I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 128, Shangyuan Na, is not good at printing! (Fourth! First order more!)

"It's really hard, this old man ..."

Pill Xinggu took a shot of his old waist, and he walked to the side.

It's just that the speech is somewhat fine. Shangyuan Nair and Li Luoke have not heard what he said, and two people don't have time.

"Wooden whirlwind!"

As a pure body ninja, Li Luoke, his speed is much more than other new people who want to be anti-his newcomers, and strength is also stronger!

His kick, I can play the wind!

Just this is still not enough.

At the end of the original Nair, he went to the waist of LiLick.

Shangyuan Na, a life energy exceeding 10,000, is not the enemy of Xiaomei, which is like Li Luoke!

The brow wrinkled with the ancients of the pill, and looked at Li Luke on the ground.

Shouting so happy, is it so fast?

Just now, he looked at the gap between the original navigation and Li Luoke. This gap is no longer the skill.

Single only is in vital, the enemy is already dangerous!

, I really arrange a big trouble!

"Expectant elders."

After the arrival of the two tricks, after Laock, he knead his wrist, showing a smile of livestock in ancient Pillow: "I sent this little guy to their collection. Two teammates also Waiting for him there! "


The face of the pill is a little confused. After a moment, he can't help but smoke: "The two little guys are also knocked down by you?"

"Hey, just learn to come."

Shangyuan Nai was humiliated.

Shangyuan Nair took a collar of Li Luke, with this green tights, also lost him to Ning and the collection point of daily.

On the day, Ning's eyes are somewhat spooky: "What do you want? Defading us, don't grab our reel ..."

"I don't want to want"

Shang Nai, I thought about it, simply when I was a wicked, a word, the day, I went to Neijiu, I'm ruthless: "I just look at your strength is too weak and bully."

What is certain of the system task?

Branch mission: Beat the day to Ning (11), the task has been completed, reward crane flowing skills.

Branch mission: Beat Likock (11), the task has been completed, reward Turtle Surgery strokes.

Shangyuan Needo a little scratch, touch the system's routine.

On the day, Ningjun is the soft punch of the body, Li Luok represents the justice of the body's department, and a team of the third class district actually accommodated two major surgery.

The problem is to defeat these two guys, why is the award?

With his energy intensity, single is just a pure strength, can you still crush your opponent? Where do you need more fighting skills?

Is it worried that after defeating LiLock and the day, I will be directly looking for my door to kill it. I specially gave some fighting skills?

It's really outrageous!

However, these vital fighting skills may be actually played, there is no bitter to see, nothing more than the mouth, , hands and feet continue to the enemy ...

Just the system's branch task rewards have such fighting skills, isn't that I can look forward to defeating the reward of Metakai in the future?

It is best to have a good punch!

There is still the last task reward.

When I saw the task of defeating every day, my face was finally strange. This girl is really a true role!

Branch mission: Beat every day (11), the task has been completed, rewarding hidden inheritance tasks.

Hidden inheritance tasks: I have made my choice. Say a correct name (01)

"Ignorant blade Cartrina."

At the end, I sighed and sighed, and I looked at a coma every day. I had a hot radiant in my eyes. There are still a lot of tasks about every day!

If every task reward is so rich ... I don't seem to have a lot of money!

The task is completed, and heroic inherit is opened.

The blade of the ejaculation: throwing a chakra dagger, and after connecting the two enemies around the target, it will fall behind the target, the skill cooling time is not, the skill is consumed.

Waiting for the opportunity to send: throw a chakra dagger, skill cooling time is not, the skill is consumed.

Instant: You can flash all the friends, the enemy and any dagger, the skill cooling time is not, the skill is consumed.

Death Lianhua: Incarry into a hurricane, rapidly shooting countless Chakra daggers, the enemy around, and the skill cooling time is not, the skill is consumed.

The eyes of Shangyuan Na will flash slightly, single only seems that these skills are not very good, but it is actually combined but far more than this.

At least one instant, almost used as a low-cost version of the flying thunder!

And in the battlefield, the instant is almost allowed to appear on the side of any enemy, which is just outrageous!

Perhaps because of a particular reason, the system thinks that this hero is not strong?

It's a big magic of the truth!

Inside the skill of the reward after defeating her, including the offensive mode of the dagger and the time-space characteristics!

These skills have no cooling time. Only these four skills will take the four skills to the village from the east of the village, and the eyes are not blusted!

Ok, it's time to experiment.

Shangyuan Nai turned his head and looked at his pills nearby, Shen Sheng said: "Seniors, now I am talking about what we are between us ... Since it comes, then you can also follow me. Come and make a game! "

"Is there any room for discussing?"

Pill Xing Gusis can only appear, caught his own tights: "If you lose, immediately rush to the high tower, can this condition?"

"of course can."

On the hands of Shangyuan Na, a purple Chakra wide sword appeared, laughed and opened: "If the seniors lose, let alone this tolerance test, no problem?"

Pillow is ancient sigh, shakes the head: "This condition is not right, but I agree!"

The voice falls!

The old man fiercely looked at the original navigation, and he knit three handprints: "The water dragon bomb!"

Pillow is a big trick directly.

Not more than he chooses to do this, after all, his age is really big, only a certain degree of aging is only a certain degree of aging, and the body fight is definitely not as Shangyuan Na.

Moreover, the head of the agula is discovered in Chakra exhibition in Chakra in the hands of the original navig, and the priestology of the original naval is not weak.

Then I can only rely on Ibe.

The water of the water, the water dragon bomb is generally forty-four handprints. Only the magazine of the pills, the teachings between the second-generation rigs, only four handprints can be tied.

Such a sudden defense, the Shangyuan Nair is definitely can't avoid!

Sure enough, the expression of Shangyuan Nairi is hysteresis, almost simultaneously starting to combat his handprint, even in panic.

He wants to use the water to bear!

It's just a rushing, who is afraid of who!

The face of the pill is a little relaxed. He finally discovered the weakness of the original Nair, that is, this little guy's printer is not fast!

This is really a good news.

In the heart of Pill, the ancient temples have a calculation. He can use it to be used to fight, so that the original navigation will be unfamiliar, this little ghost is not big, maybe for the need to be exquisite to check Chakra, it is not particularlisted!

After all, the body of the original Needle is strong enough. If his sickness is also very strong, is there any other ninja's live head?

Between the moment, the agite of the pill is completed.

The huge dragon rushed from the front of the Pillow, and the Zhangkou took advantage of the position of the original Needle!