I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 97 I have a shark, who specializes in retreat (seeking ticket!)

The red sand is full, and the reel is filled. It has a lot of attitude towards the original Nairi, and it is even quite concerned: "Luo Sa is dead in the country of rain, isn't it afraid of what is going to get rid of Yuyin Village? ? "

"will not."

Shang Nai was still in the heart of the smile in his heart. "" The seniors were born in Sandy Village, tell me, Luo Sand died, who is the Lord in Saha Yin Village, I can't kill him again? " "

"Hey, the decayed village ..."

The red sand scorpion snorted, expressing a dissatisfaction with his hometown, but when thinking, the heart suddenly emerged an old man.

His grandmother, thousand generations.

Sandy Village has already been successively uninhabited and can only be selected from the older generation.

In terms of identity, the Chi Day is one of the founders of Sandy Village, and has been a senior consultant in Sandy Village. She is still a wife of the initial generation.

On the words and strength, the Millennium should be the strongest ninja in Sandy Village, and the neighborhood in the Millennium is not underestimated.

Anyway, the Qian Dynasty may stand in the most dangerous time in Sandy Village.

However, in the face of the Shangyuan Na, there is a backland supported by Payne and Xiaonan, the strength of the thousand generations is still not enough, and the probability of escaping the assassination is very low.

After a while, the Red Sands I thought about it later, I cooked: "Hey, this thing doesn't have you to deal with it, I will help you solve it! Let's leave the country so far, your teacher knows that you will be very worried.? "

"Nothing, I can do it."

Shangyuan Na is rushing to a crimples, and I have a little laughter in my heart. I really want to jump out with his competition!

Is that to help him handle trouble?

Shangyuan is not easy to think about it!

What's more, the relationship between Red Sand and the thousand generations of mother-in-law, but how do you bear to look at them?

Red sand is also picked up: "Sandy Village is the five major countries, if you are siege, you may fall into dangerous ..."

"What is the danger of land in Sandy Village?"

The original neck laughed and shook his head, and sandy village was not a wooden leaf, nor did it hide the super body ninner like Metekai.

Shangyuan Nai Luo said to stop the words, referring to the few people who refer to the opposite side, opening the mouth: "Well, the seniors, first deal with them!"

When they exchanged, the three-generation wind shadow and the big snake pill have reached an agreement.

The three generations of winds will depend on the advantages of death of the transcorbent, as the main combat power, and there is a main combat force, and the Didala and Shangji Na.

Masaki and I love to escape the first time.

The big snake pills and pharmacists don't matter. They have a way to escape, and the big snake pill also wants to see the battle advantages of the anti-reincarnant.

"The translisibility of the dirt, but there is infinite Chakra."

The big snake pills reached out towards the three generations of wind shadows, and smiled: "Let us know the power of the most powerful wind!"

"I know."

The three generations of wind shadow nodded in the horse, indicating that they were waiting for the battle to flee directly. He slowly raised his palms: "Sand iron"! "

Because there is an infinite Chakra support, the three generations of wind shadows unlunly release their strongest sterilization.

A sharp black sand iron!

Countless sand iron is sprinkled in the direction of the enemy, and the speed is far more than the throwing of the sword!

"Is it the strongest kill?"

Red sand scorpion manipulated a sand iron shield, cold voice: "Didala, Shanghao, you two be careful, three generations of vertical shadows can be moved at the sand iron ! "

At the moment, a black sand iron has been completed.

Ma Ji took this opportunity to slip out of an air standing from the sneak of the sand iron. After these two people left, a sand iron fell again, completely enclosing this comic.

In this way, no one can pursue them.

"Magnetic, sand iron is wing!"

The three generations of winds quickly flew over the junior, and his body quickly condensed the sand iron wings, and the black feathers of dense magnes were shot!

Amazing is that these feathers have wrapped around the defense under the scorpion, and seems to have tracking functions, flying towards them!

Red sand is only in a hurry to arrange sand iron defense.

However, the enemy's attack is not finished.

A black giant tribe is gather in the air.

The three generations of winds have deeply seen an eye of the red sand, and they sweep their palms: "Magnetic Snone!"

The triangular cone is quickly rotated down!

Whether it is a body shape or from the , it seems to have a greatly possible destroyed sand iron defense.


The Red Sand is secretly looked at the original naval and Didala, cold channel: "If you don't take care of you ..."

Didaraton is violently waving his right hand: "Shu Dan, hurry to remove the defense, let me use the art to blow him a rare!"

"Let me come!"

The original Nairou quietly estimated the position of the three generations of wind, slowly started the handprint: "Is the handprint of the spiritual arts?"

Red sand: "..."

Didala: "..."

What is the stuff?

How do you feel that the psychic printing of the original navigation is unskilled.

The big snake pill saw the printed gesture of the original neighborhood in the edge of the sand iron, this time he didn't panic, but there was a bit flavor: "If you go out to Payne, maybe I still have a chance to get A pair of rounds back to the eye ... "

"Tolerance, Tongling!"

Shangqi Nai's hand fell on the ground!

It is just that the ground is empty, and even the psychic mantra has not appeared.

Didala's face suddenly black.

The red sand is somewhat speechless: "Little ghost, how did you kill the four generations?"

Don't worry ... "

The sound of Shangyuan Needressed, and a longweighbend suddenly jumped from the ground under the three generations of wind, and Zhang was bite to the three generations.

The sand iron quickly turned into a defensive armor, and there was a three-generation vertical body, helping him to resist the giant teeth of sharks, he did not put the shark in the heart.

The expectation and tightness of the big snake pills and tension suddenly, hundreds of bored: "I thought he would summon Penne, did not expect actually with an ordinary shark to deal with the three generations of wind shadows, this level of psychic beast contingent Can't ... "

The entire endure, the wooden leaves are absolutely qualified to judge the spirit of the beast.

Their spirit beasts come from the three major holy land, far from the persons, most popular beasts.

However, next second, the giant sharpently broke the defense of sand iron, and swallowed the twisting of the three generations of winds, and then re-extinguished the ground.


A corpse of an ordinary ninja falls on the ground.

The three generations of winds have long been there any traces, and the surrounding sand iron entries have lost his magnetic Chakra support, and it is quickly dissipated.

The big snake pills have erected their fingers in tightness. The end of the forehead falls: "Don't be angry, I lost the connection between the three generations of wind, his soul is gone! Just now, the shark has a weird, it swallowed three generations soul!"

He has a hard time of successful experiment, and it has just happened to have Kars?

Isn't this a pit?