I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 135 Kakasi, I read it all over the world! (First! Subscribe!)

The original Nairi first accepted the gift of Kakasi first.

Because if you can cure Li Luok, Shangyuan Na will have no guarantee, he is a ruthless medical ninja who only instuses life energy.

After they arrived until the Woody Hospital, I watched Li Luok on the hospital bed, I was awkward, and I could only guarantee that he left his life. If there is any sequelae, I can't determine."

The sequelae of the eight-door armor acts in the body inside, not simple treatment can solve, must be moved.

But I will understand the surgical surgery!

Just want to let Li Luoke heal, it is really no way to go.

Directly gave Xiao Li set back, and then chopped him, and he could heal after he resurrected.

This treatment is just not available now.

If it is just to complete the task, it is possible to sneak into the ground. If you really succeed, this credit must return to your own body that is treating Xiao Li.

After all, Shangnai saved a genius in the woods.

Don't say anything else, let Mete Kay use ordinary state, six-door scenery state, seven-door throne state and eight-door dead-door status, this requirement is not more than he is.

This is four tasks!

Shang Nai, I thought about it, I looked at the flag-like Kaki open mouth: "Well, I will try to use medical ninja to make him temporarily restore the body's vitality. After tomorrow, I will come back to see the results ..."


The flag-like card is nodded, patted the trepidated Metekai, sighed a good way: "Kai, eight-door armor is too big, in fact, the life that can save Li is already very good." "

"I know."

Myuta is nodded in Deficings, and I went to the side.

As a special essence of wood, Mutteki is very deep about Lilock, which has the same aspiration, almost saying that it is regarded as a parent.

Now his mood is very bad.

Shangji picks up the eyebrows, and looked at the flag-like Kakasi, still standing around him, and understood that this guy did not believe his technology. If he wants to monitor his treatment, it is even possible to write. Wheel eye steals.

Can Khacasi's bastard do not teach?

Shangnai Na Ru lost from his own endurance paradise to the flag wood cardi, whispered: "Since you are gone, then help me read the contents of the book!"


The flagmark caches is not widened, and it is unknown to hold the intimate heaven, he stared at the original navigation, and his eyes were full.

A ordinary eye, a red writing eye.

The two eyes in Kakasi seem to be questioned, and your nerve is sick? Someone reads out the world's content of heaven under the public!

Ordinary people just look at the intimate heaven and can make people red ear, what person can be shamefully read the content of the heavens!

Is this fucking?

Shangji will give him a serious look, whisper: "Is this a medical ninja request, is there a problem?"

Flagkarta: "..."

This is what strange blame!

Where there will be a medical ninja to put forward this requirement, and the original naval is clearly distinguished to deliberately humiliate him.

The eyes of Shangyuan Needs are very firm.

Originally he didn't intend to complete a task, but the flag-like Kakasi this guy took the initiative to send the door, if you let him go, isn't it a waste?

Branch mission: Listening to flag wood Cassi reads a close-up paradise (01), the task is not completed, and the reward is unknown.

The flagmithioli has a little regret that he wants to monitor the attempt of the original navigation. This person is still in the wood, can he move in the process of treating Lilo?

Even if his medical niphon is really not ordinary, it is an ordinary person to learn?

In the same year, I wanted to replicate the extensive thunder. I was killed in the hands of the beauty. Is there a matter of less than enough?

Mete Keli had some tangled atmosphere between the two, and suddenly looked at his friends. "Carti ..."

"I read!"

The flag-like Kakasi heart, bites the bite and opened the small book, and the face was suddenly floating, and the support did he started reading: "Her ... Her foot is dripping ... a little bit Moved to my body ... breathing ... lips ... tooth inclusion ... "

Flagkarti reads red ear.

Shangyuan Na was able to listen to the red ear, his palm finally fell on the forehead of Xiao Li, and the stars in the stars fill his part of life energy and Chakra energy in the body.


Li Luoke was lying comfortably in bed.

After the end of the eight-door armor Du Gong, Li Luoke has never felt that it is so comfortable, purely and huge life energy enters his body, quickly repair his injury, and restores his vitality.

Such treatments can only be cured.

If you want to let Li Luoke heal, continue to be a ninja, you must have surgery in his body.

Shangyuan Na Ren is in impatient hearing, after reading a complete set of intranet paradise, he announced his treatment.

"Ok, wait until tomorrow!"


Flagkartai listened, immediately put the book.

Shangyuan Nai slowly extended his palm: "Kakasi, give me my book, this book is now mine."


The flag-like Kakasi Eye suddenly flashed a slice, biting the teeth, handed the two intimate heavens to the original navigation, this is the 18-year birthday gift of himself!

It is necessary to pick up the side of the next to the next side.

Next, a piece of ice sudden suddenly pierced the set of intimate heaven, nailed them on the wall instantly!

The white figure is instantaneous appears on the wall, the palm is overwhelming, and it is a string of ice slag, he is a strong road: "Shangyuan, the adults pass me, absolutely not allow you to touch the ninja three ban This kind of vulgar novel. "


The smile on the face was suddenly stissible.

For so many years, white and brilliant night Jun Ma Lufei but did not choose to become his hand, but became the spy from the Xiaonan teacher inserted him.

Even the service department Pingchuan did not dare to help him buy a book, and they were afraid of a problem.

It's really uncomfortable!

As a person who is determined to be a black hand behind the end of the end, Shangyuan has always been inserting spies around others. When is it round to others, there is a spy!

Unfortunately, this man inserts spy, he still can't provoke.

Fortunately, I have got this book.

Branch Task: Have a set of intimate heaven (11), the task has been completed, rewarding gold coins 300.

Branch task: Listening to flag Mikaki reads a close-up paradise (11), the task has been completed, reward passive skills enlightenment.

Enlightenment: Additional 270 live energy is added to you.

This task actually rewards the foundation attribute!

The basic attribute has always been the most important view of Shangning Na, and did not expect to add more than two hundred life energy.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai slowly turned to the flagmark, as the seventh class of the protagonist, in fact, everyone is treasure!

As long as you go to dig, you will be able to dig out!

late at night.

Moonlight is round.

A figure will emerge from the ground on the hospital bed, slowly standing around Li Lock, in his body set a Chakra screw.

Back in time!

Then, this figure instantly unscrewed the neck of Liock!

After that, Li Luok will re-resurrect.

When Li Luoke woke up, a pair of hands were suddenly pressed on his head. Two groups of blue Chakra entered his brain, and endless fear turned in Li Luke's mind. He experienced a life. The most horrible nightmare.

The next day, in the morning.

Shangji arrived in the hospital early, observed the illness of Li Luke, and used him a star perfusion, and asked softly: "Is there a feeling?"

"I feel a terrible nightmare last night ..."

Li Luke's forehead rose the cold sweat of the big droplets: "That nightmare is still experiencing, yes, I still feel that the neck is like being twisted, but after waking up, I sweat, my body is also Nothing is different, I feel that youth can be reburned again! "

"Then congratulations, you have healed."

Shang Nai took a shot of his shoulder.

The treatment plan for this time with time is still very successful.

According to the collected data, I will try to plan the treatment plan for the long door. After all, the stars are not ruled.

The only problem is that after the treatment of the long door, the pair is not to stand back to the eye, I don't know if it doesn't matter.

Shangyuan Na Rouked Li Luke for a while, was completely washed with a nightmare last night, waiting until the arrival of Martai and flagmati.

In addition to them, there are all members of the twelve of the twelve of wooden leaves.

After the whirlpool, the whirlley scored Li Luok, and some of them were a little proud of their classmates: "I have said, I have said, Shangyuan is a good person!"


At the date, I went to the front of the original navigation. I gratefully rushed to the original navigation. "Thank you for saving Li! As long as the seniors need help, we are willing to do everything for the predecessor."

"That's it, Ning!"

Metekai came over, took the shoulders of the day, smiled in the heart: "In the face of the savior of the teammates, it should be this attitude! Beiyuan Needle, as long as you have trouble in the wood, Wooden blue beasts and bright beasts are at all! "

The injury of Li Lock, there is a lot of benefits.

In addition to the group gratitude of the third class, other wood ninja also have a lot of eyes to the original Nazi, so that the original navigation has received a pile of good people.

A superb ninja, which is, is so respectful, just like the woman's woman walks through the endurance, every rushing village does not dare to sin.

Respect the medical ninja, it is the idea of ​​spreading throughout the endurance.

As a result, the woman himself is the biggest beneficiary of this idea.

However, Nai Nai did not use the third class to his commitment to him, everyone just said.

What kind of human is most precious?

One will never use, people who can always be grateful.

Shangqi Nai is just a laugh and general and the Metekay, waiting until the beginning of the Testament Exam, they have two opportunities to learn about body surgery.

Taken the Test League for a month.

During this time, there are still many things that I have to be busy, it is rare to put a good person in the wood, of course, do something not to do.