I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 105, you still want to resist?

Big snake pill wants to delay.

Shangyuan Na will definitely be as will.

From this point of view, the two of the big snake pills have indeed perfect, and there is a large vulnerability, and the Shangyuan can wait for a while.

After the future of the big snake pills, he went to the door to pay debt.

After a while, the big snake pill took out several reels to throw it up, mutual explosions, hands in the sword shadow and five lines; the pharmacist also handed over the reel of the palm of the palm, he is Medical Ninja.

The big snake pill gaze coldly and looked at the original navigation, looked at the reel, Shen Sheng: "Now we can go?"


Shangji Nai Lu slowly lifted his face ugly big snake pill: "The seniors of the big snake pill, don't have this expression, happy!"

Also, I don't say it in the future, I have seen it before, I can find you at any time, the senior of the big snake. "

"…rest assured."

The big snake pill bit bite his teeth, unveiled from his fingers, and he will lose to the original navigation: "I don't want to see the people you know again!"

"Will you encounter Penne and Xiaonan teacher."

Shang Nai was full of pendant: "But it doesn't matter if you encounter others, you can escape from their hands."

After that, I suddenly looked up, and I asked again: "Right, I heard that the senior of the big snake will be good, can use Chakra to restore their own injuries, is this true?"

"Do you want to learn this form?"

The face of the big snake pill became gloomy, but he didn't seem to think about what it was, showing a smile: "This type is needed ..."

"I don't like people who like to take other people."

Shangji shook his head, the opening of the Kario Road behind: "Before leaving, disconnect the two legs of the big snake pills, this is the price of his betrayal; I am the intern, I can't ignore an traitor. "

"Little ghost, are you playing me?"

The gods of the big snake pill suddenly surrelated.

The teeth of the big snake pill are tightly bitten, slowly and played their own fingers, and a look like it may be desperately desperate with the original neighborhood.

Shang Nai is not ridiculously refurbished: "I don't want your life, let alone you can't recover?"

These words don't have any problems.

But for the big snake pill, there is no more humiliating.


"The image of shadow!"

The fingers of the big snake pill suddenly coat together, and the other shadow appeared around him.

The eyes of the two big snake pills flashed in a fierce and crazy, and each started to join hands, the speed is dazzling.

"Water Shui Dragon Bomb!"

"Thunder, Ray!"

The big snake pill and his shadow were separated. After the two endurance, the gods were slightly proud: "I would like to thank you for your time and opportunity to reply Chakra ... go to death, thunder!"

Among the thunderstorms, a huge dragon slammed out of the storm, and the dragon's body continued to be lightning, and people did not dare to be close!

Thunder dragon bomb.

This is a combination of Big snake pills from three generations.

Although the big snake pills are not good at fire, I can't release the level of Ibe, the level of the five-year-old bombs, but the Lei Shui Dragon is a combination of the two-attributes, and the big snake pill is still very skilled.

The thunderbolus dragon leaps out, rushed down toward Gario!

However, the high stone statue smashed his wings, and a venous wind spread from its body and gradually extended outward.

Surprisingly, this wind is like moving from the outside.

Thunder dragon bullets have entered the range of windfall, followed by a ghost to fall on the ground, and the brewed Chakla shun entered the body of Gario.

Shangji frowned, I saw it on the ground on the ground: "Is this banned to use Chakra?"

"No, it is a ban."

After a tall giant stone, after a punch, a punch smashed the legs of the big snake pill, and the sound: "So my mission has been completed, can you go back to rest?"


Shang Nai was launching.

Tall giant stone statue is dissipated for a smog.

The pharmacist saw the giant stone statue disappeared, and his heart was slow, and he quickly took the big snake pill to escape, at least their lives can be saved.

Shangyuan Na will not pursue, sometimes cut the leek can not be able to open up, according to the seasonalism, after all, the rewards for the big snake pills and pharmacists now have too much!

Beyond him think more.

If it is not a big snake pill, it is not very good, Shangyuan Nai is really want to make friends with him.

Branch task: Defeat the Wan Snake (11), the task has been completed, reward the Tongling contract of the mission of Casy Pace (Soul Lotus).

Tongling Contract: The Magic Snake is the cards, the soul of the soul, Tongling consumes Chakra 3000.

When can I get a spiritual part of the Snake?

Shangqi Na Ren remember that this magic snake is a human variation, it is said that his eyes can see her people instantly petrified.

Unfortunately, the hop of the magic snake seems to be never petrified to Gario.

I didn't like this psychic contract, but if it is some Japanese-style soul lotus snake women, it doesn't seem to accept it?

Branch mission: Beat the big snake pill (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills penetrating.

Petrochemical stare: Release a petrified ray through his eyes, the enemy facing your enemy will be directly petrified, lasting for 2 seconds, minimizing Chakra 100 points, cooling time is 60 seconds.

This skill is from Casio Peya.

However, this skill control effect is strong enough!

Branch task: Get the surgery of sword shadows (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills, I am flowing alla way! Cold eye.

I am like! Cold Shadow: Take a tapered, a strip of four sharp Chakra is nothing, and it will be short to lower the enemy's actions, consume Chakra 120, cooling time 0.75 seconds.

"This skill ... doesn't seem to use?"

Shang Nai wrinkled frowned, in addition to throwing, let him look like a positive ninja, this skill is not particularly powerful.

Bare to calculate a group attack skill, the cooling time is very small, almost unlimited instant, but he also has card trick skills.

I can only talk about it.

Branch Task: Get five line seals (11), the task has been completed, and the reward gold coin is 100.

This five-line seal is so cold, and even a high reward is not mixed?

Fortunately, there is the last task.

Branch mission: Get palm Xianke (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills.

Treatment: Immediately restore 15% of the live energy for you and the surroundings, consume Chakra, 120 seconds.

This introduction is true and rude.

Shangyuan Na was returning a few reels in the hand, incorporated in his own tolerance package, and later he can call himself a medical ninja.

In addition to these, palm, hand sword, five lines of seal he can also use it directly, did not expect the system to have this hidden function!

Probably this function should be called compatible?

If this feature is discovered in the previous morning, can he still pretend to be a talented genius? It is just that Shang Shangyou's power has been formed, and ordinary sickness is also difficult to increase.

As for the next itinerary, it is to go to the sandy village and the red sand, Didala, and ask him how to take the things of Sha Yin Village.

"After solving these troubles, you can go back!"

Shangyuan Nai touched his own endurance package, there was a little proud of the look, go back to give each other to the small South, this time his teacher will like this gift?