I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 104 has the strongest spiritual beast in history!

Justice Dragon Gario.

The Shangyuan is the first time to summon this venture beast.

It is really because Kario's spiritual consumption of Chakra is too much, even now takes nearly half of Chakra.

Until now, the Shangyuan is free to restore Chakra, and then chose to summon the Justice of Justice in the battle of the nest. Gario.

However, after the original call came out, I found yourself too late.

The creature of Gario is really handsome!

Any adjective is difficult to describe the power of Rio debut.

At that moment, I have a sense of security, and even let it feel that this is the way to be in the spirit beast. This should be the dragon of the battle with a power to change the battle.

What is the side of the deep sea?

It only needs Gario to protect his safety.

When I arrived on it, when I arrived on it, Gario's body stood slowly, and the copper wings slowly opened, as if she was able to hold everything under their wings!

The big snake pill wrinkled his own brow, looking at the tall giant stone statue: "It looks a bit like Yingshen Village to create something manufactured with soil ..."

"There is nothing to be afraid!"

Ten snake rushed to his body, rushed toward the tall stone statue, missed the mouth: "The big snake pill, solved this guy, remember to give me a hundred living people ..."

"Be careful…"

The big snake pill hurriedly interrupted the words of the snake, and the look was nervous and looked at the tall value. Suddenly, they rushed over, and the speed was far more than 10,000 snakes.


Wan snake's body flew now!

No, it is the stone statue to fly its body!

The big snake pill pulled the pharmacist's body, with him from the body of the 10,000 snakes, his eyes faintly frightened: "The ghost of the Shangyuan is so strong!"

This stone is a well-known venture beast that is less than the big snake!

Even than the power of the beast is not there!

The battle has not ended yet, and when the Wan Snake is nowhere to borrow, the wings of Gario flick two winds.

Two winds have passed everything around, leaving only a chapped gathering together, the wind suddenly increases to become a hurricane!

It's just that the hurricane stopped, tearing the body of the snake!

The wind gradually appeared in the wind, that is the snake to tear the blood from the hurricane, and constantly blown the spiral up.

"Blend ..."

Wan snakes hang up from the hurricane, bite the head of the Garrio statue, the attack of Wan snake is not limited, its tail suddenly explored, and wrapped around Gario. body of!

The huge stone statue stretched out the arm, grabbed the body of the snake, slowly lifting the head to the dark buddy, staring at the head of the 10,000 snake.

The double-eyed binocity can't detect its mind.

But this unknown, but I gave birth to a fear in my heart.

Wan snake's body trembled for a moment, without weakness with the stone statue of Gario, called the mouth in the mouth: "Betting, immediately turn you into a bunch of gravel!"


Gario slammed his fist, with a little white light, a punch in the seven inches of 10,000 snakes.

Next second, countless cracks appear on the body of 10,000 snakes!

This has left many nominal spirit giant snakes in the Became Wars, and the moment is made into countless meat, and it has fallen into a corpse blood rain falls on the land.

The smell is filled, can't help but hold the nose.

Whether it is the big snake pill or the original navigation, the face is not coming, the strength of Gario is very surprised!

A punch is broken.

And it seems to be a punched punch.

"Ten Snake is a little bit of grass."

Shangyuan Na's face gradually strange, couldn't help but look down at the foot of the foot: "This guy's power ... isn't it a punch Gario?"

Huge stone statue slowly recovered his fist, dull voice rang: "Sorry, I just woke up, is it fighting?"

The original Nai Face is hysteresis: "It is over."

This is what ghost spirit!

Can I fight for sleep?

It's just that Kario can communicate, it is really good.

Shang Nai fell to the direction of the big snake pill, and saw the brass wings behind Gario, with it slowly flew down, landing in front of the big snake pill.

Gario bowed overlooking the big snake pills and pharmacist pockets, the finger headed a big snake pill, and the sound: "Can I hit him? That is.

"... no."

Shangqi Naqi flying from its body, in front of the big snake pill, just saw the eyes of the big snake pill, making people feel cold.

The original turned, and added to Gario: "If he doesn't agree with my request, you will kill him, understand?"


Gario nodded.

Shangyuan Nairou nodded, if you feel something yourself: "It seems that this Gario should be very honest ..."


The Shang Shang has not finished, Gario is a punch!

The huge fist is in white, smashed in the side of the big snake pill, and the land is suddenly cracking!

The big snake pills in Gario, reach out your huge fingers pointing to the original navigation: "His request, you will promise? Otherwise, I will kill you now."


Looking at the big snake pills in silence, Gario's palm was re-cleared, it shouted: "You see him did not promise you, I hurry, now let me kill him? I will hit it."

"…To shut up."

Shangnai is not good.

Why do he think that honest characters are not very honest?

The big snake pill bit bite his teeth, and the face is in the face: "Shangyuan Na, what do you want?"

"Improving, ban."

Shangyuan Nai turned his head to the big snake pill, reached out of his palm: "I don't want to abandon you, I will have it!"

The expression of the big snake pill suddenly somewhat subtle, he coldly said: "Improving the essence of knowledge, I can't give you so indispensable to you ..."

"kill him."

Shangyuan Na is unambiguous.

He seems to be a small head in front of him.

Standing behind the original Na Ruo, Gary's Gary's merits took his fist, and it was a punch on the head of the big snake!

"and many more!"

The big snake pill quickly raised his palm, Shen Sheng: "I am good at thousands of sickness, impossible to waste all the endurance, at least you want to list a few important sickles. ? "

This is a little careful.

This little ghost in front of you knows a fart!

This endurance ninja will learn so some to bear in a lifetime. Many of them have never heard of their names. Most of the popularity is D-class or even C-class. It's not bad.

"I understand what you mean, I will not mention it."

Shangji opened his finger, whispered: "First, cross each other, the palm of the fairy, the anti-rogue, the surgery of the corpse, the swings of the sword ..."

Every time I mention a name, the heart of the big snake pill can't help but jump.

How can this beefa have to make it out, lose the unique sickness, how do he in the endurance!

"Wait ... Other surgery I can give you."

The big snake pills interrupted the words of the original Needle, "said" "reflowing and non-corpse reincarnation I have not studied perfect, wait until the next time I come next time, if I finish these two articles Give you, how? "

"... Ok."

Shangyuan Needressed his eyes and looked at the big snake pill showed a pair of innocent smiles.