's body is bloody wound.

Masaki looked at this scene, and the brow frowned tightly: "The wind shadow is ..." Is it lost? "


Luo Sand did not answer.

The four generations of wind struggled to climbed up, just have confiscated a second for a second, followed by the Shangyuan sword in the second second.

The battle has not ended!

Shangji returned his palm, gotting the direction of Luo Sand, and the card once again shot from his hands.

"Magnetic, sand gold!"

A card card is all stopped!

From time to time, there is a card explosion and splashing a smoke. After all, I can't break the defense of the sand gold, and the risk of the situation is now clearly clear.

That second lost the control of the golden gold, let him lose the battle.

Coupled with the serious injury and the failure of Chakra, the death may not be far ... now Luo Sand is not the infinite Chakra of the anti-thein!

Luo Sand has manipulated sand gold defense, while looked down at the wound going on his chest, the cold voice is open: "Ma Ji, you bring me love!"

"The wind body!"

"To shut up!"

At the moment, Luo Sanda analyzed the most appropriate practice.

Now he is seriously injured, but it is not necessary to escape from. If only a few sand tolerance is guarded, it may not stop the original navigation for a long time.

I didn't expect to try to check it out that I can successfully use it. I have to make them all the people here.

Luo Sand turned to my love, looked at his son, and did not express his expression: "The last vertical body order, bringing me back to the village!"