I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 132 Uncomfortable High Tower (Third!)

Reborn in pain!

Have to say, this sentence is indeed very conforming to the life of Sasuke.

The original Nairou has not woken up from this rich reward. Which hero says is the one hero?

He didn't hear it at all.

Shangyuan Needan to think about it, according to the previous reward, about Unecheo Sasuke's current task reward should be related to the fire, that is, the hero with fire properties.

If you can't do it, it is the hero of the Torure property.

Shangyuan Na is densely read two names: "Dark female Anne, revenge Flame Brid ..."

The task is completed, and heroic inherit is opened.

When I arrived at the last navigation, I used to have all this, but when he saw four skills, his face was still a bit more can't rest.

Flame Brand: Out of a rapid flying fireball, fireball will detonate the enemy and its surrounding area, the skills minimize Chakra 50, the skill cooling time is 3 seconds.

Column of flame: After 0.6 seconds, in the target area, a flame column, everything in the burning area, the skill minimum consumption is 60 points, the skill cooling time is 4 seconds.

Burning of the fire: can trigger a strong burst flame from the enemy, burning the enemy's body, the minimum skill minimum consumption Chakra 70 points, the skill cooling time is 4 seconds.

Flame Storm: After released a destructive flame, it will bounce attack at the enemy around the target, minimum 5 shots, the skill minimum consumption Chakra 100 points, the skill cooling time is 40 seconds.

Starting today, Shangyuan Na will call himself for the fire.

He has just got through the hero, every fire skill is very powerful, especially in which the fire is burning, it can actually have a flame, and there is still a bit like the way of attack!

Of course, the most terrible is still a flame storm, as long as the original Nakra is enough, you can make the flame storm spread the entire battlefield!

The only problem is ...

This type of surgery is likely to be under the water array wall.

"Forget it, look back to find someone persimmon ghosts experiment."

Shangyuan Nae lost his head to the Unechebao defeated by himself, his face was again and good, waving for the injury of the body.

Next to the Sakura, Sakura, I saw that the injuries of Sasuo were all cured, bite her own lips: "Medical tolerance should be very simple, and can also help Zuo Hao and Naruto ..."

It's just that Shanye Sakura doesn't know. It is not the same as everyone's medical tachone, which is as easy as the original navigation. Even if it is a current plan.

Shangyuan Na will not pay attention to the spring wild cherry. He just smiles. Sashers, the attitude is obviously cold from the battle: "Sasuke, although your strength is still some, but your talent and efforts are not missing, I I believe that you can exceed Uzhi Pub soon. "

Anyway, I don't have to spend money!

As for the pile of messy Yisi Poso, if you don't die, you can only be a brother. If you don't have to say these words, you don't have to say anything.

Unechebra is helpful, but the Upper is very trying to retain the leek seedlings, and it can be cut in the future.


Sasukes obviously uncomfortable speed fast, his emotions faded quickly, and even some self-hendo: "But I can't overcome ..."

"Win n't I don't have normal?"

Shangqi Nairou smiled and took the shoulders of Sasuke: "Ha, in fact, I lost it to Yishuo, I was only twelve years old, and now I'm thinking in front of me, he is easy to say that it is easy to say Fight with me! "

"You are sixteen years old ..."

Although Yuxi Bozuo knows that the original naval is in motivating him, Sasuke still starts to lower the estimate, he is deeply said: "I absolutely can't spend four years before you can defeat Urshi, I can't wait for so long!"


The expression on the face is suddenly hysteresis.

Four years later, Sasuke could not overcome Yuxi Budo, I still say two, Zhang Dou crady to the original navigation, Yuxi Bozuo helped this guy than the original imagination!

"Okay, don't say this."

Shangyuan Na will turn to the whirlpiece, the smile on the face is more good: "Naruto, do you want me to point to you?"

"Hey, is it true?"

The expression on the whirlpool is a little delight.

Just after the whirlpool, the Shanye Sakura, next to the Sakano Sakura, on the head of the Naruto: "Naruto, we are still participating in the exam!" Can wait until the end of the exam! "

Some jumps are a bit wronged when the whirlpool is: "But Sasuke ..."

The spring wild cherry is a punch. "Sasuke is an important thing to ask for the original seniors! Don't waste time!"

Spring Sakura is really a old double sign.

Under the persecution of the little girl in this powder, the whirlpiece temporarily gave up the idea of ​​the original navigation to discuss, first rushed to the center Tower to complete the second exam.

The expression of Shangyuan Nae gradually became a little strange. If you get along these days, the spring wild cherry is broken, he is a lot of things, this account is early to calculate it ...

Of course, in the spring wild cherry, it is certainly not able to stand up, or if you don't count the teacher of the Sakura Sakura?

Death forest.

Center Tower.

Now I gathered a lot of squades here, all the battle occurred every moment, because the team got the reel couldn't enter the high tower, did not get the slogan of the reel directly to grab it!

Even if this exam prohibits the team to form allies, the Ninja in the same village can only be taken together in order to avoid being besieged by people.

Perhaps because the wooden ninja team alliance has all the best, just allowed them to temper all, and there are no people to stop in terms of wood.

As a newcomer, the third class, the eighth class, the eighth class and the tenth class naturally gathered together, and became one of the most powerful two powers near the Death Forest Tower.

As for another powerful power, natural is the Iron Village of Sandy Village, because my love of Huangsha defense is a bit of a little, and it has become the most confirmed tolerance.

No, I love is not the strongest.

The strongest tolerance should be the white hair boy who is banned from entering the Tower. His speed is fast, the power is strong, even my armored armor is unable to defend!

That juvenile, is a rainy day known as Hui Night Jun Ma!

How to defeat Hui Night Jun Ma Lu enters the center Tower to complete the exam, this problem has been plaguing my love in these few days, and it also plagued the day, Niki, Nara deer, and oil female Zhi, a group of wooden leaves.

"Is that Hui Night Jun Ma Lu is a natural battle machine?"

The expression of the dog is very refined, and he is heavy on the ground. The cold channel: "The last day, his spirit has not been relaxed!"

"His speed is also very fast."

On the day, I looked at the day to sit in the corner. I went to the young field, whisper continued: "Even if I use white eyes to wear his movements, it is difficult to keep up with his movements ... and the guy has a frozen blood. Peer. "

'This is not the trouble. '

Nara Lougicles lied his face, and his mouth revealed a bitterness: "If we have not remembering the wrong, defeating the original navigation on the first day of the exam, and is their companion right?"


Li Luke nodded seriously. His forehead came out of a thin layer of sweat, Shen Sheng: "Face the guy of the white hair, I have confidence with him ... but facing the original naval, I have almost no power! "

The oil woman is slowly swallowing in the corner: "My opinion is the same, but I am a trap in the periphery, I hope to stop the original navigation."

The mountain in the mountains is rare to publish their own opinions: "It's better to wait for the seventh class! With the strength of Ski Help and Ning, you should overcome the white-haired little girl?"


At the time, I was silent for a while, gently shake the head: "Even if the writing wheel blood is also seen to wear his movements, but with the speed of Sasuke ..."

This sentence is still unfinished.

After all, Li Luke hungly hung it, and the day, Ningji often hungry Li Luoke when training!

Li Luoke saw a look at Ning, hesitated to open: "In fact, there is no breakthrough hope, I still have a trick to leave a move to Ning, should be defeated ..."


Every day, I interrupted Li Luke.

"The trick will cause great harm to the body?"

The oil woman next to him is looking at this scene. After he decorated the idea of ​​Li Luke, he glanced at the present and whispered: "Everyone seems to cooperate, in fact, it is only the battle, use the opponent Wreating each other's surgery? "

This is also a semi-half vacation.

White ice blood is just a remote attack cutter.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu's body bone blood is also displayed in the body battle, and it is not inferior to remote attack!

They can't easily break through the night, Jun Ma Lu and white lines are not a fake, but through the tower, the squad, the squad, fighting, is indeed true.

"I will remind you."

The oil woman pushed his own small sunglasses, whispered: "Standing opposite our two blood, and an enemy that may hit our enemies at any time."

The dog is sighed in a mouth: "But if there is no new force to improve, we may not really break the defenses of these two guys before the eyes! Can you contact three guys in Sandy Village?"

"If you can use them, I am not opposed."

Nara Lu Pill loudly, leaned against a tree: "If you can make me easily take the test, you can use the sand tolerance, why not?"

Nara deer pill is a lazy person.

The key is that the Wilderus and Qiusi Ding, who are next to him, still toddish!

This generation of pig deer butterfly is afraid not to end!

Unfortunately, these newcomers look humble, but they are now doing anyone.

They haven't discussed in half a day, but they have ushered in the attackers of the other rigid village squads. These wooden leaves have been accustomed to it, and it is easy to defeat the enemy.

They are going to rest for a while to restore physical strength, and then go to welcome the night, Jun Ma Lu.

Just when fighting, the eighth class of the peripheral investigation is returned, and they brought back two messages, a message called a very good news, a very bad news.

There is a bitter smile on the face of the canine. As his mood is generally: "Ha, we brought two news, what do you want to listen to?"

"Then hear news first!"

Nara Lu Pill laughed and said: "Will it be the seventh class to help people come over?"


The smile on the dog is gradually faded, but the opening will continue to say: "Hey, deer will not guess the second message?"

"Even your guy is scared."

Nara Deer's smile has turned a bit of smile: "Hello, will not be the guy of the original Na, come back?"