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Chapter 119, the first leeks, the dog can't let go! (Eleventh! Subscribe!)

"and many more…"

Unechebra helped the Shangji Na.

Sasuke's original confidence and proud of the face gradually faded, the face became yin: "Do you know Udi Houki?"


Shangyuan never squinted, smiled: "I escape from his insurance! So there are a lot of information about his intelligence, so you want to get his intelligence, you will overcome me in the death forest. Let's! "

This sentence is nothing wrong with it.

After all, when Shangji Nai, I just joined the Treatment, I did defeat under the eyes of Yuxi Bai, but the Shangyuan Na Rou was slightly soft at that time, and his strength was only very now in one tenth, even less .


Yuxi Bozou helped his fist, and there was a fight against his chest. He smiled and looked at the original naval: "Since you do so, wait until I am defeating you, I can spare you."

"Then look forward to our meeting again."

The original Nairi waved his friendly, with Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white.

After the seventh classes were separated, the white couldn't help but asked: "Shang Shang, how to feel the predecessor and his younger brother is very different ..."


Hui Night Jun Ma Lu also agreed to nod.

Anyone put forward, Jun Ma Lu, this guy is hardly unbard.

After Hui Night Jun Ma Lu nodded, he continued to add: "The top generation is very humble, almost everyone encountered, but his brother is always a very arrogant ..."

"Because I am not worthy!"

Shangji was put on the wind, and there was no way: "Self-righteousness is always a little arrogant, and after playing them, they will become honest."

in the afternoon.

At two or a half.

The entrance of the death forest opened.

Shangyuan Nai looked up and looked at the forest under the sun. He stepped slowly in step: "Jun Ma Lu, white, you go to the high tower, before I arrived at the Tower, I don't want to enter the high tower, just right Also let you experience the thrill of bullying children. "


Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and the white were nodded seriously.

No matter what tasks, white will be implemented carefully.

As for Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, white let him do, what will he do.

After the two left, the original Nairou excitedly smashed his palm: "There are so many treasures here. Should now dig which mine? That is handed over to fate to choose, let me see which team is small What is the nearest? "

Destiny, start start!

Death forest.

The eighth class day, the canine teeth and oil women are relying on their super sense of knowledge, and they can solve a team of enemies through the insects of oil in the oil women. Tiandi reel.

The dog is looking at a team of enemies that they beat them, and they are proud: "We have a big advantage in the survival exercise!"


The day, the young field is not very adaptable to say some arrogance.

Although her identity is high enough, because of the relationship with her father, the whole person looks a little inferior, now it is only low to my little finger.

The oil girl reached his palm, and a black squar was shaking, so that his brow couldn't help but wrinkled.

"Teeth, young fields, we will go to the high tower!"

The oil woman is smashing his head and looks at his two teammates: "My bug tells me, I will be very dangerous here again, the worms in the forest are very afraid!"

"Ah, don't we find anyone else?"

The dog is somewhat surprised to stand up, reached out, holding his puppy in his arms: "Hey, what happened to Chi Pill?"


Chi screamed nervous, indentation in the arms of the dog.

Some of the face of the young lady is somewhat nervous and small channel: "I also feel a sense of crisis, I observe it with the eyes of the white eyes ... White eyes!"

On the day, I opened a moment to the white eyes of the young field, and her face became frank, because it was on the big tree behind them, I didn't know when I was sitting a young ninja.

On the day, I suddenly turned into the big tree behind myself!

"It is a wooden white eye ..."

A young ninja flying down, holding a wild fruit in his hand, biting a boring, rushing to the three children of the eighth class: "Good afternoon, my name is the original navigation, then next For three seconds, please advise. "

"Three seconds?"

The eyes of the canine is some doubts.

Next moment, his eyes suddenly set!

A huge force hit on the dog sorrow, took his entire man and hit it on a tree!

On the white eyes of the young field, I have long noticed the movement of the original Nairi, and I waited my palm and loudly: "Soft, gossip ..."


White eyes are also flying!

The oil female Zhi is trying to avoid the attack of the original Needle, but I arrived at the palm of his throat, and I fell to the ground.

"Three seconds, just."

Shangyuan Na will lose half of the wild fruit, slowly walk to the canine teeth, and reach out to remove the heaven and earth scroll from his body.

Chi pill bravely jumped from the dog sorrow, Zhang Dou was rushing to the original navigation: "Wang Wang Wang ..."

"Oh, I almost forgot to have you."

Shangqi Nairou reached out to catch the little dog cub, holding his fist, and felt it in the past.

"and many more!"

The dog is covered with his own chest. "Don't hurt the barefill, we have lost, what can I want, I can give you!"


Shangqi Nairou fainted the Chi pills, and threw it to the dogs in the canine, and turned out of the two scrolls from his bag: "I will not only hit your puppy, you also want you. Take away! "

After that, I got the reel of the reel and disappeared.

The three small guys in the eighth class , . .

Dogwalk after the injury of Chi, after the injury of Chi, "the bastard is too bad! It is even if the bullion is bullied, and even the Chi will not let go!"


On the day, I nodded to the next look.

The oil woman is very sensible. He low voice: "This is to let us lose the combat power, but at least he did not kill us, it means that in these five days, we also have the opportunity to re-collect the reel "

"I can only start again."

The dog is sigh, struggling to stand up, Shen Sheng: "When you encounter him next time, we must be cautious. It is absolutely no longer like it just now!"


On the day, I took my lower belly, and I nodded.

the other side.

Shangyuan Nair's mood is a bit good, defeating the bonus brought by the eighth class, which is too much higher than the reward of defeating a wind movie.

If it is not very good for him, the Shangyuan is really increasingly regretful, and there is no choice for opening the leaves.

Branch task: Collecting the Treatment of the Tenni Roll (11), the task has been completed, reward 300 gold coins.

Branch mission: Beat the canine (11), the task has been completed, reward the skills to hunt.

Hunting Larity: You enter stealth sneak - accelerated, you can directly sense the precision position of all enemies within 2 kilometers, duration 20 seconds, minimum Chakra consumes 20 points, cooling time 55 seconds.

This skill is simply a must-have for field survival.

Although the detection of fate is very high, Chakra is also very consumed, even if it is just a few minutes of the enemy, observe the movement of the enemy, and consumes thousands of Chakra, which is far less than the sense of hunting.

After all, the skill of Hunting Lick Chakra is too low, and Shangyuan Na is completely unscrupulous to continue to open a sense of hunting law.

Not to mention this skill, you will also bring your stealth effect.

Branch mission: Defeat Chi Pill (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the psychic pendant magic cat leisure.

Tongling Contract: Summon the magic cat leisure, consume Chakra 1000 points, can consume 1 check by 1 point Check to the existence of .

Branch mission: Defeat the oil female Zhizai (11), the task has been completed, reward the skills voids.

Void insect group: You can summon a group of void insects, each void insect spirit will consume 40 points of Chakra, 4 seconds in the skill cooling time; The new void insects; voids cannot stay away from the summon 10 kilometers.

Shangning Nai was caught in meditation.

If he has been stimulated into a madness, incarnation of a big oppression of the world, you can summon the voids in the world, try to kill all the life of the endurance, just don't know that these voids will not resist

In case of being killed by ordinary ninja three-box, it is purely to add.

After all, there are more ordinary ninjas, and you can't help you.

Branch mission: Beat the day to the young field (11), the task has been completed, and the gold coin is 100.


Shangyuan Na Ruo is a question mark.

No mistakes, this is the day to the young, the super popular woman in the fire, how can I reward 100 gold coins? 100 gold coins is the worst reward!

Shangyuan Nai felt and pulled the system panel, looked at the task about the young Tiantian, a pile of chaos, so that he didn't look at it!

"Is there anything that is a task?"

Shangyuan Na was turned on the forehead, and sighed. "Forget it, let's go to cut the leeks!"