I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 98, are you still too young?

The original Needs and a sharp spiritual surgery put the three generations of vertical spikes, this wave operation made people don't understand.

Not only is the big snake pill, not understanding, but the red sand and Didala are also confused.

Red sand is asked directly: "What is going on?"

"I do not know."

Shangyuan Na was also shaking his head: "The ghosts gave me a spiritual contract, saying that his shark Tong beast is very strong. If you encounter any enemies, you can summon it out to kill, but it only attacks I will disappear at once. "

"Is this a ghosty spirit beast?"

If you think about it.

The Didala next to it is also a bit of a sense: "Is the shark face? Is it a class of Uneche?" Is there such a strong spirit beast? "

"Yeah, I didn't expect it."

Shangyuan nodded in Didala.

Just now, he actually just wants to use the giant shark to try to solve the reincarnation.

After all, the refluxing people do not die, and they have infinite Chakra unless someone can seal him, otherwise he has no way.

Even if a little fly is flying next to it, it is more troublesome, let alone the three generations of wind shadows are so big.

After I didn't expect to summon the void giant shark, I really didn't like the four generations of sputum, the void giant shark directly swallowed the soul of the three generations.

As for why the black pot is thrown to the mortal ghost ... Who will let the ghosts live a shark face, talking is not good?

Shangyuan Needar and sneaked the eye system panel.

Branch mission: defeat the three generations of wind shadow (11), the task has been completed, reward 100 gold coins.

Obviously defeated the three generations of wind shadows, how can I only reward 100 gold coins? The three generations of wind shadow did not face?

This is really a bit cold.

However, the fifteen-year-old Red sand can kill three generations of wind shadows, and it is really not easy to mention.

"The ugly guy in the fog hidden village is really awkward ..."

The surprise of Red Sands slowly saved, looked up to the opposite big snake pills and pharmacist, slammed the three-generation style shadow in his hand: "Hey, there is no three generations of wind shadows, what else Qualifications to fight! "


The big snake pill was quickly retired from the pharmacist.

A smoke bomb was lost on the ground by a pharmacist, splashed with a large sand dust, and the two were quietly disappeared from this opportunity.

"Do they escape?"

Dida Fei quickly slammed a white clay giant bird, staring at this ridiculous dune, trying to find the trace of the two.

Shangyuan Nai Luo opened the destiny display panel, only to see the big snake pills and pharmacists were flying quickly, and he loudly analyzed: "Should it be the Tulk dragon?"

"That is not very good to find ..."

The red sand scorpion frowned, looking at the original naval: "It's better to go to the big snake pills, I will catch the sorrow and the red-haired little ghost, help you solve the sandy village trouble."

"Or I personally go!"

Shangqi, shook his head, a reluctant look: "The red-haired little ghost is a column of the tail of sandy village, I want to take him back to the teacher as a gift."

"One tail column power?"

Red Sands waved the three-generation wind shadow, and the sound of self-sufficiency: "If their rush, it is easy to cause other big guys, and Payne will not agree with you. of."

After the red sand, he continued to say: "No one is more familiar with the sandy high level than I am more familiar with me. If you can't cause the enemy of Saha Yin Village, if you grasp the crane, the sandy Village will I am tirelessly sending people to the country of rain.

Now in this case, the people of other countries have not completely succeeded, and will definitely hinder the programs. "


Shangyuan Nae lost his eyes, Shen Sheng: "Sandy Village will be a predecessor, but the official member must act in two people, or let Didara and the seniors go together! I go Chasing the big snake! "

"Are you chasing big snake pills?"

Red sand is slowly turning his head, looking at the original Na Rong: "The guy even I feel tricky, in case you die in his hand, I will have some trouble ..."

"Do not worry!"

Shangji shook his head and continued: "I just try it ... And once the battle is unfavorable, I will immediately flew to the direction of Sandy Village and you."

After that, Shangyuan Na will set up again: "I got an intelligence from the sand of sand, and they were likely to invite a consultant in Saha Yin Village.

That a thousand generations live in the oasis of the sandy village, the predecessor wants to use the name of the country, you can contact her first, I estimate that the old man should be weak? "

Red sand scorpion looked at the original navigation, suddenly nodded: "I know, I hope you can live from the hands of the big snake."

His grandmother soft legs!

If they want to talk to the Qian Dynasty, it is estimated that it is estimated that the country is invaded by the sand of the mountains.

They are going to use a tail of the column threatening sandy village to reach a consensus, forced Saha Yin Village to abandon the pursuit of the original navigation of the four generations of stroke.

If it is a general sandy high-level, the Millennium mother-in-law can be the most impressed ninja in the village!

One of the founders of Sandy Village, the Qian Dynasty can never be weak outside, she has always implemented violent violence, and it is not a lot of Saha Yin Village. It is not to be resembling the country to eat sand and drink northwest wind. .

The Shangyuan is really too young!

There is already a bottlery in the heart of the red sand.

He is going to do, the first to deduct the tail of the sandy village, then take the spies who have inserted in the sandy village, let the spy proposes that the sandy high-rise is heavy in the overall situation, giving up the investigation of Yu Yin Village. Loss.

According to the understanding of Red Sand, if his grandmother is going out in this crisis, his big grandfather is will definitely follow the mountain.

Old Tibet will definitely promise this more sensible proposal.

A group of people will leave them at this point, and they will leave them, and they will catch the big snake pills.

Red Sands Looking at the figure of the original navie, combined with the handprint of a slide, inject Chakra in his own ring.

The other side of the heavens Pethen received a message.

After a while, Tiandao Payne, Xiaonan, Red Sands and Didala's unusual shadow appeared within a secret room.

Xiaoshan has some doubts: "Is there anything?"

"A little problem."

Red Sands simply reported the situation, including the original navigation, killing the four generations of wind, trying to catch the column of the tail and he now go to Saha Yin Village to dispose of the trouble.

After all the things, the Red Sand has finished all the things, and I have an opening: "I am worried that he is alive to chasing the big snake pill, but the Shangyuan's little devil is deciding ..."

"do not worry."

After the heaven, henited: "Hard to solve the trouble of Sandy Village, before you get all the intelligence of all the beast, it is indeed the right time to arrest a tail, you and Didala first Go ahead!"

After the exchange, Payne closed the slide.

Didara is a little indiscriminated: "Shu Dan, you are very worried about that intern!"

"Hey, you are too young."

The red sand is shaking his head, and he has manipulated himself to steep the Clay Bunny of Didala: "The little ghost gave me an expensive material.

However, the little ghost is a bit too strong, and I want to be a formal member of Xiao.

However, what should he do now are returning to the country to ensure their safety.

After all, Big snake pills may not be solved easily. "