I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 95, Rookie Ninja, Naruto (seeking recommendation!)

Luo's choice is not wrong.

If I let me fall into this rain, I have a sufficient way to uniform, and the situation in Sandy Village is not very wonderful at that time.

Before dying, Luo Sanda seems to have finally seen his own destiny, actually broke out unprecedented power.

Everyone in the scene knows that Luo Sand has been hard to live, his chest is concave, and the blood has penetrated his clothes.

"Magnetic Slashes Gold Law! Go away!"

A sharp silo gold came out from the ground.

These sand gold is under the manipulation of Luo Sand, and it is constantly extended and wants to limit the action of the original Na.

The four generations of wind shadows are too true!

Shangyuan Nai can't help but laughed, shocking with a sharp sand gold, slowly falling: "How long can you support it?"

The eyes of Luo Sand flashed, and a group of sand gold became extremely thin and sharp. Flying quickly fell to the original Na.

The purple broad sword hovering around the original is easy to repel the sand gold!

Shangyuan Nai was filled with blinking, whispered: "Don't you know, the endurance is the most likely to kill?"

After that, Shangyuan Needs will not hesitate.

The purple sword fell into his hand, just rushed to Luo Same!

In order to save the body, Luo Same did not choose to respond to the enchanting ridiculous, just concentrate on manipulating sand gold defense.

Even in order to persist, Luo Sand attached a layer of sand gold armor in his body.

Even so, Luo Sand is still disadvantaged in the battle with Shangyuan.

Just a few seconds, Shangyuan Nairou has been connected to a few sharp sand gold spears, and continue to rush toward Luo.

A sand is finally can't hold, biting his teeth: "I will support the wind and shadow! Maji adult, the orders of the wind shadow can only rely on your body!"

"I'll go as well!"

"Let's go together!"

A shame is crazy, rushing up towards the original navigation, maybe if you want to delay, maybe you want to see a line of life.

"Do we not go?"

I love to escape around Maji, his body is a little trembling, can't help but look at Luo Sa, who is still in the death of the dead.

"Let's go back, is the best choice!"

Maji shakes his head. The most important task he now is to send me the end of the army.

Lost, Sandy Village is likely to completely fall in five major countries.

Ninja always sacrifice.

Even a shadow, it is also different from ordinary ninja.

If the four generations of wind shadows are not seriously injured, Masaki will choose to replace him to delay time, but unfortunately, the injury of the four-generation wind is undoubtedly.

After Masaki and I fled, the battlefield has entered an end.

Several sand tolerance has not impact the battle, just that Luo Saha in the death is somewhat fierce, and even hundreds of life energy.

This level is really a shape!

Shangyuan Na Rou has been cut down in the ground, he will go step by step to the four-generation wind that finally supported.

The original one put the purple wandering in the hand on the ground, looking at the Luo sand that fell to the ground, whispered: "Do you think they can escape?"


Luo Sand struggled to lift, the mouth is full of blood.

"Only I want them to escape, they can escape!"

Shangyuan Nair laughed some euphemistic, purple Chakra wanders suddenly played from the ground, slamming the body from behind!

Branch mission: defeat the four generations of wind shadow (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills are stagnant.

Golden body stagnation: Condensation through Chakra becomes a gold body, ignoring any attack and defense, and cannot perform any action, lasting for 2.5 seconds, the skill minimum consumption is 100 points Chek, cooling time is 60 seconds.

This skill is favorable.

Once it is used, it is invincible, and it is not good.

Shangji Nai, I looked at the skills of the system reward, frown wrinkled: "Forget it, save at least a money to buy equipment ..."

Shangyuan puts up the body of four generations.

The bodies of the ninja cannot be lost, and it is blocked by people, and the pilot and the big snake pill should be stolen.

As for the scattered full sand gold, the top is no waste.

Use the command shock wave to gather a lot of sand gold, just mix some soil and Huangsha, and he is not interested.

Gold is a fine and trouble of work.

It's better to wait until a chance to give it to the corner, let him get gold inside?

This work is not too hard to be the old man?

Currently calculated, the corner is more than 80 years old.

Since the problem of dealing with Luo Sand is then dealing with my love, first grabbing them, and then ask the long door and Xiaonan need not need to bring back.

The Shangshan is also going to the oasis near the village of Sandy Village, and find a way to get the birth of a thousand generations.

According to Shangyuan's guess, the long door and Xiaonan are now temporarily wanted to be alarming the five countries, and avoiding the vigilance of the five major countries. It is just trying to try it. I use my love to change to myself. Surgery.

That is, this is not easy to manipulate.

If you are born, you can fight how good it is.

The Shangyuan can turn into the root ninja at any time, and what troubles can be encountered directly to Zhun Group.

"Let me come, do you care about you ..."

Shangqi Nairou quietly opened the fate skills, read a corner and my Ai Luo's escape route, showed a spray on his face: "Is luck like this? Lucky goddess is really wanting to let you die!"

Although due to the fight against Luosha, Shanghao wasted a little time, let them re-cross the border to return to the country.

However, in the display panel of the fate skill, in accordance with the Route Route Route, they will hit a few people who are uncomfortable.

Red sand, Didala.

Big snake pill, pharmacist.

It should be that the big snake pills and pharmacists appear in the desert of the country, just in the Shaku scorpion, therefore, Siki and Dida chased past.

The task of the two-person group is to eliminate the big snake pill.

This is really unbacious.

Shangji opened the delivery panel of fate, his figure quietly disappeared in the original place.

Among the desert.

The two people are confrontation.

Red sand scorpion took out the three generations of treasures, and the big snake pill also took out his own test products, the three-generation vertical trend of the dust.

Just as they want to carry out a battle, Didara riding a big bird in the air discovered my love and Maji, as well as chasing their Shangyuan Na.

Didala was immediately informing the red sand: "Sudu, someone is coming!"


Some of the scorpion of Red Sand is a bit unsatisfactory.

Instead, the opposite big snake pills faintly smile, according to his guess, active in this generation should be sandy, it is likely to be four generations of wind shadow.

If Luo Sand encountered Red sand, maybe he still has the opportunity to touch the fish, and even seeing the red sand of Red Sands.

"A sand islang and a red-haired child ..."

Didala took his forehead, watching the distressed person in my love and Maji flying back, whisper: "Wait ... It seems like the interns in our organization is chasing them!"

After that, Didala is even more leisurely evaluated: "Hey, it is really a rookie ninja, even chasing a child, you have to chase so long!"


The smile of the big snake pills converges, but he has seen the original naval, and the little guy is not allowed to summon Payne.

How will the little devil come here?