I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 113 Old friends who arrive in leaf (fifth! Subscribe!)

Service department Pingchuan.

A conscientious toolman.

Since the half-hustle of the mountain pepper is killed, the department Pingchuan is the earliest, and gradually began to defend by Xiao Nan and Shangji.

Today, he has received a special task, acting as a team that endured Shangnao, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white to participate in the exam.

This task allows the department Pingchuan.

The future leader of Yuyin Village still needs to participate in the internal tolerance test?

However, the part of Pingchuan is just a toolman, he can only be responsible for performing tasks.

In addition to the original naval, there is no other Ninja who participated in the exam. Because Shangji is not too peaceful.

Even if the four generations of winds are killed by him, the wooden crash plan is likely to be staged as scheduled. After all, he is also a black hand that promotes the crash plan of the wooden leaf!

When I was in the same year, I was ahead of the Humbler and the old trading of the Humbler, and the Huahai crash plan was specially reminded to promote the actions of Tibetan.

Coupled with thousands of mother-in-law to hate wooden leaves ...

No matter who wants the leaves to collapse, the Millennium, now, the mother-in-law will help the venue with sand, this is the bond left by Kakasi's father.

"This is your registration certificate."

Xiaonan passed a registration certificate to the original navigation, helping him to organize the rain to bear: "How did you convince the long gates agree that you go to the middle school?"


Shang Nai fell to shoot his forehead, whisper explained: "The long-door adult tells me that he will keep six Petion, as long as you encounter unconventional dangers, you can directly pass the six Petion."

This is also related to the body of the long door.

Six Pairs needed to provide Chakra, but now the long door is in the treatment of Nairi, it is already possible to fully support the six Pesi time actions, no longer need to put six Petion into the secret room to reduce Chakra Consumption.

When I heard the Shangyuan, Xiao Southern nodded and heard a little.

However, she is still a little dissatisfaction: "The recent door is getting more and more, I will put people like this, one of the three tolerance of the wood, the hand of the three tolerance is because when I was young, I will have it. Bad habits ... "

"Teacher, I grew up."

Shangyuan Na will look at the small south.

Because of these four years, with the gradual gates, the relationship between his and the long gates gradually became better and better. Generally, there is something to find a long door, want to steal out to play for a while, It also requires a long door cover.

How should Shanghao explained this?

Under normal circumstances, the smaller boys are curious about women, they prefer to play with girls; as boys are getting more and big, they will realize that they are more willing to play with boys.

The long door is rarely born on the original navigation. Only if you have a happy thing, you will call him to find him.

For example, the weapon modification of Luo Dao is successful. Every time the door has been successful, I like to pull the original to test the actual effect, the gun and the gun are the romance of men.

So every time I got it, I was very happy.

Unfortunately, these can't share with Xiaonan.

Xiaonan is a woman, likes to fold out different paper flowers in the room of Shangyuan Na, as a decoration, but the flower language of each bunch of flowers in the original navigation does not understand.

Compare the beautiful paper flowers, Shangyuan actually prefer Xiaojing's use of explosions to give him a simple version of the thunder to play.

It is really not doing a explosive package.

This aspiration is of course impossible.

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, looked at his ninja registration certificate, the photo inside was that he smiled in his eyes, it looked affordable, really a good person.

Professional advanced tasks: Be a formal endurance (11), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy 100 points, Chakra 100 points.


Shangji is not very good, this year, he is already sixteen years old, how is there a advanced task? Is it a big loss?

"Okay, the weather is getting cold, pay attention to ..."

Xiaonan's scorpion is the precautions of the original navigation, and after giving the gathering place, the gentle face on the woman is dissipated.

Xiaonan glanced at the glow night Jun Ma Lu, white and brought the team to endure the department Pingchuan, cold voice opening: "In this kind of tentative exam, protect the good naver, understand?"

"Yes, the angel!"


Shangyuan Nai fell to take a shot of his forehead. If you really have a thing in the exam, he will protect these guys!

Tower on Yuyin Village.

Tiandao Payne pushed the wheelchair in the window, looking down on the side of the original naval, a group of people left Yu Yin Village, his eyes were a little expectant: "Little guy, shouldering the future of Yu Yin Village and Xiao Flying out! "

Tiandao Pesin stood in the long door, calmly started to join hands, released two members who were active near the fire in the fire country.

Ghost and Ursi House.

When these two people received Petion, they still wondered, and Tiandao Payne directly explained their next task.

"Shangyuan to the middle to endure the exam to collect information."

The eyes of Tiandao Petion slowly stayed on Uzhi Hou, whispered: "Your mission is to lurking in the fire country, once there is any change in the exam, immediately adhere to the Shangyuan leaving danger."

If the original is in danger, Payne is not good now in front of the wooden leaves.

Then I can only send a team member.

Cartry ghosts is a bit speechless.

If the last navigation is dangerous, what is the use of Uneers?

Is it going to send people!

The ghost teeth have a little acid, his boss is too lurking? The four years have passed, how does Payne think that the interns in the organization is weak?


Yuxi is unfamiliar with the nod. Anyway, he also wants to take a moving back to the wooden leaves, and to steal a sneak, it has become a ninja.

I was injured by the flag-like Kakasi never wounded by the flag, Kakasi, and the guy claimed to kill them next time.

Yisizhiso is worried about your brother.

After the martillamon god nodded, the eyes were slightly flowing on the Yuxi foot, apparently he knew that Su Zhi's mind is in the heart.

Carton ghosts will not poke Yu Zhihe.

Yu Yin Village is in the Ming, and the organization is dark.

Shangyuan Nairou is in a dark protection, crossing the border of the fire country, arriving in the wooden village held in the tentative exam.

This is also his first time I came to Woody Village.

Whether it is the environment or a scenery, there is too much as the rushed village that is the most rich in the region, it is much better than Sandy Village, Yu Yin Village and fog villages.

"The air is not bad."

Shangqi Nai Fei fell on a high-rise boiler, the scenery of the entire wooden leaves was unbelful by him, and the fire hook is a red fire building.

Branch task: Arrival on wooden (11), the task has been completed, reward 100 gold coins.

Branch Task: Find the best views (11) of the mood in the wind, the task has been completed, reward 500 gold coins.

"This task is too much people who like it!"

Shangyuan Nair can't help but hold his fingers, it is the most popular place in Naruto, how many treasures are waiting for him to explore!

Just when Shanghao is pleasant, Bai suddenly jumped up along the trail of Shangyuan, whispered: "The Ninja in Sandy Village is also coming!"

"I know."

Shangqi Nae lost a lot of sandy ninja.

The leader of the leader is still Masaki, it seems that after the Millennium mother-in-law is, the status of Masaki does not fall too much.

The still behind the horse is the three little guys I love, handcuffs and prospecting Jiu Lang, and the rest is some people who have nothing to do.

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin, smiled in his mouth: "Hey, it seems to be a greeting with my old friends, lest he is here to say anything, delay me to enjoy this long-lasting travel! "