I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 114 is in the days of the tragic role of the leaf (sixth! Subscribe!)

Wooden street.

The sanding team who came to participate in the tentative exam stopped.

The face of Masaki took incredible, widened his eyes, looking at Shangyuan Na, standing on the street, and he couldn't believe it in his eyes.

The ups and princes of the Shangyuan have changed, and Maji can still recognize his appearance from the outgoing contour. The image that is not a world has already engraved into his brain, that is, because he killed the four generations of wind shadow, almost let Sandy Village is falling into collapse.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, Mr. Maji."

Shangyuan Na Lu slowly walked to Maji, posted on his side: "What should I say, what should I don't say, remember to have an inch, understand? Otherwise, this time I don't dare to guarantee it. You and a tail column. "

The body of Maji shake slightly, and asked: "Your guy ... What do you want to do?"

"Of course, I have participated in the test."

Shangyuan Na went around Masaki, went to my love, looking at the fierce red-haired teenager, reaching out, touching my army.

The face of Jiu Lang suddenly changed, I was afraid that I Ai Luo was running here. His sister is more panicked to block: "Don't!"

For these four years, my love is more and more violent.

Even afraid of the Spring and Handcuffs is my loved ones, and I inevitably will be afraid of my younger brother. I am afraid that I love to kill the ring.

However, I didn't have a moving action.

Huangsha gradually leaked from the gourd behind my love, and slowly blocked the palm of Shangyuan Na.


Huangsha was scattered by Shangyuan and sprinkled on my love.

Shangji ran lightly shouted the yellow sand on my love, whispered: "Little guy, if you come to participate in the Chinese tolerance, then we are opponents, hope this time you don't escape too fast ... "

I looked up and looked at the eyes of the original Needle. "Let your dirty hands!"

"Then why don't you kill me now?"

Shangyuan Needressed in his head, smiled and said: "Because you know that your weak is small, can't you match me, right?"

"I will kill you sooner or later!"

I love to bite his teeth.

"Then you have to be careful."

Shangji fell to shoot my love, laughing and continued: "Internal Testament, it is allowed to have death, come on, I love Luo!"


I love Luo Face and looks gloomy.

Although I love Luo Yue's blood history, but there is still some kind of self-knowledge.

Even if it is a striking, a crane is running with the original navigation, let alone his strength is not particularly strong.

This time I haven't started, I will be covered with shadows.

"Is that guy is the ninja in Yuyin Village?"

The Spring is not pleasing to the back of the original face, and it is necessary to solve the crow behind him, but he is stopped by Maji.

The look of the handcuffs is also a little done: "The guy is too arrogant. Is his strength be strong?"

"That bastard ..."

My love is gradually began to tremble, and my gluten is a little bit, and my eyes gradually reveals a crazy: "very ... very strong!"

A touch of worry on the horse, he shaken his head: "You go to the hotel first, I will negotiate with others and report to the thousand generations."

I didn't expect this to endure the exam. I have attracted the Ninja, who came to the original navigation came to participate, the people in Ye Yin Village, did the brain crazy?

A person who can kill the four generations of winds, actually put it in and participate in the inner test?

I can't even be more absurd!

However, when Maji to Sandy Village, the sea, the sea, the sea, the sea, believes that this matter is not too big, and everything is still prioritizing the plan.

As for the guy who called Shangji Nai, the talents may be massacre. The sea is very clear that the leaves will never allow this kind of thing. If you really happen, just let Yuyin Village and wooden leaves begenerated.

In addition to Maki, someone discovered the original navigation.

In fact, in addition to him, there will be no one cares about Yu Yin Village to participate in the end of the tentative exam, there is a guy called Shangji.

It is the guidance of the seventh class to bear the flag wooden cardi.

A lour.

Shangyuan Needs to drink very happy.

Now the Shang Shang is very good, it is always so simple in the mission of the wood, and these tasks are so easy to complete, and there is a mission reward.

If you don't have the flag of Kakasi next to him, you will be more happy.

Flagkarcasi sits around Shangyuan Na, holding a white water, asking: "It turns out that you are the ninja in Yuyin Village ... It seems that the guy is in the end of the endurance battle, it has been hidden in the rain. In the hidden village, right? "

I have encountered it in the fog village.

At that time, the flagmica was known from the original navigation. Unechebra has been hidden in a small rivole, and it is the position of the leader in the leader.

Unfortunately, Kakasi did not think that Unexpello took the soil to hide in Yuyin Village, and it was still half-hidden in Ninja Semiusi.

"After his identity, he was defeated."

Shangji put down the bowl, holding chopsticks and picking the ramen in the bowl, whispering: "Later, I don't know, Mr. Kakasi doesn't have to ask me, now I can't wait to put your wooden leaves. Bit s gradiental removal eight. "

"Hey ... we don't mention this."

The brow frowned by the flag-like Kaki wrinkled, clenched the water cup in his hand, turned another thing: "I met two people in the mission of the wave of the Wave ..."

When I said this, the flagmark's eyes stared at the movement of Shangyuan Na, and the sound gradually downs: "Before I have been there, I have encountered them, I saw them in my own eyes, I saw them listening to you. Order ... "

The flagmarks said that the ghost light is over and the peach is no longer.

Obviously in the Wave Country Mission, these two people have caused a lot of trouble to him and the seventh class. If it is not a thunder, it is just the hydration of the ghost light full moon, I am afraid that the seventh class must be over the wave. Country.

"They are not our rain hidden!"

Shangji shook his head, and his face was a little angry: "This is not as good as you ask you the S-Jing, asked Unexpello, what he did!"

"They got the land?"

Flagkarcasin is squeezing his own water cup, and his heart is probably guessing why he is a temper.

"Well, your wooden Unecho belt soil is very powerful."

Shangyuan Nai fell to the head and looked at the flag wood Cardi, it seems that there is no smile: "Worship the Yisi Bo belt the soil, our losses can be described as very heavy, the hard work of Yu Yin Village has been stolen by him "


The looks of the flagmark Carti are slightly embarrassed. Circular has determined his ideas, just forced explanation: "At the beginning, the two children who abducted in the fog hidden village, didn't you join you Yu Yin Village?"

"Jun Ma Lu and White are not fog, they are the wave of the country."

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head, and after a serious explanation, it was slightly ridiculed to watch the flag-like Kakasi said: "Yuxi Bo belure is definitely your wooden spy, after all, if we are strong, wooden If the situation of the leaves is not very good? Now he makes us rainy villages, and your wooden rolls are certainly satisfied! "

"How can it be? There is a peace about the Wood and Yuyin Village."

The Heart of the flagmarks is subtle, but he fiercely thought about it, staring at Shangyuan Needle's face: "You have participated in this tolerance test. Is it to promote the power of Yuyin Village?"

Flag Mikcarci is the strength of the original navigation. When this guy killed a group of buns in the country of the water, it was like a slaughter roof dog.

How can I need to participate in the Chinese tolerance?


John Nairi took this opportunity to explain the intention of his participation in the Chinese tolerance: "Because Yu Zhiso's land is too big, our village is not very good, half hidden adults are worried about our neighboring countries .

Since I graduated, I have always been a secret weapon for the Chinese tolerance of this armament competition. Now I can only come over to participate in these little ghosts. "

Listening to the original Needs, there is something wrong.

A hero is frustrated and felt, and the flagmarks can't help but sigh the difficulty of survival.

If the original navigation is that they are the way to ninja, they don't need to be prepared to endure exams, and they must sit down to the position of the captain.

It's just that the original Na Rou will participate in the Chinese tolerance. This tentative exam seems to be a little dangerous. The flag-like Carti is a bit trying to cancel the idea of ​​the seventh class.

Qikka Xi sighed: "If you participate, the little ghosts in my class don't have to participate, lest they have been hit ... Or I still want them to endure the exam experience "

"do not!"

At the last navigation, he sprayed out, if he did not participate in the exam because of his reason, what should his branch mission?

The strength of Shangyuan Na Rou has been stagnant, waiting for the seventh class and the twelve smart leeks!

"Here, wood leaves, I can't do too dangerous things."

Shangqi Nairou took the shoulders of the flag-likekkasi, showing a cool smile: "Not as good as this, Mr. Kakasi, we will take a trick, check my current strength, no matter what I will pay, I will take special attention. How is your class? How about playing with them? "

"Don't you need?"

Flagkarcasi is just a crying.

"I am coming from afar."

The original Nairou is very resolute, and even he also took the initiative to propose: "Mr. Kakasi can also call your friends, and everyone will learn together.

Whether it is half-hidden or the fire of the wooden leaves, their age is already big, and the future two of the two ruins of the village is executed by our people, right? "

"I think this proposal is good."

The old voice suddenly fell into two people.

When the sky, I walked into a toss. When I walked into a pleasant, when he looked at the original Nair, the face slowly slammed a smile: "Kakasi, no Do I introduce your friends? "