I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 118 Red Beans The idiots (tenth! Subscribe!)

"Really fragrant."

Shangyuan Naeu and Pills are situated in front of a large iron pan, each is holding a tableware to eat the cooking vegetables inside, attracting the surrounding people.

A teacher and a young man endured, clearly seems to have anything, but it is so arrogant. It is really illegal.

Pills is also helpless.

Because of the mistakes in many years ago, the ancient times only wanted to endure for a lifetime, but this time from his old friend and the head boss flying the day of the day, the ancient temples were forced to surveillance.

And in the face of the original navigation, it will be provoked from time to time. Pills can only show his strength and hope he can converge.

"Don't you team up with me?"

After eating together, the Pills made up the cookware and whispered. "Although the intermediary test prohibited the temporary team, there was no particular hard regulation. After all, the final result still depends on the reel of each squad. "

The second rule of the exam is to snatch the heaven and earth scroll.

Each team will issue a reel or the reel of the sky, and if you want to pass, you must set two reels in the world, then reach the high tower of the Death Forest to allow customs clearance.

Now there are about 20 squads through the Treatment exam, which means at least half of the squad.

Shangyuan Na Runned and shaken his head: "My teammates don't want to follow an old man around, let alone white craftsmanship is also very good."

"is it?"

Pills will only sigh here.

After a while, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white collar reel came back, and Shangyuan Nair did not care, just let white reel.


The pharmacist came over and pushed his glasses, respectfully opened his mouth: "What is the reel of Nenta?" We get the reel of the sky. "

The competition has not started, and the reel will be sent to the door.

Shangyuan Needan to look at the pharmacist, put a hand: "What I want, I prefer to take it."

"Is this?"

The pharmacist sighed and shook his head: "It is really regrett ... These little guys are probably going to experience a nightmare, I hope they will not lose confidence from this time."

"Hey, they will definitely experience the nightmare, after all, this test has been mixed in a guy who owes me things, right?"

Shangqi Na Lu quietly opened the destiny display panel, the avatar of the big snake pill is in their vicinity.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses: "This ... I don't know."

"Then you will tell that person!"

Shangyuan Nair's body flashed, suddenly appeared in front of the pharmacist, tightly grabbed his collar: "The things that owe others should return right away, otherwise it will produce interest!"


The forehead of the pharmacist is full of sweat.

The murderous murderous and scared him just now.

Shang Nai was frowned, and it was really scared if the pharmacist was active. After all, this guy is an old spy.

Shangyuan thought for a while, and fell the pharmacist to the ground!

"Hey, you are two, it is forbidden to private!"

A female nintee saw that their movements were so fast, and looked up and looked at the original navigation: "If you want to fight or even kill, as long as you enter the death forest, you can solve it!"

After that, the female ninist's face slowly revealed a cruel smile: "But if I am nothing to do, I will unload eight pieces, understand? I will bear the ghosts!"

The female nintee is the main test of the second exam.


Shang Nai is still looking at the red bean, nodded: "But this guy has been provoking me, I really don't hold back ..."

"Is that right?"

The royal hand washed the red beans and looked at the pharmacist.

I saw that the pharmacist saw the original navigation, and nodded: "It is what he said."

This is really full of embarrassment!

If you don't fight the original naval, the pharmacist has a little bit to screw down the head of the original Na, and see why his brain is so shameless!

"Hey, if you want to provoke the opponent, save the province, wait until the beginning of the battle, you can't kill people!"

After washing the red bean, I got the grin, I took a sweet smile, but I didn't easily died inside. "But I really like these long and beautiful boys!"

"That is really clever."

The smile on the face of the last navigation is rich, looking at the Royal Hand Washing Red Beans: "I also like the main examiner like a sweet and sweet girl ..."

"Then come fine!"

The royal hand washed red beans and patted the original nailed shoulders and turned to leave.

Just when the royal hand wash red beans, after the original navigation, her smile gradually became a bit cruel: "It is an idiot that is not a long blood!"

The most important thing for a ninja is tolerance.

Just now, the original naval is actually thrown in the enemy's provocation, isn't it afraid of being eligible for taking the exam?

The eyes of the pharmacist are gradually strange. He looks at the back of the royal hand wash the red bean. The heart is full of doubts. The woman really is really a disciple of the big snake pill?

How to look so stupid!

She actually believes in the original navigation!

The big snake pill is also hiding in the corner. It has always observed the movement here. He gently pressed the fight against his own, and couldn't help but secretly: "Red bean's idiot!"

Sure enough, he was originally given up the royal hand washing red beans.

I didn't look at the devil's nature of the guy!

It is just that the plan to be in the middle and tentative exam must be more careful, and I have to think that the pharmacist will try the purpose of the original navigation.

The Royal Hand Washing Red Beans did not pay attention to the eyes of the two hates it, she looked at her wrist watch, whispered: "All, immediately rush to your entrance, waiting for the exam official!"

When I got a lot of glow night Jun Ma Lu and white rushing towards their entrance, I just met the seventh class of my face.

When they wiped the shoulders, Yuxi Bozuo suddenly opened: "Hello, the name is the original navigation, don't easily die inside, I will challenge you!"

The flag-like Kaki specially reminds not to provoke the original navigation for no reason, and Yizha Sasuke is planning to take the original navigation as a challenge.

Anyway, he has to challenge a lot.

The stronger the opponent, the greater the help of him.

When I heard Sasuke, the upper corner of Shangyuan Naqi couldn't help but bend, showing a good smile: "Oh? Welcome, if you can overcome my, I can tell you part about Yuxi foot intelligence."