I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 109 Returning and Treating the Possible Possible (First!)

Yu Yin Village.

The heavy rain in the village is still pound.

Since Xiaoshan became an angel in the village, it began to carry out a big knife in Yuyin Village, built orphanages and ninja schools.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and Bai took the last bus of the age, even if they have gradually learned to develop blood rushing, under Xiaonan's order, the two have to enter the Ninja School to make an example for the school brothers.

Today, Xiaonan is taking supervisory in the Ninja School. By the way, the students will guide students to cultivate, and Xiao Nan discovered one of the little girls sometimes space talent.

This little girl is called purple yang.

Xiaonan's palm floated a paper that was engraved with a seal, handed it to Ziyang Hua: "You try to unlock the seal, take out something inside."

"Yes, the angels are adults."

Ziyang flower sound sounded soft soft.

Mingming Ziyang flower is serious and firmly, but it makes people feel that the little girl is spoiling. Even if it is released, it is a bit cute.

"Open the seal, bitter!"

Ziyang Huatou touched the white paper, took out the bitterness inside from the seal of the white paper, attracted an excitement of the surrounding students.

Xiaonan picks the eyebrows, looked at the purple yang flower, nodded by her. "Don't do it, you are very cultivating the talents of the spirit ..."


Someone knocked on the window of the classroom.

Many ninja students in the classroom and Xiao Nan can't help but turn to the side, only to see a teenager ninja wearing a special black ninja uniform.


Xiaonan's mouth has a smile, just when she is going to welcome her own disciples, but seeing the original naval open the window and jumping in.

Shangyuan Nai, I looked at Ziyang Flower, I looked at Xiaonan Road: "Teacher, in fact, I am also very cultivated talent!"


Xiao Nanzheng wants to talk, but I think of the original Needle and I have entered the danger. Her face is full of convergence: "Do you know if I am your teacher?"


Shangyuan Needan, even quickly pulled out a reel from the endurance package, handed over the face of Xiaonan: "When I am back, the gift prepared for Xiaonan teacher, you will love it."

"This is ... Troualed the scroll?"

Xiaoshan's eyes have hesitizedly look at your disciples.

Upper Naidu, this little guy understands what gift should I send? Where is someone who sent a scroll with this gift, the teacher can't do this kind of thing in the past!

"When you go back, open it again, here is not suitable."

Just when Xiaonan wants to open, the original neighborhood grabbed her palm, slightly shaking his head, continued to laugh: "But I believe that Xiaonan teacher will love it!"

Take the explosion of explosions is the most suitable for homiches.

As long as you learn to take each other's explosions, Yisi Bo will want to hurt Xiaonan, you must first think about how to escape the explosion.

"Well, I don't delay the teacher's business."

Shang Nai was lapsered in Xiaonan's palm, flying out of the window, leaving his voice: "I have to give gifts to ... Payne."

Ninja students looked at the sky, and the eyes were revealed in the eyes.

Only Ziyang Hua thought for a while, suddenly opened: "Angel adult, the Ninja adult is your disciple?"

"Yeah, he is my only disciple."

Some warmth in Xiaonan is a little warm. She is inexplicably puts the scrubber reel in their own tolerance. At least this time is much more normal than the burst.

That is the aesthetic and emotional business of this disciple, you need to study hard.

Rainy High Tower.

The long gates live here.

When I arrived in, the long door was grinding a Chakra sensor. If he had something to move, he smiled and said: "Your teacher can't wait to leave the village to catch you back, if you don't come back, I am so embarrassing crazy."

"Ha, will the teacher do you think teachers?"

Shangyuan Nai laughed, walked to the long door, looking down at this obvious man should be a young man, but only sitting in a wheelchair, with a thin ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

The mood of the long door seems to be gradually getting good. When he heard the original Nairi, he slept and shook his head: "I can't dare, yes, what is your task you implement outside?"

"The big snake fled."

Shangji shook his head, sighed a little: "I have a big war with the big snake pill, and his body seems to be a little less right. Unfortunately, my Chakra is exhausted, and it can only be taken by him."


The long door was silent for a while, and continued to grind the Chakra sensor in his hand: "That is not bad, the guy of the big snake pill is nothing to use, using him to prove that you have become stronger, it is his luck."

"But no other harvest."

The original Nairou reached out his palm on the back of the long door, and a warm Chakra and life energy entered the body.

In just one instant, there is a slitted red dress on the face.

The long door did not dare to turn his head. I was afranever that I was afraid to look at the original Na Na: "What is this forbearance? Is it treating tolerance? How can I recover Chakra?"

"Oh, almost!"

Shangqi Nai Luo said: "I collected several reels from the big snake pill, and some of them involved in medical tissue. I have studied an endurance from two artificials. It is reluctant to be an endurance experiment."

"What is the two styles?"

The eyes of the long door suddenly changed, and he could clearly felt the power and life energy in his body changed, which is not the general tattoo.

Even if it is medical, it is just the surge of accelerated human cell split!

Like him, it is impossible to cure.

"Hey, two styles of quite waste."

Shangji took a shot of his forehead and whispered: "Anyway, I am just a shallow use, how is the long door?"

The long door did not answer the original navigation, just looked at him coldly: "Shangyuan, this is the ban on life!"

As a talented genius, the long door just thought after a while, immediately understood the essence of this surgery, and life energy transfer must be banned.

One life, one death.


Shangqi Nai Lu rushed and shook his head, explained: "Just use Chakra to do it, I will soon recover."

The long gates extended their palms and didn't believe his speech: "Give me the procedure you learn."


The original neck is just shaking his head.

However, look at the face of the long gates, Shangyuan Nairou helplessly took out the two reels on the table: "I studied myself a little shallow application, I can only do it, I can't do it. "

"... you have a born, palm of the fairy."

After watching the reel, the long gate was waved to tear them into pieces.

The long door slowly turned his head and looked at Shangnai Na: "This is the transfer of life, you will definitely not use this kind of surgery, I don't need it."

"But we need it."

Shangqi Nairou looked firmly, Shen Sheng said: "The long-door adult, our enemies have a lot, Yuxi Bo belt, Zhidun Tibetan, wooden leaf, rock, sand, fog, cloudy, The ideal of Xiao is still not implemented! "

In addition, Shangyuan Nair is secretly holding private goods.

It's okay, he gave Unexpello to the earth.

After that, Shangyuan Na will set up again: "I have been looking for people on the road. The waste is just my Chakra, even if the body is somewhat weak, will resume vitality on the next day."

The long gates have been asked: "So what is your surgery?"

"Amount, not easy to describe."

Shangyuan raised his palm, covered in the long body: "It is probably such this so like this, you can treat others, but the waste of Chakra, and even only a few times will be exhausted. Chakra."

"Let's slow down."

The long gates still did not agree, just cold channels: "I can't do these dangerous surgery in the future, and learn from your teacher a while."


Shangyuan Needo helplessly spread the boat, and the perfusion of Xikra and life energy into the body of Chakra and life, so that the face of the long door is getting angry, waving him to leave.

However, the body of the long door seems to be better.

At least no longer a state that may become dying in a time.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nair suddenly became a little moving, if his guess is good, from the value, Chakra within the long door is definitely more than 10,000?

Is the swirls of the princes of the vortex, are it so horrible?