I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 126 Bullying new people can be interested! (Second! Subscribe!)

Time passed a little bit.

The pharmacist has been caught in a reflection. Does he really want to be upland?

Just put it on the Shangyuan Naji with a vast body and a huge doubt.

No, the body and the experimental idea are prepared for the big snake pill!

Mom, he didn't get anything!

If it is not a spy's psychological quality, the pharmacist has now put on the original navigation, this guy wants to secretly control the big snake pills, just go to the troubles of the big snake pill, why come to him!

"Time is up."

Shangyuan Nai Lu interrupted the idea of ​​the pharmacist, I saw that the Shangyuan had to lose a check of Chakra gold, and the pharmacist stopped him.


The pharmacist looked up and looked at the original navigation, Shen Sheng said: "When the big snake pill, he gave me some chances of truth and see the world truth; if I rely on you, you can give me what?"

"what do you want?"

Shang Qi Nai Luoked a question, added another sentence: "I am talking about, you really want it in your heart, not others let you want."

"of course."

The pharmacist smiled and pushed his own glasses and thought that he finally mastered a powerful power, and Zhang said his own opinion: "I want ... I want ... What ..."

Pharmacist pocket case.

The pharmacist has fallen into silence.

Today, he seems to have been working hard, but I don't know what I really want!

"This way, I will help you recall?"

The original Naqi stretched his palm, blue Chakra slowly entered the brain of the pharmacist: "My illusion can make you see the most fearful things in my heart, maybe you can get answers there."

Silent fear.

It can make people experience the most terrible nightmare in life in a second.

After a second, the pharmacist woke up from the nightmare!

The pharmacist is uncontrolled, and tears wet his glasses. His voice suppressed his pain: "Dean ... don't die, I will save you ... I will save you. ... Dean ... I am ... Pharmacist! Tagang he lies you, dean! "

Shangqi Nair, looking down on the wolf, a little incentive, and asked: "Now you know what you want?"

"…Ok, Ok…"

There are some excitement on the face of the pharmacist: "Can the dean really resurrect? Needar, I have been resurrected, you can do it!"

The sound of the pharmacist is getting bigger and bigger, his throat is already awkward: "Needar, you can do it! You can do it! Needer!"


The original Nairi feels that the stone has smashed his feet, and the resurrection of the post will actually avoid death.

Shangyuan Nairies know that the dean in the pharmacist is the pharmacist wild, but the dean of the orphanage has died for some years. If you want to resurrect the pharmacist Yeaiyu, you can only use the dirt to reincarn the resurrection, and then use the turn back to heaven resurrection…

This is really no way.

It is a bit trouble.

Shangyuan Na defeated a sigh of relief, looking at the pharmacist, you have to wait for a while, you can find her body, reincarnate the resurrection of the resurrection in advance, anyway, we will resurrect her sooner or later, don't worry Will ... "


The body of the pharmacist suddenly fell into stiff.

In the next second, the pharmacist took a few steps to the place, fell to the ground: "The dead of the dean was secretly dealt with by the group."

The pharmacist wild is the most successful spy of the leaves.

How can Zhidun Treasures will let the body of the pharmacist Yeaiyu are omitted outside, that is, it is very likely to disclose the wooden confidentiality!

All hopes, the moment is abrasive.

Shangji, I lost my dejected pharmacist, couldn't help but ask: "Do you want to consider killing the group, revenge or complete her wish?"


The eyes of the pharmacist flashed in the eyes!

At this moment, he seems to re-find the hope of life!

The pharmacist took a look at his fist and smashed it on the tree: "I will kill the group, and then return to the will of the sean in the village!"

Shangyuan Nair squatted his eyes, like helpless booths: "If you don't rely on me, then your two ideas can't be done."


The pharmacist looked with the original navigation in his eyes, Shen Sheng: "If I rely on Needar, will you help me kill the group?"

"It can be possible ..."

Shangji took a shot of his forehead: "But there are many people who want to kill the group, because he is too much, you have to wait for a while."

Xiaonan and the long gates are still waiting for the information he collects!

"I can wait."

The pharmacist will continue to say: "When I completed your mission, I can let me leave the big snake pill, go back to the orphanage of the wooden leaves? I want to pay attention to the displaced orphans in the warfare war ..."

"Would you like to consider getting a orphanage in Yuyin Village?"

Shang Nai fell by the finger, according to his own forehead, some bought: "I believe that your dean is definitely the same deep love for all orphans, the wooden leaves are so dark village, really Is it a person with a big love? "

When it comes to the end, Shangyuan Na will be able to have a little bit to have a bit: "Well, tell you the truth, the wooden leaves are not safe."


The pharmacist nodded in the place: "In the future, I can go to Yuyin Village to open the orphanage, but I will accept all the people's displaced children, whether it is the country of fire, the country of the wind ... this may take a big money."

Because the pharmacist is a young man who is a country.

I want to come to the pharmacist Yeaiyi really has a kind of loving heart, and all the children have the same big love.

"money is not a problem."

Shangqi Nai Loud: "My teacher has also established the orphanage of Yuyin Village, I want to get the orphan of the war of rain, just, you can help her in the future."

"I don't have anything else."

The pharmacist looked at the original navigation, put a look of a neck, and if you believe in me, I will handle everything, guide the big snake pills to study, this kind of creature, but I hope the experiment is true. "

"Reassured, the white is definitely the most suitable non-corpse reincarnation."

Shangyuan Needle to look at the system panel, a long-lasting mission finally completed, even a few attached tasks.

Branch mission: Have three parts (33), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy 1000 points, Chakra energy 1000 points, natural energy 1000 points.

This reward is not rushed to usually, and the life energy of Shangyuan Naqi, Chakra energy and natural energy have all broken 10,000.

Hidden tasks: Help pharmacists pay attention to themselves (11), the task has been completed, reward passive skills are supernatural.

Super: Get 10% skill cooling and reduction.

This reluctant is a bit used, just interrupted the plan for the original navigation to buy equipment. In case there is a reduction in skill cooling, isn't it a waste of gold coins?

Now the cooling of the top is 60%, and all the skills in his skills will not need any cooling time. I don't know if the system will limit ...

Branch mission: Recruitment of the drug brocket becomes your spy (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skill mirror water months.

Mirror Water Month: After a second, you can make one of the same faces in place, which can't tell the true and false.

Up to the original Needs, this is not a high-level approach!

This is too bad!

However, the original navigation did not care. Anyway, he just cut a pig deer and the eighth class of leeks, and now the leaf of 12 small leaves have no cut.

From these wooden small guys, he has got a lot.

The pharmacist is not a matter of this side.

"Okay, I will go busy first."

Shangji took a look at the drug teacher, whispered: "It is the person in charge of the information, all the white people are all in their hands, how to mention this thing to the big snake pill, don't need me to guide?"

"of course."

The pharmacist smiled and said: "Needers Needers don't have to worry about this, I will deal with it, what are you going to do now?"

"I am going to bully new people."

On the face of Shangyuan Na, he revealed a happy smile: "I tell you, bullying new people can be interested!"

Pharmacist: "..."

Is this new boss not mentally disabled?

Just pressing the wind? Go to bully new people?

The pharmacist is a little doubt. Is he going to be wrong?