I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 129, Shangyuan, is a good person! (Fifth! First order more! Subscribe!)

Dragon whistling!

The original Nairi is still in the printing, and the mouth is still awkward: "Dry! Cartry, this guy is inventive, how much, this is what ghost printing, so trouble, missing a few should have no problem? "

After that, the Shangyuan simply gave up the continued printing, and he closed his palm: "The rose of the water!"

The huge waves rushed to the sky, and the momentated dragon was shocked!

The eyes of the head of the aggress of the agglomeration of the aggressive, although the original navigato seems to have a defect in the tangle printing, but his stylus is very powerful.

Looking at the tsunami who is touched, the pill is once again combined again: "Water waters!"

The ancient water array wall is significantly different from the water arrays of other ninja.

His water array is also like the water array of the second-generation rigid shadow, and quickly turns into a hollow cylinder, surrounded himself!

The waves gradually returned ...

After the ambiguous wall of the water array, the cold eye looked at Shangyuan Na, it was not far away, and he was able to make a tutoring war. He seized the flaws of the original navigation and defeating him.

"Water, water rushing!"

This time I turn to the counterattack of Pillow!

With the surf surrounding surrounding, the head of the aggress of Pills completed the printing of water rushing, and the waves went to the original navigation!

What's more, this ancient times will start direct printing, and avoid the sight of Shangyuan Na.

When the original reaction came over, the waves of water rushing waves have swept!

Shangqi Nai Lu continued to smash a few handprints: "Mom, sooner or later, make the ghosts into sour fish! What is the printed print of this guy, how to use it?"

The Shangyuan symbolically completed several handprints, released their skills before the waves came to: "The wind of the wind!"

A wind wall appeared between the majority of the original Naqi, directly blocked the waves of the water, and the sea was even wrapped in the wind wall!

The ancient times have firm firm confidence.

However, his face is still not very beautiful: "Although this guy's print gesture is much worse than others, his stylus is very powerful ... Maybe this is also a fair exchange?"

This should be confirmed.

Because the head of the agula, the face will always be a little impatient when the original navigation is printed, it seems that it really doesn't like the printing.

This is also normal.

After all, the body of the original navigation is already strong enough, can you waste Chakra?

Think carefully, think about the harsh behavior of their wooden leaves ...

Obviously, the original Na Ruo, this guy has always been fighting than his weak people, and he has become accustomed to bullying before the enemy is even more stronger than him.

Theuts were looking at the original navigation and sighed a little: "It's a great genius, just because of your talent lost my mind ..."

Sigh, sigh, regret, regret!

Taking this opportunity, the ancient times still continued to print, his eyes are tightened, looking at Shangyuan Na, who is finally impatient, cold, cold channel: "Water ..."

In the next second, the Pill Xing has suddenly seen the original navigation disappeared in the vision, so that his heart is not very frightened, he finally gave up the print, touch his own tips!

A palm suddenly grasped the ancient wrist!

Let's let the ancient heart suddenly cool!

In the near body confrontation, Pill Xing Ancient Jean believes that his own win can be low, not to mention, he is also raised by Shangji.

The sound of Shangyuan Nae is like the fried thunder, his voice sounds incomparably, gloomy: "Seniors, you release the sickness is not finished?"

"It's just two tolerance ..."

When the Pill Xing was reversed, while quickly spread, I broke it away from the context of the upper, quickly pulled out my tutor!

Just after he once again discovered that the original navigation disappeared in front of him.

It's another palm to grab his wrist from behind, and even directly slammed his tackle!

Pill Xingfu did not dare to have a confidentiality and slowly turned his head and looked at the original naval: "You's instant surgery, beyond imagination!"

"it's common!"

Shangyuan Needan re-inserted his scabbard, whisper continued: "Our leader is half-ninja, half hidden adults teach me the instant."

The diarrhea of ​​the ninja half-god pepper half-hidden instant is really fast.

Ninja half-god people teach the instant surgery, what can I say?

The old man's body gradually relaxed, and the body was in a moment: "Admire, it seems that the old will only give up the opportunity to promote the promotion ..."


The original neckline is ahead.

Expected, this old man, how do you play it here!

Shangyuan Needan is not a vague, Shen Sheng: "I just think that the predecessors are not necessary, it is estimated that the predecessors can be promoted to the wooden leaves! If the wooden leaves do not find the strength of the seniors, I will find A chance to mention Mr. Kakasi mentioned the will of the predecessors to promote the promotion, let him help up. "

"I can't do it."

The ancient times is busy, knocking on the old waist: "Amazing, just do the ordinary entrusted task to do it ..."


Shangyuan Needa did not continue to ridicule, after all, he got a grand prize!

Hidden task: Beat a true wooden leaf to endure (11), the task has been completed, reward the life energy 3000 points, Chakra energy 3000 points, natural energy 3000 points.

This hidden task is not excluded.

After all, Pillows and Maitkai pioneered the first generation of the woods!

Since then, the wooden leaves are getting more and more unpacking until the swirls and Yizhi Bozuo have opened a big era of six people.

"Right, there is one thing."

Shangqi Nai Luo took the head of the head of the pill, whispering: "After leaving here, please report it immediately to the valuus high-level report, S-Shen Jing, the big snake pill is not in the death forest!"


The face of the head of the pill is changed.

This name is not that he can cope!

"Yes, I have temporarily scared him with the name of the half-hidden adult."

Shangyuan Nagou is nonsense, he continues to say: "Dabin Pill is trying to attack Mr. Kassea, I scared him!

I met the big snake pill, I want to assassinate our primary examine, I scared him with the name of the half-hidden adult, but I dare not guarantee that he will still appear!

I have to rush to the seventh class and share it, and by the way, I will protect them from the attack of the big snake pill. I hope that after Mr. Gu, I didn't deliberately violate the rules. "

"I understand."

Pillow is a little bit of serious places, and the big snake pills hit such a big thing, and the endurance test is simple in the pediatrics, saying that it will be suspended soon!

Full face solemnly towards the original navigation: "I can't cope with my strength, there is a lot of safety in the death forest, I will temporarily, I will go to the three-generation rigid adults!"

I originally observed the observation of Shangyuan Nairi, he thinks this is not too bad, but some bad fun and weak ninja.

It looks now, and the original Nair is still a good person.

Single only is the original dare to protect the weak ninja, which means that his body is still some positive energy, and he seems to have a good impression on the leaves.