I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 112 after four years (fourth! Subscribe!)

Yu Yin Village.

Shangyuan Na is not known to happen.

As a qualified benchmaker, Shangyuan Na Ruo is to check his outcome, and now it seems to be good.

A wanted storm that he dominated the land behind the scenes, directly let his main line task have jumped, reaching 12%.

It is a pity that it can only stop this.

This is the last for Unexpello.

Moreover, the five major countries of the 10th National Treatment of the Village, the voices of the village, and they did not find any traces of the belt. This storm gradually dissipated over time.

Time is forwarded at a little bit.

The Shangyuan Nairou has more brilliant night Jun Ma Lu and white teammates, and the rainy team of three of them gradually became active in the endurance.

Shangyuan Nair is also growing up every day, becoming a natural and good young ninja; Hui Night Jun Ma Lu's body is also getting better every day; only the white in this team, grow more and more beautiful .

For four years, it is over.

For four years, the endure is like a beach.

The endurance is so peaceful, it is also normal. After all, the original naval is also trapped in Yuyin Village by his teacher.

In addition to the original navigation, the endurance is unrest, that is, Yisi Bo said.

Unfortunately, whether Yuxi Bo belt is still in a certain corner, it seems that it is very quiet.

But this year will have a new Unexpected Bo as a ninja.

It is Yuxi Bozuo in the village of Woody Village.

In addition to Uzhi Hostel, only the original navigation will pay attention to Sasuke and the seventh class. After all, the seventh class will replace other people to become his first harvesting leeks.

Everything is expected to be expected.

When the seventh class led by the flagmica, the ninja they encountered is still the squad of the peach.

It is a pity that the partner of the peach will change.

This time, the partner that is not ignorant is the guy of the ghost light.

The peach is no longer + ghost light full moon, two official members, this is enough to make the seventh class desperate combination.

Because the task of Yuyin Village is scarce, I will not find the right excuse for a time. As his age gradually grows, Xiaoshan gradually begins to strictly prohibit the contact of him, the reason is to worry that he was taken by those rebels Bad.

Fortunately, there is also Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white.

Small South is not concerned with the members of them.

Shangqi Naqi sat on the cement tube of Yuyin Village, reached out from the white hand, I took a glass of frozen juice, curiously asked: "Is the ghost light full moon and peach? Then they perform the task in the Waveland? kind?"

"From the results, it is not bad."

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu is nodded, Shen Sheng: "They killed the card more, and the money of the card has been shipped to the base, but there is a little problem in the middle, two seniors have encountered wooden leaves. Flagkarcasi, two defeats. "

Shangyuan Nai can't hurt and shake his head and sigh: "Hey, the guy is really encountered to be all five five!"

The balanced road of flag wood Cardi is reasonable.

The two official members were defeated by him, and it would not be because Yisi Bo belt soil, the flagmark Carti will become strong?

The incidents of the Waves have passed, and the white has grown his death robbery.

Shangyuan Nai fell to complete a branch mission.

Branch task: Let the white live (11), the task has been completed, reward the skills of the ice barrier.

Cold barrier: Made a huge ice wall through frozen air, lasting for 5 seconds, minimize Chakra 75, cooling time 10 seconds.

This skill, Shang Shang is not careful.

In the four years, the hard work of the peace of mind cultivation in Yuyin Village is finally returned. Shangyuan finally accumulated himself more stronger through his cultivation and time.

Ok, it is mainly grown.

After all, Shangnai is sixteen this year, whether it is tall or size, and a reward of several branch mission is supplemented, the strength has grown slightly.

Life energy: 8321 (standard shadow level 3000 ~ 10000)

Chakra energy: 10045 (not within regular standards)

Life recovery: 9 seconds

Chakra recovery: 6 seconds

Skill cooling reduction: 50%

Surplus gold coins: 2730

Just as the original naval, he listened to Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white report. When he planned to leave here, a girl climbed up their cement tube.

Her name is Ziyang flower, which is the end of this year.

Pis Ziyang took a step by step to the front of the original Needle, whispered: "Shangyuan adult, angel adult let you be responsible for receiving leaves."

"Wood leaves?"

Shangyuan Nai can't hurt it to pick your eyebrows.

Yu Yin Village has been closed, and the external announcement is that they are still in civil war. Generally, neighboring countries have already lazy and rainy village.

However, the arrival of this leaves, there is really something.

Their purpose is to invite rainy ninja to participate in joint Chinese tolerance exams, in accordance with the theory of Ninja, and to endure the exams equivalent to the arms race of the endurance.

If Yu Yin Village is willing to participate, you can directly send a border that takes the team to endure and take the exam.

After the border is registered by the wood rubber, the temporary passage of Wumi Village is unified, so as not to encounter unnecessary conflicts.

After the leaves of the leaves left, a plain folding butterfly appeared around the original Nairi, giving together into Xiaonan's appearance.

The time in the past four years.

Didn't change in Xiaonan, just a mature charm.

Xiaoshan lifted his head and looked at his own disciples.

"Highlight the talents of the country to rush to the village?"

The original Nairi smiled and laughed, and the light continued: "Xiaonan teacher, help me prepare three registration certificates, I and white and they also participated in this Treatment test."

When I heard the original Needle, Xiaonan's eyes were full of puzzle: "Nair, how can you want to participate in the Chinese tolerance?"

Is this disciple can't think of it?

Shangyuan is the leader of the rainy village!

"I want to explore the intelligence of the Zhi Village."

Shangji Louis is looking at the small south of the eyes, shaking the head low: "Teacher, safety problem is not worried."

The inheritual exam is also a big event. Shangyuan actually plans to take the opportunity to play, and will harvest more than a few years ago and the newly growing leeks.

If you can…

The top of Shangyuan Nae is a little brighter, he really wants to try it, can you use this opportunity to introduce the whirlpool, and even guide him to join the tissue.

There are many Naruto blackline missions in the branch mission!

For example, some let should Wen and whirlpieces are sitting in the wooden ruins in the wooden ruins. The reward is absolutely beyond imagination!

It's just that it is also very difficult to complete the difficulty.

After all, the endless minors prohibit smoking to ban drink, and the long door is not possible to manipulate Payne smoking?

This is very bare.

When Shangyuan is still thinking, Xiaonan is also thinking about the feasibility of his disciples to participate in the tentative exam, and the 16-year-old to participate in the exam, it seems to be able to say?

If you throw a statement of the original navigo, Zhixi Village group hidden intelligence, it feels that the original Needs are more like bullied a group of children.

As for security issues, don't worry.

Xiaonan has been carefully cultivated, and the official members of her disciples are not bad, and they can summon Tiandao Payne.

This disciple is also raised, it seems that you can put it out to fly a circle?

After a while, Xiao Nan Shen thought, put forward a question: "You need a team to endure, but I am not very convenient ..."

"This is simple."

Shangyuan Na Lu has a smile: "It is better to let the servant Pingchuan's predecessors will go with us, anyway, our old friend."