I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 121 is the seventh class of two people (13th! "

Nara deer pill face is very calm.

Just his heart has begun to quickly analyze the information in the original navigo, from those intelligence that can be used in words.

Spring Sakura mentioned before the exam, Shangyuan Nair is flagmic Kakasi must have reminded the opponent that will not be easy to recruit before the game.

Moreover, this is called the enemy of the original navigation in front of him. I have been in contact with other ninja, and I should be a relaxed win in his state.

This guy is just a person who is alone, and the situation is very strange when it comes out, proves that he can do it alone to win a squad.

This is a very dangerous enemy.

Nara Loune's mouth smiled and laughed and said with the original navigation: "What is your need to be a scroll? Maybe we don't need to fight?"

"Is this abandoned?"

Shangyuan Na is a sigh of sigh.

Just when Nara Luhui thought that they were able to negotiate, Shangyuan Na's fists suddenly smashed his lower abdomen!

Shang Nai is standing on Nara Deer Pill, holding a small belly, shakes his head: "Unfortunately, I don't need a reel, but a battle."

"Deer Pills! Meatball!"

When Qikao Ding saw Nara Deer Pill, his face was suddenly changed, and his eyes flashed a meal. The whole person turned his body into a ball, and rushed over to Shangji!


Diwa Ding is flying!

Shangyuan Na will slowly look at the wild in the mountains in the mountains, I saw this blonde girl's face showed a smooth smile: "Our strength is very weak, there is no sense to fight with us?"

"But I will make me give birth to some pleasure."

Shangji Nai was in front of the wild in the mountains in the mountains, whispered: "You are a girl, I have to be modest, you can have the power ..."

"I chose to surrender!"

The wild in the mountains raised their own hands.

The current pig deer butterfly is too tender, they don't realize the meaning of their own battle, and the strength is too weak.

"Do not."

Shangji, I was holding my fists, put in front of the wild in the mountains: "I mean, you can choose to use the fist or foot to fight you."


In the mountain in the mountains turned to look at the Nara deer pill and not far away from the autumn, the heart is low, and the heart is low: "Can you be a little?"

"of course!"

Shangji is a good smile.

In the next second, the wild in the mountains in front of the wild, suddenly lost the perception.

After a while, the pig deer butterfly three people were lying here. When an old man finally found it, he raised his own caulded to start cooking.

"What enemies have you encountered?"

The old man is slowly holding a spoon and stirring a big pot, whispered: "Is it a ninja called Shangji?"


Nara Deer Pill means a deep look at the old man, replied directly: "He didn't kill us, and didn't take our reel, just knocking us down."

The old man nodded, slowly swallowed: "It seems that he will only lose your interest in these little guys after the reel."

Previously, the old man has been tracking the trail of the original Needle, I haven't checked it. I have encountered the eighth class and sandy my arms of the defeated. Now I have encountered a pig deer team, I finally confirmed the original purpose.

Simply, it is to rely on your strength to beat new people.

The nature is a bit bad!

This old age sheds a sigh, greeted them: "After eating this pot, you will continue the exam!"

"Yes, seniors."

Nara Loda nodded carefully.

the other side.

Shangji is three skills.

There are still many people who like the pig deer butterfly!

Branch Task: Defeat Duo Ding (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills power sprint.

Power sprint: shrink your body into a spherical rapid impact, greatly increase your mobile speed, last 6 seconds, the skill minimum consumption of 60 points Chekla, skill cooling time 8 seconds.

In an instant of this skill, Shangyuan Nair decided to block it, after all, this skill is too damaged!

Branch Task: Beat the Wellness (11) in the mountains (11), the task has been completed, and the reward skill hypnotic bubbles.

Hypnosis bubble: After kicking a hypnotic bubble, after the enemy is 1.5 seconds, it will cause the enemy to fall in a sleeping state, the duration is 3 seconds; if the hypnotic bubble power is exhausted, it will form a hypnosis in the target area. The skill minimum consumption Chakra 80, the skill cooling time is 10 seconds.

The original Nair is a parameter, this skill is estimated to be used very low, after all, the possibility of his hit is too low.

Then there is only the reward of Nara Laoli!

Branch mission: defeating Nara Laoli (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills is affected! Fragrance.

Jiaoji! Fragrance: Release a shadow, every release skill, the shadow is separated by the same skill, while the body can be separated from the shadow, the skill consumption Chakra 40 points, cooling time 10 seconds.

When Shangji is coming, I frowned: "How to feel a bit like the tempering of instantaneous water, it doesn't matter."

If it is not able to exchange positions, this so-called shadow! It is better to furnise as the ordinary morality of the endurance!

A black lacquered shadow is stupid to stand there ...

If this TM is impossible to qualify for graduation in the ninja school?

"The next is to find the day to Ning." Well? "

After the original navigation opened the destiny skill, his face suddenly changed, because in his observation, staying in the final big meal immediately to be robbed!

Shangyuan Nai is hate and hates a punch. The whole person quietly disappears in the original place: "Al almost forgot the babels of the big snake pills, I can do it first ... that but I want to stay in the collorate! "

The two guys in the seventh class are absolutely can't be human.

In the operation of the big snake pill, Yuxi Bocho first became black, and the probability of the whirlpool Naruto is certainly greatly reduced. According to Shangtang Na, the Naruto Black has become a rebellious reward absolutely very high. !

The embarrassment of the endurance is the existence of the existence!

The outer ring of the dead forest.

The seventh class is only a detected enemy. Unechebra is a good mood, and his self-confidence is more.

Yizhi Bozuo is looking for the location of the original Nairi, after all, in order to get the information of Utizhi, Sasuke is willing to pay attention to every price.

What's more, I'm arrogant is active!

Yizhi Bozuo has confidently full of two teammates: "According to my guess and observation, we will then search for the trail of the north of the north, by the way, simply test the reel of a place ..."

"But Sasuke ..."

There are some worries on the face of Spring Sakura: "Carti teacher specializes in us, don't cause the people who call the original navigation!"

The whirlpool sounds waved, and he smiled and said that he said: "Little Sakura, but the challenge is more meaningful!"

"Naruto said yes."

Yizhi Bozuo helps to agree with the view of the crane in the team, his fingers are overlapping together, Shen Sheng: "And I want to kill Uzhi Pub men, you must get his intelligence."

That is the killing of the altruation!

After four years ago, after the night of the energetic family, Unechebao thought the most daily, that is, killing Uzhi Subiches!

The worry on the Spring Sakura is not scattered, but the two teammates are consistent. She can only agree with: "I hope that we will find the people who call the original navigation as soon as possible ... Sasuo will be able to overcome him, get what you want!"

"Thank you."

Sasuke nodded, broke his teammate, thank you for his teammates, and the face of Chunye Sakura had been placed.

Just at this time, a Chinese voice appeared around them: "Do you want to defeat the original navigation now?"

A tall and thin man has emerged from the ground and appears in front of the seventh class.

The man pressed against his own fight, reach out of the long tongue, licking his lips, looking at the three little guys in the seventh class: "It's a group of innocent ghosts, always like some no margin daydream…"

Shangyuan Na, but even the man who does not dare to defeat!

This group of little guys who don't know the sky will also dare to challenge the original navigation. This kind of move is simply different from the death.

Instead of making them dying in the hands of Shangyuan Na, it is better to let him try to test the power of Unecheli, see if he is eligible to become a container.

The man is fighting down the sight of the seventh class, which makes people look cold, and only the murderous murder of this man is, let the whirlpool people have scared!

The thin and high man wrinkled his own brow, looked at the performance of the seventh class, and the eyes were very unreasonable: "Is there only this level?"

"Bastan, don't look small, Zhiso!"

Yuxio sauo helped to grasp the bitterness and no, let him stand from the murderous fear, rushing up towards the thin man!

When the seventh class and the thin high man have just started fighting, the other has quietly falling around them.

The second visitor is the last navigation.

The thin tall man who is looking at the big snake pill is the seventh class, and there is a unfair to the face: "The big snake pill, dare to blem my good thing, kill you!"

The current seventh class wants to defeat the big snake pill is a heaven.

I haven't long been too long, whether Yuxi Bozuo is also easy to knock down by the big snake pill, even a tentative fight against the fight.

"Not bad, double hook jade wrote the eyes, long and beautiful, encountering the real strong, dare to resist."

After the big snake pill, his neck suddenly stretched, and his head flew to the direction of Unechebra, and the Zhang was bite the back neck!

Some madness in the sound of the big snake pill: "But in order to avoid you to find the original navigation, you will accept my gift! If you want to use this force in your own body, go to me! Remember my name. , My name is the big snake! "


The teeth of the big snake pill suddenly bite on a person's arm!

Yischo Sasuke suddenly appeared a young man, reaching out, helping him block the snake mouth of the big snake.

The big snake pill looked at the face of the man, flashing a shock and retreat in his eyes: "How can this guy appear here? Do you shouldn't be in the Tower in the high tower in his strength and speed?"