I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 133, the pharmacist and the fragrant chase (fourth!)

Shangyuan Needs will come to the center tower!

This news brought by canine is a little nervous, it is a man who is time to calculate their battle time in seconds.

Everyone in the scene, after encountering the original navigation, there is no one who can resist the original navigation, all of which are directly knocked in the moment.

Only a trace of fighting enthusiasm is also affected by everyone, squatting in the corner.

After Li Luoke, Li Luok took a while, suddenly the look excited: "Wait ... If the seventh class encounters the original navigation, Sakura is not very dangerous!"


A group of people surprised to look at the sudden exciting Lilock.

Li Luoke stood up, holding his fists tightly, whisper: "I want to be clear! I want to save Xiao Sakuo!"

"Don't impuls, Li!"

A group of people did not stop the Leelock.

the other side.

The seventh class and Shangyuan Nairou also rushed to the high tower, and the brigade gathered here is too much, and the trap is almost preventive.

"Wooden rigid whirlwind!"

The wind suddenly kicked the head of the original Needle, a bloody voice fell into the ear: "I won't let anyone hurt Sakura!"


Come in flying back in faster!

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly returned his fist, speechlessly attacked his LiLick: "What is your guy?"

Others have also rushed over.

Yizhi Bozuo saw this scene, couldn't help but pick the eyebrows: "Do you have a full scroll? Why don't you go to the Tower?"

The whirlpool scratched his head, he hip Tricks: "Hahahaha, it seems that this exam may only pass our team!"


Nine people did not pay attention to them, just turned to look at the youth rain around them, everyone did not help but swallow the water.

Shangyuan never squinted his eyes, and touched them in the good place, and he said hello: "I haven't seen you for a long time, I miss me?"


The air is still still silent.

The red pill in the dog is sobs in the budget.

Shangyuan Nair's figure instant appeared in the canine teeth!

Everyone's face is not shocked, and the day of the fist in Ning is immediately tightened. At the speed of the original naval, this guy is so fast, even he has not seen it!

Shangqi Nairi stroked the head of Chi, looked at the puppy who was tremend and trembled, and smiled: "I took the initiative to greeted you, a little happy, just give me a face!"

"... you ... hello!"

The dog is angry with a few steps in his own dog.

Others' expressions are very unrestrained, the first day of the exam, Shanghao this guy looked at the group of people, how did they make them feel?

"Okay, don't tease you."

Shangyuan Na was screwed with his wrist, and he got the audience: "Now you can go to the high tower to complete the exam, I hope we have a lucky little cute with me when we have a third exam."

When it comes to the end, the smile on the face is getting more and good, but in other people, it seems to be a devil's evil.

Nara Lu Puh slowly hangs down and covered his face on his face: "This is all of this guy, is this guy's command behind the scenes?"

Li Luoke is the most straightforward, he asked directly: "Hey, I can ask, why do you want to do this?"

"At the time because of fun!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to the head and looked at Li Lock. He said that he said very straight: "Through his own efforts to defeat the genius, is it very interesting?"

Li Luoke's expression was hysterested, suddenly a thumbs up, his face showed a cool smile: "You are right, try to surpass the day, most interesting!"


The smile on the face of the original navigation is more rich.

It's just that the one next to it seems to look at Li's idiot, it is wrong, this guy seems to be an idiot!

After arriving at the direction of the tower, the heart of the wooden leaves slowly relaxed, and the atmosphere was loose.

This kind of leeks, I have already harvested it in the last navigation, so he didn't have long been leaving, so the Shangyuan did not know that the seventh class behind him was desperately washing a white ...

Yes, the seventh class is helpless.

Whether it is Yuxi Bozuo or Sakano Sakura, they knew that after the original navigation, after all the same period outside, they thought that the original navigation did not malicious, just wanted to let them be more vigilant, so as not to meet the big snake funeral.

Otherwise, why didn't Shanghao kill them?

As for the whirlpool, he can't divide who is wrong, and finally he chose his teammates, joined the ranks of the original navigation of shabby.

I don't know if the three little guys in the seventh class will really see some of the true face of the original Nairi, the young heart will not be injured ...

In short, as Shangji took away Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and Bai, the second place in the exam can be successfully completed.

The wooden rolls outside the death forest are also relieved.

These days, the dark and examiners who were responsible for monitoring the death forest examination room probably the most nervous. In addition to improving the big snake pills, they should worry about the results of the battle of the world.

After all, Hui Na Ma Lu and white existence, let other possibilities to endure the test, in case, the third game needs to face the national name and the rushed to the leader, only three rain left, There is no color of the wooden leaves!

Fortunately, these guys are still a bit.

With the original navigation, after entering the tower, a team came one after another, and the Tower completed the exam, and promoted to the next personal battle.

Just because there are too many fierce battles these days, only six teams have entered the next round.

Yu Yin Village, Shangyuan Na, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, white.

Woody Village, Japan Ning, LiLoke, Everyday; Swirl, Yuxi Board, Sakano Sakura

Sandy Village, I love Luo, Handcuffs, and Jiulang.

Among them, only Sandy Village and Yuyin Village, which are promoted, I Ai Luo is almost exclaimed by their own enemies.

Yinyin Village, Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and Bai is directly on the tower to block four days, limit all the ninjas that I want to enter the Tower, and the combat power is more powerful than Saha Yin Village.

Not to mention that they also have the original naval guys who have a half-semi-eater dish.

The newcomers advanced by the wooden leaves relied on their excellent teams to resist the many enemies.

The pharmacist did not advance.

Due to the pharmacist, he does not help the big snake pill to send information, but also to help the original navigation to take the fragrant phosphorus, you have not enough time, how can I waste time in the middle?

Woody village.

In the second test, the grassy, ​​the grassy, ​​who was eliminated, leaving this sad land, they shocked each other, and finally they were on the body of fragrant phosphorus.

Who is the lowest position of the fragrant?

"Betting, blame you this waste!"

"Leave her is also the food in the village!"

"We have not passed the Chinese tolerance, because this woman is a waste, the village must definitely down her culprit!"

A strain took the hair of the fragrant phosphorus, and the slap fell on her face. The cold voice: "Go back, you are dead, you will lose your words here, maybe you can still return to a life. ""

"Oh, really want to lose her? It is better to ..."

The sword in your hand suddenly shot, and this is a wretched grass in the shot!

In the grass, I walked out of the white nunja on the hood. He pushed the glasses on his nose, looked at the fragrant phosphorus that was scarred, revealing a sorry: "It's a violent taste!"

The interception of this group of grass is the pharmacist.

As a student who studied under the big snake pill, the pharmacist pocket is very clear about the value of the rustic perspective. Their Chakra is very powerful, and the physical quality is also very powerful. After growing, you can easily learn to seal.

In particular, the ninja of the fragrant and superior medical attributes is particularly precious!

"who are you…"

The grass is panicked to open the proliferation of the pharmacist, but they have not finished the complete words, the figure of the pharmacist has passed through their team, and the green Chakra has passed the throat of these strains!

After killing everyone, the pharmacist walked to the incense of fragrant phosphorus: "Let's go with me, an adult or order me to pick you up, I will never dare to bully you later. "


The body of the fragrant phosphorus is slightly shaking, and slowly lifts the head of the pharmacist, she seems to see a bunch of light behind the pharmacist.

The face of fragrant phosphorus is slightly red, looking at the warm smile on the pharmacist, she slowly reached out and took her hand on the palm of the pharmacist.

"Thank you."

"It doesn't matter, I am just an exercise."

The pharmacist smiled and patted the redhead on the phosphorus head and whispered: "Don't worry, we don't malicious."

"I know…"

The fragrant phosphor is nodded and wiped the tears on the cheeks.

The fragrant phosphorus did not tell the pharmacist, in fact, this moment was the first time she received the goodwill of others.

Although many people have said that the pharmacist is a spy and performing artist, the fragrant phosphorus is still embarrassed to believe that the pharmacist gives her warmth.

"You ... Where is the adult in your mouth?"

The fragrant phosphorus wiped the dirty mark on his face, whispered: "Is it going to take me now?"

"not needed for now."

The pharmacist pushed his glasses, and the lens flashed a bright light: "He is now about the third preselection of the first to endure the exam!"

"Participate in the inner test?"

The eyes of fragrant phosphorus are slightly surprised. Her teeth bite their lips, which means that the arrangement will save her from the claws. Is it just a tolerance?

The pharmacist seems to see through the hearts of fragrant phosphorus, and the face is revealed.

"Don't underestimate the adult, he can push down the world with a person!"