I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 117 Despise the two people in the examination room (ninth! Subscribe!)

Pharmacist does not need to see it.

Because his body is not a sense of self-owners, Chakra, in the body, will not lie, the person behind is the original navigation.

The pain of the pharmacist is unable to take a cold sweat. The mouth is low: "I didn't expect this to endure the test, Needar people will also participate ..."

This guy!

So far, the pharmacist remembers that they were defeated when they were defeated by the original Nairo, just in just half a minute, I immediately defeated them.

Later, the big snake pills were mentioned, and the original navigation was the monster hidden in the monster!

Absolutely ... absolute ... can not be easy to provoke!

"Yu Yin Village is too bored, I want to take a look."

Shangqi Naqi came down, unveiled a passion on the ground, couldn't help but laughed: "Why, do you have no information here? Is it not worthy of you? "

"Do not."

The pharmacist has a bit of a nervous mood slowly replied, and the spy career for many years has made his psychological quality very well. In the face of any crisis, he has its own way of handling.

Shangyuan Na will come to the wooden and tentative exam, definitely impossible to kill the ring on the spot, which means that the crisis has not arrived.

The pharmacist is slightly relieved, whisper: "Nair Loss adult's strength is too strong, and the law is not worthy of record your intelligence ..."

"You are still so interesting."

Shangyuan Needs and finally couldn't help but laugh.

Yuxi Bozuo listened to their conversations, and the heart was somewhat uncomfortable. The face was simply showed: "Your guy is the original navigation? But just Yu Yin Village ..."


Shang Nai is looking at Unecho Sasuo, the words, secretly remembered him, and the book owed by the younger brother, I have to let Uchiobo will be returned.

Next moment, someone suddenly appeared behind him!

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu took the throat of Sasuke, and his movements quickly, let the people next to see clearly.

"So fast!"

After the whirlpool sounded, the whirlley was only aware of his teammates, and immediately fidel it up: "Let's let go of the sakura! Hey ... so cold!"

The whirlpool is slowly low, but his feet have appeared a seven feet, frozen his feet, so that he can't support it.

"Let them go!"

Shangji was put on the wind, looking at the new people in the village, the mouth outlined out a smile: "I have a long time to take a long time. At that time, I played with them, but the next time, I didn't see it. Be careful ... you will lose your life! "

"... mix ... Bar!"

Yischi Sasuke faces a misty.

Just as Sasu help still want to continue to rush, a handicapped old man stopped Sasuke's movements, softly persuaded: "Well, don't make trouble again, the first in the first game is going to start ... It will be taken out of the examination room. "

"Yes, we know."

Chunye Sakura hurriedly opened Sasuke, she was a little worried about the loss.

Others have also spread, which is exempt from anything, if the first exam is not participating, it is directly taken out, that is too wasteful.

Just when they spread, the dog is still a little proud: "The grandfather will not come to participate in the exam."

The whirlpool also secretly looked at the elderly who were confronting to the original Nairi, and some said: "Can the grandfather come to participate in the test? I haven't passed it for so long, I will have more difficulties. ! "


A young man is really innocent, let the air have a little breath.

The test set points have heard the whirlpool, and looked at the old old man. The whole examination room was laughed at a time.

Only there is no laughter.

Even his face has no happy expression.

Because the name of this old man named Pill Xinggu, it is a long-year-old man who is unbearable.

In accordance with the common sense, theuts should not participate in the tentative exam.

Pill Xinggu will definitely want to do it for a lifetime. If he wants to promote, you can directly promote it to endure, where to use to endure the exam!

At least the sky, I have been promoted by him, but he refused by him.

As a result, now Pill Xingu is actually to participate in the Chinese and endure, there is no problem in it! Is it definitely a flying day to protect their wooden leaves?

This is a bit not face ...

The gathering point of the collection point.

The flag-like Kasi listened to the inside and gradually, and the heart was a little relaxed: "The three generations actually arrange the ancient predecessors in this exam? I really shouldn't say that the luck of this group is so good or so bad…"

after awhile.

As time gradually extended, when the gathering point in the collection, he couldn't stand the temper, and a man with a scarred man came in.

"I have been waiting, you."

The hurtful man nodded slightly, Shen Sheng: "I am the main examiner of the first to endure the exam, Sen Nai Ibi."

The mutual turn has finally stopped.

One will take a team into the examination room according to the team.

The first game of the Chinese tolerance is a written test, named the knowledge of the ninja, in fact, to investigate the ability of the Ninja investigation and information.

Coincidentally, the people on the seat next to Shangyuan Nairi is a pill of the ancients, and the original feeling seems to be a special trip to stare at him.

White walked to the seat of the original Nairou, holding a cup of juice on his desk: "Needers, there is already frozen for you."

Shangyuan never took the hand, refers to the old man next to him: "White, give this father a cup."


Another glass of juice was placed on the table of Pillows.

"Thank you."

This old man will bear the trembled hand and grabbed the juice. After looked at the white leaving: "Icong blood followed? I haven't seen it for a long time ... Just use it to the ice juice, it is really a bit of violent heaven!"

Shangyuan Na was rushing a juice, looked at the ancient shakes and grabbed the cup, and the mood was not too beautiful.

Where is it, some people are looking for emperors?

Pillows were different from others, and he installed a lifetime, and it was also a real old skull.

This written test process is not too big.

A group of ninja is very similar, and I want to find an answer from the answer sheet of the answer. The examination room is a cheating.

Just when other ninjas is writing answers in Sha sand sand, Shangyuan Naeu and Pills are slowly drinking juice slowly, and the ribs do not look at it.

"Sucking ..."

"Sucking ..."

Some ninja were discovered by cheating and was disqualified from the examination room. Shangyuan Nairou and the Pillows were still in the cup of juice.

In fact, there is only a little bit of juice, almost empty cups, but the two are still there.

"Sucking ..."

"Sucking ..."

After seeing this scene, Sen Niebi saw that the muscles on the face couldn't stand, he was going to be fried by the two people, and some people dared to endure the exam in his face!

Is this challenged him?

Seeing others to be influenced, Sen Naii finally couldn't help but throw the two hand swords to the cup of the original naval and the pill of the ancients.


Shangyuan Naeu and Pillow Fruits reach out at the same time, caught the hands of Sen Niebi, and easily seek a paper group.


Sen Naiyi is anxious and urgent.

If it is not the instructions of the three generations, he will definitely go out now!

The last assessment of this written test is the fearless courage, as long as the speech of the subject's trial, I can insist on the exam.

What is the answer, it is actually not so important.

The Shangyuan Naoli and Pill Xingtai, who were steadyed on the Diaoyutai, did not sit in his position, as if watching the monkey play, looking at the monkey play.

This written test, two people pass a white roll.

They can actually answer questions, but not necessarily.

No, it should be said that three people pass through white rolls.

In addition to being slowly drinking juice, Shangyuan Nae and Pills, there is still an anger, but I don't answer the question, I want to cheat, but I can't cheat.

After the exam, Sen Niebi's temper was finally suppressed. He Shen Sheng said: "This time some people are lucky, but when you become a corporate head, you will regret yourself today. thing!"

Shangyuan Na will slowly open the mouth: "Just kill all enemies who protect the information, naturally you can get the information, and I can fight it like the enemy of the main examiner."

"This method is not necessarily right."

Pillow is a little bit, adding: "The Method of strong people does not apply to the weak, everything is necessary to have the safety of the task and teammates, but the enemy like the main examiner, I am old, I can only play nine."


The Sen Naii is really wanting to beat people.

Fortunately, he is only responsible for the first exam. When the second exam is, these two guys have no way to cheat through the small means.

Pill Xinggu turned his head and looked at the original naval: "I have not remembered the wrong, the second game of the Treatment test should be a five-day heaven and earth scroll to grab the battle, involving the survival exercise, you have to act with me ? My chef craft is not bad. "

"No, I am not so high for food."

Shangji shook his head.

Pillow fruition is really responsible for monitoring him.

Since I know this, how can I be willing to act with Pillows?