I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 99 The child grows up! (Seeking the recommendation!)

Just as Red Sands Sigh, when the original navigation and Didala are too young, Shangyuan Na is being sighed to sigh, the old sand is too old, and the brain is not bent.

Originally chasing the big snake pill is a task belonging to the red sand, he has never wants anyone to intervene, and even his teammates Didala.

As a result, the problem of several sandy villages was given, and it was simply protected.

However, the red sand is like really hook.

Or maybe worried that his grandmother recruited the organization, took the initiative to take the trouble of Sandy Village, agreed to Shang Shangcheng's alone.

Obviously, the Qian Dynasty is undoubtedly important than the big snake pill.

When his loved ones may encounter danger, the red sand is obviously less calm. It is worthy of the first member of the first to the enemy.

After all, the Thousands of Dynasties raised him and taught him, and even recognized the most powerful sisterelles, he always said that our grandmother is the strongest teacher.

Family, I am indeed more important than everything.

"Maybe you can use the Qian Dynasty to get close to the red sand."

Shangyuan Na was touched his own chin, and sighed a little: "But it feels like a bit like a corner of the teacher!

Forget it, first chasing big snake pills, you must complete a few tasks from him, get something, compensate for losses! "

At this time, the ring on the top hand suddenly has some different.

According to this situation, it seems that the long door wants to contact him, you need him to enter Chakra feedback to the ring.

However, after the ring of the ring of Chakra and Yinyin Village, it was the voice of Xiaonan.

Nairou. "

The first sentence in Xiaonan is to blame: "Why don't you pay attention to avoiding danger, you have encountered the four-generation winds of Sandy Village, and should be reported to us, but should not be yourself."

When I arrived at my forehead, I said to the ring on my finger: "Mr. Xiaonan, I didn't expect four generations of wind."

The small south is quite a bit agreed: "The wind shadow is indeed very weak, and the guy can kill the three generations of strokes known as the strongest title ..."

After that, Xiao Nan also added: "But that is not to be killed by you? Is your detonation?"

"... there are still a lot."

The expression of Shangyuan Needs is a bit subtle.

Now he and the feeling of Xiaonan call, how to listen to a little child living with parents, ask for a child living, is it finished?

"Be right back."

Xiaonan is slightly relieved, but she is still ambassador: "The problem of the big snake pill can be resolved to the scorpion, you are too dangerous in the sandy village."

"Master Xiaonan, I can solve it."

Shangyuan Needressed to ensure: "And if you encounter danger, I can also use black bats to go out of Tiandao Payne ..."

This is just used to comfort Xiaonan.

In accordance with the power of the original navigation, even if you have encountered Yisi Bo, it is not necessary to pass the Tiandao Payne.

He is alone, thinking about war, I want to go.

The endurance is big, no one can stop the Shangyuan Na Run.


Xiaonan interrupted his words, don't want him to continue to take risks: "You have left too long this time, I am still worried about you, the guy of the big snake pill is not so easy to deal with."

Although Xiaonan believes that the heavens Petion will be able to defeat the big snake pills, but according to the news she knows, Dashan Pill has been hidden with their strength.

You must know that when Xiaonan listens to the long door to learn to be fast, it is impressed that the talents who have learned to bear the talents of his friends.

Who knows what the big snake will not have any dangerous ban?

"Hey, feed ... Xiaonan teacher ..."

Shangyuan Na was turned on his ring, whispered: "Can you hear it? I heard it? I am not very good here ..."

Xiao Nancheng said: "I can listen, you said ..."

"Hello] I am listening? Teacher? Have you listened?"

Upogenic Nairi repeatedly repeatedly, closed his mouth and quickly cut off Chakra supplied to the ring.

This is the original skills of the original in another world.

The only problem is that the door is likely to know the truth, but Shang Shang also has its own unique response, he can say that his flight time is too long, Chakra is exhausted.

Anyway is just a small means of nobody.

After a while, the ring made a few times, and it didn't seem to have received enough Chakra, and finally stopped.

Yuyin Village.

Xiaonan's look is not very good, holding his fist said: "I lost my contact, I was a little worried about him ..."

"Cough cough ..."

After a few times, the long door had a few times, suppressed the smile on his face, shook his head and sighed a mouth: "It may be a child."

Xiao Nan does not understand the meaning of the long door.

However, the long door did not explain too much.

As a ring producer of the ring, and the ring of the rings Chek Liantong, there is no problem in the end, can he still don't know?

"Okay, wait for a while we will contact him again!"

The long door slowly hangs down and desperately suppressed his smile on his face, and continued to say: "Anyway, Shangyuan can pass the Tiandao Payne, I will wait for his spirit."

After the Xiaocan leaves.

The long door is quietly entered in Chakra in the ring, and he whispered to the ring: "Shangyuan, if your Chakra is exhausted, you will find a safe place to rest.

If your Chakra is not exhausted, I remember to tell your teacher after waiting for it, this time is your own Chakra exhausted, understand?

If you encounter any danger, immediately go out to Tiandao Payne, don't need too much to confirm that your strength has become strong.

You want to be a matter of a well-known member, I will think about it.

Also, your teacher has always worried that you are outside.

If there is no way to catch up with the big snake pill, go back to the country of rain, you still have a lot of things to learn.

I have also experienced your age, there is some rebellion and confusion, and I want to prove that I have become very powerful to my teacher.

However, you have to remember, your security is the most important thing for us. "

State of the wind.

Shangyuan Na Lu heard the long door, it was a bit.

Just now, he seems to have accepted the educational talk of the youthful periodic education?

Does this ring on your hand still leave a message? It seems that when the task is performed in the first flying segment and the corner, the long door has passed the Penne commanded them.

It is a waste that should be the long door of Chakra.

Shangyuan Nai fell to listen to the long door, I was a little touched.

Before he had the idea of ​​treating the long door, after the skill of the star's perfusion, he basically existed as a long-standing renewal or mitigating the burden on the turn.

Now he must step up the reel of a palm of fairy, or think of which place to explain the source of the stars?

It seems to be a pot to give the big snake pill?

"Then go to pack up the big snake pills, go back and help them govern the rainy village! When a village can not work, but when the accounting in the village should have no problem?"

Shangqi Nai Lu quietly opened the fate panel, watching the direction of the big snake pills and pharmacists, their endpoint should be a hidden base.

"Go to the base to wait for them!"

Shangyuan Nairou quietly disappeared in the air, his voice gradually dissipated on the sand dune: "When the big snake pill and pharmacist go home, see I will be very surprised? Go to search for the treatment of the reel!"